Thomas 5 BIGELOW

Thomas and Mary (Griffith) Bigelow; Hatch Hill Cemetery; Whitehall, Washington co., NY

16A56.      Thomas 5 BIGELOW,  son of  Hopestill 4 ( Ebenezer 3, Joshua2, John1) and Esther (BENEDICT) BIGELOW, was  born in June 1769, in Tyringham, Berkshire, MA. While neither mentioned in his nephew Hopestill Bigelow's account, nor named in Tyringham vital records, it is usually accepted that he belongs in this family. He married Mary Griffith, daughter of Micah and Diademia (Kennedy) Griffith, born in August 1771 at Danbury, Fairfield co, CT. They lived at Whitehall, Washington county, NY where she died 16 August 1836, and he on 03 March 1843.

Children of Thomas and Mary (Griffith) Bigelow:

16A56.1     Micah G., b __ 1790 Whitehall, Washington co, NY; d 30 Nov 1826; m 1809 Nelly _____ ; 4 children

16A56.2     Esther, b ca 1793 Whitehall, Washington, NY; m Jonathan Paul, circa 1820. Early lived at Whitehall and later moved to Holland, Erie co, NY where Jonathan was an innkeeper. Esther died between 1840 and 1843.  Jonathan died before the 1850 census.

16A56.3     Huldah, b was born at Whitehall, Washington, NY in June, 1796.  She married John Murray circa 1817 and they lived in Granville and Whitehall, NY.  She died in September, 1854 and he on 08 May, 1886.  Both are buried in Hatch Hill Cemetery.

16A56.4     Deiademia, was born at Whitehall, Washington, NY on 17 April, 1799.  She married Dr. Rufus Ashley, in 1814, and they lived in Westport, Essex, NY and Guys Mills, Crawford, PA where she died on 13 July, 1865, and is buried.
              Children of Dr. Rufus and Deiademia (Bigelow) Ashley:
         16A56.41 Reuben L'Amoureux Ashley, b 15 Nov 1815 NY; d 02 Apr 1837
         16A56.42  Thomas B. Ashley, b 18 Feb 1818 NY; d 30 Jan 1879.
         16A56.43  Mary E. Ashley, b 1820.
         16A56.44  Carlton Donestaven Ashley, b 02 Dec 1822, d 09 Dec 1903 Cleveland, Cuyahoga co, OH; an MD.
         16A56.45  Michael G. Ashley, b 1824.
         16A56.46  Unnamed infant, 1828.
         16A56.47  Warren G. Ashley, b 1829.
         16A56.48   Sally Jane Ashley, b 1831.
         16A56.49   Michael B. Ashley, b 1833, an MD.
         16A56.4A  Robert E. Ashley, b 1836.
         16A56.4B  Rufus Edgar Ashley, b 1838.
         16A56.4C  Reuben L'Amoureux Ashley, b 1840; d 1899 in Perry, Ohio. (see below)
                             (second child, same name?, the first probably deceased)
         16A56.4D  Charlotte H. Ashley, b 184.

16A56.5t    Thomas, b 12 Oct 1801 Whitehall, Washington co, NY; d 3 Feb 1882 Milwaukee, WI; m 23 Feb 1832 Jennie C. Gordon; res Burlington, VT; after 1855 to Green Bay and Milwaukee, WI. He was a physician. 13 children.

16A56.6     Dorcas, b ____ 1801(possible twin to Thomas above)Whitehall, Washington co, NY; d between 1840-1843; m 04 July 1822 Timothy Dewey Southwick (b 25 July 1801 Whitehall; d ___ ) This family lived in Whitehall and Leyden township, Lewis, NY.

16A56.7     Mary, was born at Whitehall, Washington, NY in 1804 and married about 1839 Ezekial Simons.  Ezekial had  been previously married and had 3 children.  Mary died in 1889 age 85; Ezekial 08 May, 1867.Child of Ezekial and Mary (Bigelow) Simons: 16A56.71  Georgianna Simons, b 1839.

16A56.8     Arathusa, was born 1805.  She married Benjamin E.  Baker who was born 1804, Whitehall, NY.  They resided
 at Fort Ann and Warsaw, Wyoming, NY. Children of Benjamin and Arathusa (Bigelow) Baker:
                              16A56.81  Benjamin E., jr., b 1835; m Priscilla _____; 5 children.
                              16A56.82  Julia, b 1838.
                              16A56.83  Thomas, a twin, b 1844.
                              16A56.84  Mary, a twin to Thomas, b 1844.

16A56.9     unknown

16A56.At    Ebenezer, was born at Whitehall, Washington, NY in Nov 1811 and married 26 Jan 1832 Maria Wright (b 1812).

16A56.B      Amaret, b 28 Feb 1815; d _____ ; m _ Mar 1839 Jay Falkenbury;

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.177;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Addenda to Vol I; 1990
Subject: Michael/Thomas Bigelow, Whitehall, Washington Co., NY 1769
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 14:22:23 EDT
    My gg-grandmother was Mary Louise Bigelow, born in Whitehall, Washington County, NY, in 1818,  allegedly to Micah and Eleanor Bigelow. I have found no Micah or Michael that would fit in the Bigelow family genealogy. I have found both a Michael and a Thomas in the 1810 and 1820 census for Whitehall. I have also noted that Thomas Bigelow (1769-1843) of Whitehall married Mary Griffith whose father was Micah. According to the family genealogy, Thomas and Mary Griffith Bigelow had only one son, also
Thomas. My suspicion is that they had a second son, Micah, named for her father.
If anyone has any thoughts or additional information regarding this conjecture, I would love to hear from them.
Judy Wendt
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 12:20:09 EDT
Dear Rod, What great information. I was sure that my Bigelow was connected. What can I send you about Mary Louise's family. I have a lot of good documentation. For starters here is her obituary. The only  discrepancy I see is that it said "her family moved to Medina" whereas your info has Micah dying in Whitehall. Another interesting note, one of Mary's brothers was Julius. She named her eldest son Julius, who is my direct descendant. Just tell me what to send and where and in what form.
Thanks a million!! Judy
transcription of Mary McLouth obituary
Leader Enterprise, April 23, 1896 - Montpelier Ohio
Mary L. McLouth was born in Whitehall, Washington county, N.Y., Dec. 7, 1818.
Died April 9, 1896.
When about 5 years of age, she removed with her parents to Medina, Orleans
county, N.Y. Aug. 27, 1836 she was united in marriage to Lewis McLouth, whom
she survived one year and ten months. In 1839 they removed to Michigan and
there resided in and about Adrian, until 5 years ago when they came to
Montpelier, Ohio, to make their home with their daughter, Mrs. C.D. Hall.
To them were born 5 children 3 sons and 2 daughters, 4 of whom preced her to
the other side, only one daughter, the youngest child, remaining.
In the early part of her life she connected herself with the Baptist church
and ever since has been a devoted follower of Christ. She was a kind and
loving mother always doing for others, never thinking of self. Being an
invalid for 21 years she bore her suffering, patiently and uncomplainingly,
and longed for the time to come when her frail bark which had been so tempest
tossed on Life's Stormy Sea, should be anchored safely at last in the haven
of rest.

16A56.2      Esther 6 BIGELOW,  dau of Thomas 5 ( Hopestill 4 , Ebenezer 3, Joshua2, John1) and Mary (GRIFFITH) BIGELOW, was born 08 Jan 1794 at Whitehall, Washington co., NY.  She married Jonathan Paul in December 1810 and had a son born later in 1811.  She died soon after his birth.  Jonathan Paul remarried about 1814 in Whitehall to Peace Murray, b. 1796.  (She may have been an older sister of John Murray who m. Hulda Bigelow ca 1821).  A son David was born about 1816.  The family lived in Whitehall for the 1820 and 1830 censuses, but removed to Holland, Erie co., NY where Jonathan Paul built the Holland House in 1835. He ran the House until he died in 1852 and his son David, managed it for many years.  Jonathan and Peace (who died in 1855) are buried in Holland Cemetery.  (Photos to confirm.)

Child of Jonathan and Esther (Bigelow) Paul:

16A56.21     Zoroaster (Zera A.), (known as David), was born __ 1811 at Whitehall, Washington co., NY.  He was christened Zoroaster Paul, later shortened to Zera A. Paul. He married Susan ( or Delilah?).  He died between 1860 and 1870.
He was a physician and lived in Richmond, Ontario co., NY. They had three children.  It is not known where he studied for his profession or if he ever lived in Holland, Erie co., NY.  He would have been 23 when Jonathan Paul constructed Holland House there.  By 1836 he was married and presumably established in practice in Richmond.  Zera Paul died between 1860 and 1870. In 1870 there was no trace of child Emmet Paul.
     Children of Zoroaster (Zera A.) and Susan (___) Paul:
      i. Marian PAUL, b 1838; d ___ ; m John J. Willson; dau Susie Willson, b 1869;
     ii. Emmet PAUL, b 1839/1840; d ___ ;

Addenda to Vol I; 1990
Letter 26 Oct 1998 and 21 Dec. 1998 to genealogist from Winifred L. O'Donnell, 11601 Bunnell Court South, Potomac, Maryland 20854, noting her great great great grandmother, Diademia Bigelow.

16A56.3      Huldah 6 BIGELOW,  dau of Thomas 5 ( Hopestill 4 , Ebenezer 3, Joshua2, John1) and Mary (GRIFFITH) BIGELOW, was born ___ 1796 at Whitehall, Washington county, NY. She married abt 1817 John Murray (1794-1886). They had five children, including possibly John Jr.  They lived in Granville, NY  where John was a farmer.
A tragic story surrounds their son, Ebenezer, b. 28 Feb 1831 who married Mary? about 1858. They had nine children. The youngest Bertha was born 5 July 1874 and her mother, Mary died the same day.  Bertha died exactly four months later on 5 Nov 1874.  The following month, beginning on 28 December, the remaining eight children died one by on. By 8 January 1875, all nine of Ebenezer's children had died. It is not known what terrible disease afflicted them, but it seems likely that the two oldest at age14 and 15, and the last to die, were nursing their younger siblings and finally contracted the same illness.  The grave marker in Granville [NY] Cemetery names Ida May Murray, Emma A.,Hattie E., George A., Eva J., John T., William H., Kate, and Bertha A..

Children of John and Huldah (Bigelow) Murray:

16A56.6      Dorcas 6 BIGELOW,  dau of Thomas 5 ( Hopestill 4 , Ebenezer 3, Joshua2, John1) and Mary (GRIFFITH) BIGELOW, was born ___ 1801 (probable twin to Thomas )at Whitehall, Washington county, NY. She married 04 July 1822 Timothy Dewey Southwick (b 25 July 1801 Whitehall; d ___ ) This family lived in Whitehall and Leyden township, Lewis, NY. Dorcas died between 1840-1843.

Children of Timothy and Dorcas (Bigelow) Southwick:

16A56.61  Hosea J., b 1823; d ___ ; m ca 1842 Minerva"Minnie" Hurlbert in Boonville, NY; 1 child in 1850.

.16A56.62  Esther Cordellia, b 1825; d ___ ; m Jacob Boyce in 1842; res.Granville and Sidney Center, Delaware, NY; 1 known child.

16A56.63  Hannah, b ca 1826

16A56.64  Deiademia, b 22 Oct 1830 Whitehall; d 21 Oct 1914; m 14 March 1848 Arent Schuyler de Peyster; 9 children.

16A56.65  Amaret, b ca 1832-33. Questionable child of Dorcas; may be 16A56.B  Amaret (see above), b 28 Feb 1815; m _ Mar 1839 Jay Falkenbury;

16A56.66  Myron Houston, b 1835; d 09 Jan 1905; m Elmira Britton 23 Dec 1866; Civil War Vet.

Addenda to Vol I; 1990
Letter 26 Oct 1998 and 21 Dec. 1998 to genealogist from Winifred L. O'Donnell, 11601 Bunnell Court South, Potomac, Maryland 20854, noting her great great great grandmother, Diademia Bigelow.

Subject: Bigelow tree
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 18:56:14 +0000
From: "Toby Brief" <>

I am doing a bit of genealogical research on a man noted in your Bigelow
genealogy and thought that I would pass along a bit more info. Reuben
L'Amoureaux Ashley (16A56.4C on your chart) became a physician as it appears
that at least 2 of his brothers did. He was a Civil War veteran. He died in
1899 in Perry, Ohio.
You and your family have done a tremendous job. Congratulations.
Toby Brief

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