18     Sarah 2 BIGELOW, eighth child and third daughter of John 1 and Mary (WARREN) BIGELOW, was born in Watertown, Middlesex co, MA, on 29 September 1659. She married there 23 July 1679 Isaac LEARNED, son of Isaac and Mary (STEARNS) LEARNED. He was born 16 September 1655 in Chelmsford, MA. They removed to Framingham, where their children's births are recorded. [Early Framingham records are in Sherborn.] Isaac died in Framingham 15 September 1737; Sarah was living in 1702, after which we have no record.(see descendant note)

Children of Isaac and Sarah (BIGELOW) LEARNED, all born Framingham, MA:

181       Isaac Learned, (see note) b 10 May 1680; d 20 May 1735 Oxford, MA; m at Framingham 19 Nov 1706 Sarah HOWE. 11 children. Isaac, b 10 May 1680 died 15 May (not 20th), 1753 (not 1735).  The 20th date was when his will was read.

182      Sarah Learned, b 16 Mar 1682.

183      Abigail Learned, b 11 Mar 1684; m John GLEASON; res Framingham; 8 children according to Barry's History of Framingham.

184       Mary Learned, b 12 Apr 1686; m 17 Jan 1706 George ROBINSON; res Dedham.

185       William Learned, b 12 Feb 1688; d 11 June 1747 Killingly, CT; m 24 Nov 1715 (at Killingly) Hannah BRYANT, by whom 8 children.

186       Ebenezer Learned, b 31 Aug 1690; d 15 Mar 1772 Oxford, MA; m 14 Oct 1714 Deborah HAYNES, by whom 9 children.

187       Samuel Learned, b 04 Oct 1692; d 20 July 1741 Framingham; unmarried.

188       Hannah Learned, b 16 Sept 1694; m 2 May 1715 Obadiah WALKER. 3 children; res Marlborough, MA.

189       Elizabeth Learned, b 27 July 1696 (1697?); d 23 Apr 1738; m _ Nov 1717 Jonathan PARTRIDGE.

18A      Moses Learned, b 29 Apr 1699; d 25 May 1769 Framingham; m ca 1727 Lydia BRYANT. 12 children.

18B      Martha Learned, b 21 May 1702; d 17 Sept 1732 Framingham; m 27 July 1723 Jacob CUMMINGS.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.16-17;
Howe, Bigelow Family in America; pg 17-22;
Grundy, Learned Genealogy; (see below)
Barry, History of Framingham;
cemetery inscriptions and vital records, various states.
Descendant note:
I noted in your Bigelow information that you identified as a source of your information a particular reference: Grudy, Learned
Genealogy.  Could you please advise where I might find a copy of this.  Thanks.
 Also, I noted a few inconsistancies with some of your Learned information, some of which may be found referenced in Learned Genealogy, 2nd Ed, 1898, by William Law Learned, namely:
1)  Sarah's husband, Isaac Learned, was born September 16th (not Oct 5th), 1655, in Chelmsford, MA, (not Watertown).
2)  Their son, Isaac, b May 10, 1680 died May 15th (not 20th), 1753 (not 1735).  The 20th date was when his will was read.
With regard to John Bigulah and the book about the King Philip's War ( see Soldiers, info on soldiers of King Phillip's War) by Bodge, John was called to service, but did not actually serve.  At age 58 he was most likely too old to fight indians and that he may have offered his son, Joshua, instead to serve in his place.  For example, Isaac Learned who got wounded and Joshua were both 20 years old at the time.
 On February 27th, 1679, Isaac bought the 40 acre farm of Thomas Eames adjacent to a small pond, which today still bears his name, Learned Pond, in Framingham, MA.  Six months later he married Sarah, the daughter of his neighbor, John Bigelow and the younger sister of his compatriot, Joshua, from the King Philip's War.
Isaac's son, Isaac III may have honored this (perhaps even undieing graditude for saving his father's life), since he named his first son Joshua, saving the name Isaac IV for his second son.  This, however, I can not substantiate.
I can tell from John B. Sr.'s will that he may have had a unique relationship with both Joshua and Isaac, as he named them both
executors of his will and split 2/3's of his estate to Josuah and 1/3'd to his son-in-law, Isaac Learned.
Sincerely, Frederick D. Learned (13th generation)  email:
More from Fred:
Credited under Capt Nathl Davenport & Capt. Ting 
February 29 1676
Isaac Lerned
The following lists of men impressed in several towns where Capt. Davenport's company was raised will serve to identify many of the names. Of course, many impressed were either excused for disability or escaped from the service in some other manner. The returns were dated from Nov. 25 t0 Dec. 3, 1675.
Mass. Archives, vol. 68, p. 100
Isaack Learned
also change your reference to Learned Family book using NEHGS format as follows:

LEARNED Learned, William. The Learned Family. (Learned, Larned, Learnard, Larnard and Lerned). Being Descendants of William Learned Who Was of Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1632. (1882). CS/71/L437/1882

And/or its 1898 2nd Edition as follows:

LEARNED Learned, William L. The Learned Family (Learned, Larned, Learnard, Larnard and Lerned). Being Descendants of William Learned, Who Was of Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1632. (Second Edition). (1898). CS/71/L437/1898

Please note, both of the above cited book editions were originally named: LEARNED GENEALOGY, as this title is shown on every page and on exterior hard binding (see picture above), whereas the book title name “Learned Family” is shown ONLY inside cover Title page. 

Attached are pages from the 1898 book that mention Isaac Learned and Sarah Bigelow family.

cover page

pg 31

pg 32

pg 33

pg 34

Subject: Sarah BIGELOW
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 21:23:03 EDT
From: Gary Rea
I am searching for the ancestors of Sarah BIGELOW, born in the 1600s,  probably in Massachusetts. She married Isaac LEARNED. Any help would be appreciated.   Gary Rea

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