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Captain Joseph Gardiner and His Men
Joseph Gardiner was the son of Thomas and Margaret Gardner of Salem. He married before August, 1656, Anne Downing, daughter of Emnauel Downing and niece of the first Gov. Winthrop (Register, xxxviii. 199)

He was a man of energy and ability and held many positions of honor and importance in Salem. In May, 1672, he was appointed by the General Court of Massachusetts, lieutenant of the foot company under Capt. William Price of Salem (Mass. Colony Records, V, 517).

On May 12, 1675, the militia of Salem was divided into two companies by order of the Court, and by the same order the election of Joseph gardiner as captain of the First Company in Salem was confirmed. When the expedition against the Naragansetts was organized, Capt. Gardiner was appointed, November 3, 1675, to command a company raised at Salem and the adjoining towns, and mustered his men, ninety-five strong, at Dedham Plain, December 10th , and marched with his army towrds the rendezvous at Wickford. During the march several skirmishes took place, and Mr. Hubbard relates that some of Stone-wall-John's crew "met with some of Capt. Gardiner's men that were stragling about their own business contrary to order, and slew his Sergeant with one or two more." In "Capt. Oliver's Narrative" it is related that on this occasion the Indians "killed two Salem men within a mile of our quarters and wounded a third so that he his dead." The fall of Capt. Gardiner is thus related in Church's "Entertaing History":

"Mr. Church spying Capt. Gardiner of Salem amidst the Wigwams at the east end of the Fort, made towards him; but on a sudden while they were looking each other in the face, capt. Gardiner settled down, Mr. Church stepped to him, seeing the blood run down his cheek lifted his cap and calling him by name, he looked up in his face but spake not a word, being mortally Shot through the head."

After the death of Capt. Gardiner, the command of his company fell upon his lieutenant, William Hathorn, under whom the men served the remainder of the campaign, until disbanded about February 7th to 10th. It is thus that the men were credited sometimes under Gardiner, sometimes under Hathorn, occasionally both; the latter's name signed to the voucher on "debenter" which each soldier presented to the paymaster, doubtless confused the clerks and caused this appearance of double command.

His widow, then aged about thirty-four, married June 6, 1676, Gov. Simon Bradstreet, whose age was about seventy-three. She died April 19, 1713, aged 79. Leaving no children, Capt Gardiner's Naragansett claim fell to the oldest male heir of his eldest brother Thomas. This heir was Habkkuk Gardiner, son of the Captain's nephew Thomas, who in the list of claimants claims in the "right of his uncle, Capt. Joseph Gardiner." 

Capt. Joseph Gardiner and his men

February 29th 1675 & 6
William Hathorne, Capt. Samuel Gray  Peter Cary
Jeremiah Neall Peter Cole  Joseph Price
Samuel Tarbox Sam. Beadle  Benjamin Hooper
Rice Husband Marke Stacy William Hollis
John Clark Thomas Weymouth  William Hutchins
Christopher Read William Bassett  Samuel Graves
John Farrington William Driver  Andrew Townsend
Jonathan Looke Charles Knight  John Prince
Andrew Sargeant Edward Haradine  John Trask
Joseph Houlton Isaac Welman  William Pritchett
John Matson Benjamin Chadwell  Stephen Greenleaf
Amos Gurdon Peter Emmons William Webb
Robert Sibly Andrew Ringe  Benjamin Langdon
James Briarly Benjamin Webster  Freegrace Norton
Israel Thorne Ezekiel Woodward  John Wheeler
William Wainwright John Boutwell  Jonathan Clark
William Williams Samuel Rust  Benjamin Sweet, Lieut
Henry Dow Sylvester Hayes  Thomas Tenney
Joseph Jewett John Boynton  Peter Coomes
Jonathan Copp John Mann
March 24th 1675-6
John Vowden Lawrence Majore  Thomas Flynt
Thomas Greene John Read Adam Gold
Zacheus Perkins William Pabody  Joseph Gardiner, Capt.
James Fry Leonard Toser
April 24th 1676
Thomas Kenny John Stacy
June 24th 1676
Francis Jefford Samuel Phelpes  John Presson
Joseph Abbott Samuel Pickworth  Abraham Snitchell
Michael Towsley Thomas Kemball  Thomas Blashfield
William Allen Edward Whittington  John Parker
Phillip Butler James Wall  John Ballard
July 24, 1676
William Hathorne, Capt. Amos Gourdin  Damiel Johnson
Jeremiah Neal, Lieut

August 24th, 1676
Edward Counter Ebenezer Parker  Thomas Russell
Joseph Jeffords Thoma Vely  Eleazor Linsey
Thomas Bell

Sept. 23rd 1676
Mark Bachelor Robert Cocks  Moses Morgaine
Credited under Capt Hathorne
Samuel Story Peter Ashamaway  Jacob Knight
William Wainwright Samuel Moulton  James Creeke
James Cox

Source- Soldiers in King Philps War, George Madison Bodge, pub. 1906, pages164-166 

A list of ye names of Capt. Gardiner's Souldiers for this p'sent Expedition

Serjeant Jeremiah Neall Serjeant William bassett  Ser Samuel bradell
Corp. Samuell Pikworth Charls Knight  John boden
William holess Marck Stace  Samuell Gray
Larance Magery John Polott  Philip butteler
Benimen Lemon Rdward Counter  Lenard Tossier
Willaim Hind Joseph Price  Tho Flint
Pelter Prescote Issack Read  Tho Buffingtog
John Stacey Henery Tich Tho. Greene
James Wall Joseph Holton jun  Joseph Dees-wounded
Abraham Switchell Samuell ffrail-not apearing  ffrances Jefford
Clem. Rumeall Adam Gold Samuel Tarbox
Petter Coll Henry Codner Auguster fferker
David Shapligh Petter Cary  Edward severy
Robertt Cooks Ephraim Jones  Lenerd Belinger
Philip Brock

Thomas Weymouth, Thomas Weymouth, Thomas Russell-These menwanting of their Comp'y

William Peabody Zacheus Curtis  Zacheus Perkins
Robertt Andrews Isek burton 
Nathan Stevens James Fry eben barker
John Parker Josaeph Abett  John balard
John Lovejoy Edward Whittington  Samuell Philips
John prston

John Prince Andrew Serjant  Joseph Somes
Vinesont Davis Moses duday 
Christopher Brown John Trask  Thomas Blashfield
Lott Cunant Christopher Read  William fferyman
Moses Morgine John Clark William Allen
William Bath Richard Hussband 
Nicholas Hutchin John Linsey  Robert driver
Daniell Huchin John Davis  Samuell Graves
Andrew townsend Thomas baker  Johnathan Looke
Iseck Welman Isaack Hart John Farington
Samul Rods Mark Bacheler Richard Hutten
Thomas Kemball Philip Welsh  John Hunkens
Mass. Archives, vol.68, p.93

Source- Soldiers in King Philips War, George Madison Bodge, pub. 1906, pages 166-167 

A Lyst of Capt. Joseph Gardiner Company yt wounded and Slayne of his Company, some ye 16 Decr & Other 19th dec 75

Joseph Rice of Salem, Samuel Pikeworth of Salem, Mke Batchiler of Wenham- wch. 3 were slayne….. abroad from ye garrison

Capt. Joseph Gardiner of Salem, Abr. Switchell of Marblehead, Joseph Soames of Cape Anne, Robert Andrews of Topsfield- 4 men Slayne more

Charles Knight of Salem, Nicholas Huchins of Salem, Thomas flint of Salem, Jn Harrington of Lynne, Robert Cocks of Marblehead, Eben Baker (Barker) of Andiver, Edwd Mardin of Cape Ann, Joseph Read of Beverly, John Abett of Andiver, Joseph Holeton of Salem- 10 men wounded

Mass. Archives, vol 68, p. 104

Source- Soldiers in King Philips War, George Madison Bodge, pub. 1906, page 167


Isaac John was the son of John of Roxbury. He was born in England and came to Massachusetts with his father's family, probably in the company with Gov. Winthrop. He was admitted freeman March 4, 1635.

He was of the Artillery Company in 1645, and was its captain in 1667. He was ensign of the "Rocksberry" military company previous to 1653, and on June 13th of that year was elected captain. He was representitive 1671.

He married Elizabeth Porter, of Roxbury, January 20, 1637, and had Elizabeth, born Dec. 24, 1637; John born Nov. 3, 1639, died 1661; Mary born Apr. 24, 1642; Isaac baptized Jan'y 7, 1644; Joseph baptized Nov. 9, 1645, died soon; Nathaniel born May 1, 1647. The daughter Elizabeth married Henry Bowen, who became lieutenant of his company and was in the Swamp Fight, naturally extended him wedding invitations. The Bowens, with many other Roxbury people, removed sometime after 1686 to the township of New Roxbury, granted them by Massachusetts Colony, but afterwards found to be within the Connecticut bounds and was renamed Woodstock. The eldest son Isaac married Mary Harris and removed to Middletown, Conn. Isaac's son Joseph inherited his grandfather's Naragansett claim, being then of Woodstock. The captain's daughter Mary married in 1663, William Batholomew, and removed to Branford, Conn. The youngest son Nathaniel, married Mary Smith in 1667, and sometime after 1683 removed, probably to Marlborough. His widow died August 13, 1683

On July 6, 1675, Capt. Johnson was sent with a small escort to conduct 52 friendly Indians to the army at Mount Hope. On July 15, 1675, on news of the attack upon Mendon, he was sent out there to relieve the town and was ordered back on July 26th. Upon mustering at Dedham Plain for the Naragansett campaign, Capt. Johnson was placed in command of a company made up of men from Roxbury, Dorchester, Milton, Braintree, Weymouth, Hingham, and Hull, numbering 75 all told. At the battle of the Great Swamp fight Capt. Johnson was killed when leading his men against the barrier at the entrance to the fort. After his death and the mortal wound of Lt. Upham, the command of the company passed to Ensign Henry Bowen, later promoted to lieutenant. Some of the men below are credited with serving under Capt. Johnson and Captain Jacob, the latter is probably Captain John Jacob of Hingham who assumed command of the company

Credited under Capt. Isaac Johnson
August 27 1675

Benjamin Wilson John Gates  John Barnes
William Gemmison (Jamison) Thomas Hunt  Experience Orris
Richard Cowell Isaac Johnson Capt.  James Couch
David Landon John Rugles
Sept 3rd

Ephraim Child George Walden  Nathaniel Toy
Sept. 14th

John Whaley Thomas Wadduck 
Nov. 30th

John Ireson William Jacques 
Jan'y 25th 1676

Nathaniel Beale

February 29

John Langsley William Hasey  Samuel Lincolne
Joshua Lazell

March 24th 1676

Joseph Richards Allin Dugland  Thomas Thaxter
John Burrell

Under Capt. Johnson and Capt. Jacob
March 24th 1676

Francis Gardnett Ephriam Lane  James Read
William Mellowes John Whitmarsh  John Read
James Humphreys John Lovell  Isaac Cole
Issac Prince George Vicary  John Bosworth
Christopher Wheaton Joseph Benson  Isaac Morris
April 24, 1676

John Fenner William Davenport 

Under Capt. Johnson, June 24th
John Scott Benjamin Bates  Samuel Gardner
Joseph Goard Nathaniel Wilson  Samuel Basse
Joseph Tucker Ebenezer Owen  William Savall
Francis Nash Thomas Copelane  Martin Sakins
Jonathan Pitcher James Atkins  Isaac John Capt
William Lincolne John Watson  John Langley
Hezekiah King Henry Bowen Lieut.  Ebenezer Hill
July 24

John Plum Zachariah Gurney  Charles Cahan
Onesiphorous Stanly John Spurr 
August 24

Henry Bartlett Hopestill Humphries  Thomas Grant
John Watson

Sept. 23rd

John Bull Thomas Davenport 

The following list of Capt. Johnson's company, made at Dedham December 10th 1675, is preserved in Mass. Archives, vol. 67, p. 293

Henry Bowen John Watson Wm Lincolne
Abiel Lamb John Scot Onesiphorous Stanly
Isaack Morrice Wm Danforth  Joseph Goad
Saml Gardiner Nath. Wilson  John Hubbard
Tho: Baker- wanting Thom. Cheney  John Corbin
John Newel


Heny Mare his man Hopestill Humphrey  John Spurre
Ebenezer Hill Nicholas Weymouth  John Plummer
Charles Cahan Tho. Grant Tho. Davenport
Robert Stanton- wanting Henry Withington  George Minot
Isaac Ryall


John Fennow Obadiah Wheaton  Joseph Tucker
Benj. Crane


Ebenezer Owen Sam. Basse Wm Sable
Tho. Holbrook Rich Thayer  Martin Saunders
Francis Nash Increase Niles  Henry Bartlet
Tho. Copeland James Atkins  Jonathan Pitcher

Hezek. King Jonas Humphrey  Joseph Richards
Allin Dugland John Whitmarsh  Peeter Gurnay
Edward Kingman John Read James Read
John Lovet Will Mellis John Hollis
John Buril


Benj. Bates John Jacob John Langley
Edward Wilder Tho. Thaxter  Ebenezer Lane
Sam. Lincolne Ephraim Lane  Joahua Lazel
John Bull Wm Hearsey Francis Gardiner
Nath Beales Nath Nicholas  Humphrey Johnson- wanting
Wm Woodcock


George Vicar John Bosworth  Joseph Benson
Wm Chamberlain Christo. Wheaton  Isaack Prince
Isaack Cole Henry Chamberlain 
75 appeared 8 appeared not 

The following is a list of those soldiers yt slayne & wounded of Capt. Johnson's Compa December 1675

Capt. Isa: Johnson of Roxbury; Jonathan Pitcher, Bran, (Braintree); Tho: Davenport, Dr (Dorchester); Allin Dugland of Weymouth- 4 slain

Joso Watson of Roxbury; Wm Linckorn of Roxbury; John Spur of Dorchester, Benj. Crane of Milton; Jno Langley of Hingham; Jno faxton of Hingham; Isaack King of Weymouth; Left. Phineas Upham of Malden- wounded eight, and were taken to Road Island Jan. 6th 1675-6.

Source: Bodges History of King Philips War, pages 158-163


Capt. Nathaniel Davenport was born in Salem, Mass., and was the son of Richard Davenport and his wife Elizabeth Hathorn. Richard came to Salem with Endicott in 1628, from Weymouth in Dorsetshire, was admitted a freeman September 3, 1634, was an ensign in the local militia same year, and served in 1637 as a lieutenant in the Pequod expedition, where he was wounded. He was representitive in 1637 and joined the Artillery company in 1639. Removed to Boston in 1642 and was appointed Captain at the Castle, which post he filled for many years, and was there killed by lighting on July 15, 1665. His children were Nathaniel; Truecross, born in 1634-5; Experience, baptized August 27, 1637; John, baptized September 19, 1641 at Salem; Samuel, baptized June 28, 1656 at Boston; Sarah, September 30, 1649; Elizabeth, September 13, 1652; William, born May 11, 1656. The widow died June 28, 1678. Nathaniel married Elizabeth Thacher, daughter of Thomas.

In December 1675 Nathaniel Davenport was serving on the jury at the Court of Assistants when he was summoned to take command of the 5th Company in the Massachusetts Regiment for the Naragansett Campaign. This company was made up chiefly of men from Cambridge and Watertown. The company mustered at Dedham Plain and marched to Naragansett with the army. On December 19th , at the Great Fort fight, Capt. Mosely and Capt. Davenport led the way and were the first officers to enter the fort.

The death of Captain Davenport follows: "Before our men came up to take possession of the fort, the Indians had shot three Bullets through Capt. Davenport, whereupon he bled extreamly, and immediately called for his Lieutenant, Mr. Edward Ting, and committed the charge of the Company to him, and desired him to take care of his Gun, and deliver it according to Order and immediately died in his place….. And it is very probable the Indians might think Capt. Davenport was the General because he had a very good buff Suit on at the Time and therefore might shoot at him." Capt. Davenport left no children, and his nephew, Addington Davenport, inherited his Naragansett claim.

Lieutenant Ting (or Tyng) commanded the company during the rest of this campaign, and many credits are given under him as Captain. He was the son of Capt. Edward Tyng of Boston, and was born March 26, 1649. He removed to Falmouth in 1680, and soon after married Elizabeth, daughter of Thaddeus Clark and great-grandaughter of George Cleeves. He was in command of Fort Loyal 1680 and 1681; was counsellor and magistrate for Maine under President Danforth, and in 1686 was appointed by the King one of the council of his brother-in-law Joseph Dudley, and afterward under Andros, who made him lieutenant-colonel and placed him in command in the province of Sagadahoc in 1688 and 1689, and after the reduction of Nova Scotia was appointed governor of Annapolis, but on his way to that place his vessel was captured by the French, and he was taken to France where he died. 

Credited under Capt Nathl Davenport & Capt. Ting
February 29 1676

Nathaniel Sanger Thomas Hall  John Cutler
Caleb Simons William Pierce  John Baldwin
Nathaniel Davenport Capt. Theodor Atkins  Edward Ting Capt
Gershom Cutter (Cutler) Thomas [Nicho]is  Stephen Farr
Samuel Lamson John Shelden  Moses Whitny
Jonathan Smith Joseph Smith  Daniel Warrin
Isaac Lerned Thomas Parker  John Polly
William Roberts John Baker  Joshua Bigalo
March 24 1676

Joseph Buss John Wheeler Nathaniel Healy
George Herington William Wade  Thomas Rutter
John Haws Samuel Swan John Frury Lt
William Price

April 24th 1676

John White Timothy Rice James Smith
Jacob Ballard Maththew Gibbs 
June 24th 1676

Joshuah Woods Daniel Woodward  James Haughton
Abraham Temple Ambros Mackfassett  Jonathan Remington
Peter Bateman Samuel Dymon  John Taylor
John Wood Zachariah Snow Isaac Emsden (Almsden)
William Gleson Samuel How  Thomas Brown
John Slater Jacob Amsden Jeremiah Toy
George Hayward Dennis Hedly 
July 24th 1676

Joseph Wheeler John Baker  John Parker
James Mathewes

August 24th 1676

John Priest Nathaniel Lunn  Jonathan Lawrence

The following is preserved in the Mass. Archives, vol. 68, p. 104

The List of those yt slayne and wounded of Capt. Nathl Davenport

Capt. Nath: Davenport, Sargt. Theod Atkinson, George Howard Of Concord, Jn Hager of Watertown- 4 men slayne

Sam Swayn of Cambridge, Sam. Read of Cambridge, Samuel Stocker of Meadford, Nath Healy of Watertowne, Isaac Learned of Watertowne, Tho. Browne of Concord, Abra: Temple of Concord, David Batchelor of Redding, Caleb Symon of Ooburne, John Backer of Woborne, Zachary Snow of Wooborn- 11 men wounded

George Howard of Concord probably George Hayward; Samuel Swayn probably Samuel Swan. 

The following lists of men impressed in several towns where Capt. Davenport's company was raised will serve to identify many of the names. Of course, many impressed were either excused for disability or escaped from the service in some other manner. The returns were dated from Nov. 25 t0 Dec. 3, 1675.

Mass. Archives, vol. 68, p. 100
From Cambridge

Corp. Jonathan Remington James Hubbart  Edward Winship juni
Issack Emsden Nathaniel Patten  William Glesson
John With Jacob Emsden Jonathan Laurenc
John Salter Samuel Swan  Daniel Woodward
Samuel Read Gershom Cutter 
From Watertown

Daniell Warrin Sr John Bigulah Sr  Nathaniell Hely
Joseph Tayntor Jr John Whettney Sr  George Herrington
James Cutting William Hagar Jr  John Parkhurst
Michaell Flegg Jacob Bullard  Isaack Learned
Joseph Waight George Dill  Jonathan Smith
Willyam Price Jr Nathaniel Sangar  Moses Whettny
Enoch Sawtell John Bright  John Hastings
John Bacon John Chadwick John Windam
Ben Douse Nath Barsham John Barnard
Ephraim Gearffield Joseph Smith 
From Woburn

John Carter William Johnson  John Convars
John Cutler William Pierce  John Baker
Zachariah Snow John Polly  John Preist
John Berbeane John Shilden  Thomas Hale
John Bolen Caleb Simons Peter Bateman
Jeremiah Hood

From Sudbury

William Wade Samuell Bush  John White Jun
Tho. Rutter Peter Hopes Jr  James Smith
Dannis Hedley Matthew Gibbs Jr  Daniel Herrington
From Cambridge Village

Samuell Hides Jr Peter Henchet  Joshua Woods
Jonathan Bush

From Reading

Samuel Lamson David Bachelder  James Carr
Samuel Daman Seabred Taylor  Thomas Nichols
William Robards Nicholas Lunn 
From Meadford

James Stokes Jeremiah Toy 
From Concord

Joseph Busse Abraham Temple  Samuel How
John Wood Joseph Wheeler Thomas Browne
John Wheeler Timothy Rice  George Hayward
John Taylor Stephen Farre 
Source: Bodges History of King Philips War, pages 168-173


James Oliver was the son of Thomas and Ann, who came from England, Bristol, Somersetshire, in the ship "William and Francis" March 8, 1632 with their family of six sons and two daughters. They settled in Boston, where Thomas died June 1, 1658. James was admitted freeman on October 12, 1640. He was a selectman in 1653 and inspector of the port of Boston. He was a member of the Artillery Company and chosen Ensign, 1651; Lieutenant 1653; Captain 1656 and again in 1666. He was a member of the First Military Company of Boston and elected Captain, probably, in 1673. On November 17, 1675 he was appointed to command the Boston company for the Naragansett campaign. He was one of the few officers who made it through the Swamp Fight uninjured.

In a petition to the Court, May 19, 1680 he ask to be relieved as captain of the Boston company due to age and "Lameness" and also aske to be granted " the Island wheron the Indian Wianenset lately dwelt lying neer Dunstable." In answer the Deputies passed a vote " he dweling with his kinsman Nathaniel Barns Doe for the Relife of ye petitioner, give grant unto sd Barns, his heires and Assignes forever, a small Island of upland Containing about twenty acres wch lyeth in the Merimak Tiver near to Mr. Jonathan Tings farme, wch Isalnd hath been Commonly Caled & knowne by y name of Tinker's Island."

James Oliver married between 1641 and 1655, Mary, widow of John Frend, and daughter of Thomas Dexter, who died before he did and left no issue to him; at his death in 1682, two of his nephews, John and Nathaniel Oliver, administered his estate, and his nephew, Daniel Oliver, inherited his Naragansett claim. 

Ephraim Turner, lieutenant of Captain Oliver's company, was the son of Robert Turner, who came to Boston, September 4, 1633, in the ship Griffin, with Rev. John Cotton. Robert and his wife Penelope had their eldest son Ephraim who was born December 13, 1639. He was a freeman in 1666 and a member of the Artillery Company. From 1675 to 1680 he was an Ensign in Capt. Oliver's First Boston company. He married Sarah Philips, daughter of Major William, of Charlestown, Boston and Saco, and through her came into possession of large tracts of land in what is now Sanford, Alfred and Waterboro. His children, all born in Boston, were: Derlow born Dec. 3, 1663; Robert born June 17, 1665; Sarah born March 24, 1666-7; Abigail born June 8, 1669; Ephraim born Nov. 23, 1670; Elizabeth born August 19, 1672; Deliverance born August 1, 1673. 

Credited under Capt. James Oliver
February 29 1676

Ezekiel Gilman Alexander Boyle  Richard Cowell
Daniel East Thomas Hunt David Landon
James Couch John Cann Samuel Measy
Richard Read Jeffrey Jeffries  Patrick Moroone
Thomas Warren William Baker  Rowland Boulter
John Kendall Josiah Belcher  Robert Emans
Alexander Mckenney Samuel Jenkins  Thomas Hansett
John Casey John King James Lindall
Samuel Lane

March 24th 1676

Thomas Bingly Thomas Brown  Thomas Burch
Richard Drue Joseph Knight  Alexander Forbs
Henry Timberlake Richard Barnam  John Harwood
Aaron Steevens Thomas Stanes 
April 24, 1676

William Backaway James Harrington  William Dinsdell
Gamaliel Rogers James Harris  Henry Critchett
Roger Brown William Mandrill  Mark Round
John Cooke

June 24, 1676

Daniel Clough John Verin Ephraim Turner Lt
Benjamin Pickering Henry Kerby  Gilbert Foresight
James Knott Joseph Barber  John Wilkens
July 24th 1676

William Kemball Roger Prosser 
August 24, 1676

Richard House

Sept. 23rd 1676

Ralph Powell Archabald Forrest 

The following is a list of men who were impressed from other Boston companies to fill Captain Oliver's company. The men are listed under the names of their captains.

A List of Souldiers undr Command of Capt. James Oliver
Capt. Ollivers 

Capt. James Olliver Lieut Turner  Tho. Bingley
Sergt Bennitt Sergt Ingram  Sergt. Timberleys
Sergt. Meares Charles Lidgett  James Butler
James Coutch Mr. Symon Lynds  Wm Midleton
Rich: Crispe Will: Douglis  Natt: Ellkin
Rich: Burford James Lendall 
Major Savidge

Willm Elliott Jn Brigs Jo: Knight
Samll Laine Patraick Moraine  Gilbert fforesyth
Jn Kendall

Major Clark

Will: Blackwell Splande Decroe  Tho: Burch
Henry Timberley Henry Kerbee  Joseph Wakefield
Willm Kemble Willm Backua  Rich: Travis
Peter Ingsbee Will: Drue Jn Allen
Capt. Hudson

Gamaliel Rodgers Tho: Brown  Danll East
Roger Procer Jn ffielder James Thomas
David Landon Willm Dinsdell  Jn Wilkens
Cpt. Richards

Ezekiel Gillman Jn Cann Danll Cluff
Eliezar Gilbert Hugh Prize  Will: Madareell
Henry Critchitt Marke Rounds  Jo Bevis
Willm Dolliver

Cpt. Hinchman

James Whippo samll Jenkins  Tho: Staines
Jn Verin Robt Emins Ralph Powell 
Capt. Clark

Rowland Bowlter Tho: Hunt  Jefrey Jeffers
Aron Stevens James Harrington  Houell Davis
Rich: Drue Rich: Cowell
Capt. Hull

James Harris Allexander Bogwell  Wm Baker
Archibell fforest Josiah Bellcher  Danll Harris
Henry Lizonby Jn Hudson Jn Case
Jn Cleares

A List of ye Slayne & wounded in Capt. Olliver's. 19th of December, 1675

Thomas Broune for Paul Bat of Boston, Alexander fforbes, Splende Decroe Servt to Dani,___, James Thomas, Hen: Hall for Mr. Ligett, lost ___--- 5 men Slayne

Sargt Peter Bennett, Sargt Timberley, James Lendall, Wm Kemble Servt to Jn Cleere, Ezekiel Gilman, Marke Rounds Servt to Hen: Kemble, Alexander Bogwell, John casey Servant to Tho: Gardiner, Muddy River- 7 men wounded and are at Roaf Iland

Mass. Archives, vol. 68, pp. 103-4

Source: Bodges History of King Philips War, pages173- 178


Capt. John Holbrooke was the son of Thomas, and the following list from the N. England Hist. And Gen. Register, Vol. Xxv, p. 14, serves to fix the date of the family's arrival at Weymouth, Mass.

Waymouth [England] ye 20th of March 1635[-6]
Bound for New England
[No] 66 Thomas Holbrooke of Broudway aged 34 yeare
67 Jane Holbrooke his wife aged 34 Yeare
68 John Holbrooke his sonne aged 11 yeare
69 Thomas Holbrooke his sonne 10 yeare
70 Anne Holbrooke his daught aged 5 yeare
71 Elizabeth Holbrooke his daughtr aged 1 yeare

All the data we have concerning Capt. John show the above age to have been some six years less than given upon his headstone, and to have been incompatible with many points in history. He married Elizabeth Stream, who died June 25th, 1688, aged 64 years; and second, widow Mary Loring, who survived him. His children were- John, married Abigail Pierce, daughter of Capt. Michael; a daughter, married Simon Whitmarsh; Abiezer; Hannah, married Ephraim Pierce, son of Capt. Michael; Grace, married Joseph Nash of Boston; Samuel; Lois and Eunice, twins; Eunice, married Benjamin Ludden; Experience, married Joseph Edson; Ichabod, married Sarah Turner.

Capt. Holbrooke was a very enterprising man of business, and his real estate operations were quite extensive for his day. He was also prominent in military affairs, was Lieutenant of the local company, and, August 8th, 1664, was chosen to go upon some service as Lieutenant in the company of Capt. Hudson, but his wife and family being sick at the time, Ensign John Thurston, was appointed in his stead. In the time of Philip's war he was in command of the local company, and in the spring of 1676 was appointed to command one of the companies raised and sent out to suppress the "Insolences" of the Indians and to "range the woods towards Hassanamesit". Capt. Holbrooke died November 23, 1699. 

In a letter written from Concord on April 29, 1676:

These are to Certife ye Hond Major Generall Denison or whome it may Conserne Being ordered to take 82 men under my Command together with 28 horses & 14 men to tend them, viz. Being order by Major Clarke

39 men from Boston 4 horses 2 men

9 men from Roxbury 4 horses 2 men

9 men from Dorchester 4 horses 2 men

6 men from Dedham 4 horses 2 men

7 men from Brantry 4 horses 2 men

6 men from Weymouth 4 horses 2 men

6 men from Hingham 4 horses 2 men

Defects from Boston for non-appearance Jn Pemberton, Jn Porter & Richard Knight. From Dorchester non-appearance, Consider Atherton, Henry Wedarton [Withington], Ebezar Clape. From Waymouth, Zachary Gorney. From Hingham, Jn Feres & Arthur Sherman.

p. me John Holbrooke Capn 

Credited under Capt. John Holbrooke

June 24th 1676
Daniel Adams Samuel Adams  Denis Sihy
August 24th 1676
Samuel Davis Joseph Lyon Moses Knapp
Roger Prosser Paul Gilford  Daniel Adams
Joseph Walters John Scott  John Plum
John Harker John Randall Samuel Wales
James Sinkler Jeremiah Conah  Benjamin Molton
Benjamin Bates James Atkins  Samuel Blake
Thomas William Isaac How Samuel Spencer
John Whitney Caleb Rey John Ellenworth
Sept 23d 1676
Joseph Tucker Thomas Hoppen  James Hadlock
Thomas Bull John Craft Benjamin Merifield
Joshuah Child Richard Puffer  John Parker
Benjamin Phillips William Deane  Daniel Harris
William Field Thomas Betell  John Holbrooke, Capt.

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Thomas Wheeler was of the Concord, Mass Wheelers........Thomas moved to Fairfield,
Conn by 1644. His wife's name was Sarah______whom he married in 1647.
Capt Edward Hutchinson was the eldest son of William and Ann.
Soldiers who served under Wheeler and Hutchinson at Brookfield:
[Quabaug is the old name of Brookfield] These men covered the area now is
Worcestor County in towns of Brookfield, Lancaster, Groton, Marlborough,etc.
Samson Robin
Joseph Robin
Benjamin Graves
Simon Davis
John Buttrick
George Howard
John Hartwell
John French
John Kittery (Kitteridg)
George Farly
James Paddison
John Bates
Simon Howard
Samuel Smeadly
Sidrach Hopgood
John Waldoe
John Fisk
James Richardston
Nathaniel Hill
Jonathan Hill
Joseph Foster
Francis Dudley  (see above)
Samuel Fletcher, sr
Samuel Fletcher,jr
Eleazer Brown
Cyprian Stevens
Benjamin Graves
Stephen Goble
Simon Willard
Thomas Tarball
Joseph Blood
Henry Woodis,Lieut
Joses Buckman
David Bachelor
Simon Crosbe [Crosby]
Daniel Maginnis
James Patison
Jonathan Hide
Samuel Davis
John Brown
Joseph Hayward
John Hayward
Stephen Hosmer
John Gould
Phinias Sprague
Henry Green
Joseph Winn
Abraham Jaque
Joseph Fitch
Samuel Dunton
Jonathan Prescott 

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