Tryphosa 6 BIGELOW

14263.8     Tryphosa 6 BIGELOW, daughter of James 5 ( Joseph 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1) and Mary ( GRAHAM ) BIGELOW was born 17 May 1801 at Chester, Worcester County, MA. The family removed to Wayne County, PA circa 1805. There in 1822 she married Clayton Rogers. (see below)They lived at Mt. Pleasant for many years, then moved to Towerville, WI where he died in 1869, she in 1870.

Children of Clayton and Tryphosa (Bigelow) Rogers, all born Mt. Pleasant, PA:

14263.81      John S. Rogers, b 1823.

14263.82      Martha Ann Rogers, b 1825; m 1848 C. Peek.

14263.83      Clayton E. Rogers, Capt., b 1830.(see below)

14263.84      Cushman Rogers, b 1832; d 1837.

14263.85      Eldad A. Rogers, b 1835; res Santa Rosa, CA.

14263.86      Earl M., Rogers b 1839; m Amanda___; res Viroqua, Vernon co, WI; 3 children:
                              a. Edith Rogers, b 1865;
                              b. H. E. Rogers, b 1869;
                              c. Edward L. Rogers, b 1872

14263.87      Helen M. Rogers, b 1841, m E. Willet; res Mt. Sterling, Crawford co, WI.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol I , p 203;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America; p 94;
Subject: Tryphosa Bigelow
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 09:17:06 -0700
From: "Sylvia Ross" <   >

Hello,  I'm looking for any proof that Tryphosa Bigelow who married Clayton
Rogers was the daughter of James Bigelow of Massachusetts.   Let me know if
you can help. Thanks,
Sylvia Ross
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Springville, CA 93265
phone:  559 539 2338    e-mail

Subject: Daniel Bigelow question
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 18:14:49 -0500
From: Kristin Hughes     <>
What a find your website is!!  I am only brand new in the pursuit of finding out as much as I can about my family
geneaology....I recently came into possession of a family genealogy book my great-aunt wrote and distributed amongst
family in 1983, as well as some additional notes of hers.  She says that my gg grandfather (my grandma's paternal
grandfather) is Capt. Clayton Rogers and that he is the son of Clayton Rogers and Tryphosa Bigelow.  So I've been
trying to find out about Tryphosa's family.  My aunt also claimed that Tryphosa's parents were James Bigelow and Mary Graham.
I joined, mainly for the free software I can use to start mapping all of this out.  The family trees I now have access to through that website have some trees for Joseph Bigelow (father of James).  Several of those trees list Daniel Bigelow as Joseph's father, but then they list Joshua (or Samuel) Bigelow and Elizabeth Ma Rebecca Flagg as Daniel's parents.
I am leaning strongly towards trusting your information over this, simply because yours seems to be very well researched and I have no idea how well researched these other trees really are.  Can you possibly explain why it might be thought that this other Bigelow (other than the Daniel that you list as Daniel's father) and Miss Flagg would be listed as the parents of the 2nd Daniel??
If this wasn't too confusing for you to wade through, I'd love your input on this!
One other thing.  My aunt also "claimed" in a letter dated in 1979 that I am a direct descendent of Anne Dudley
Bradstreet (daughter of Thomas Dudley, and wife of Simon Bradstreet--both Colonial Governors of Mass.).  She throws
in a list of names that I can't figure out how could possibly go in any kind of sensible order: Rogers, Bigelow, Graham,
Sprague, Warren, Ham, Cotton, Miller, Bradstreet, Dudley, Wiggin and one other I can't quite read (Faselle or Lascele or something??).  Do you have any idea if any of your Bigelow's are descendents of Dudley/Bradstreet?  I've been trying to trace this down and have been coming up completely blank.  Unfortunately, my aunt passed away in late 1980's, so I can't just "call her up" and ask about this supposed connection!
Thanks for all of your help,
Kristin Hughes

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