Samuel 5 BIGELOW

12959    Samuel 5 BIGELOW, son of Elisha 4 (Joseph 3,Jonathan2, John1) and Hannah (NICHOLS) BIGELOW, was born at unknown date in Hartford, Hartford co, CT, and baptised at First Church 22 Feb 1761. Howe's Bigelow genealogy says of him, "Concerning this Samuel, we have but little positive information, but family tradition says that he was a very rich man and left his family considerable property, but we are unable to learn the name of his wife" nor dates for them and their family.

As given in the Bigelow genealogy:

12959.1    Samuel, b __; d ___ Hartford; m unknown date, Abbie STEELE, who died about 1836; 3 children.

12959.2    Louisa-- it is the editor's suggestion that this may be a daughter of Samuel's cousin Jonathan by his first wife Louisa WEBSTER; see 12169.

12959.3    Mary, who proves to be a daughter of Jonathan and Ruth (STEELE) BIGELOW-12169; b 15 Sept 1799; d 13 Jan 1884.

12959.4    Ruth, who proves to be a daughter of Jonathan and Ruth (STEELE) BIGELOW-12169; b 29 Oct 1801; d 1882; unmarried.

Apparently Samuel took these last three children into his household when their parents died, and raised them as his daughters, but without formally adopting them. Editor suggests a careful look at probate and property records of this period. It may be that all 4 children were foster children, cf. Jonathan 12169. We must also not overlook the possibility that Samuel was a bachelor.

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