14263.4     Polly 6 BIGELOW, daughter of James 5 ( Joseph 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1) and Mary ( GRAHAM ) BIGELOW was born 11 September 1792 at Chester, Worcester co, MA. The family removed to Wayne county, PA circa 1805. There she married Stephen J. Partridge, born 1798 CT. They lived at Attewater Mills, PA until 1829, then moved to Wysox, Bradford county, PA where Stephen was in charge of a limekiln. Polly died at Wysox, in 1831.

Children of Stephen J. and Polly (Bigelow) Partridge, all but the youngest born at Attewater Mills, Wayne co, PA:

14263.41       Mary Elizabeth Partridge, b ____ Wysox; d ______ ; infant bapt: 22 Sept 1833, Mary Elizabeth, (see below)

14263.42       Sophia Partridge, b 1822; m Calvin Peck

14263.43       William Partridge, b 20 Dec 1824; d 12 May 1899 Carbondale, PA; m (1)1850 Lucinda Gates. and (2)1891 Mrs. Della L. Hines.

14263.44       James Partridge, b 1826; m (1) __ Spencer, and (2) Rhoda John.

14263.45       Parney Partridge, b 1828; m ca 1848 Egbert Norton, and res Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI.

14263.46       Martha Partridge, b 1830; d 1850 Wysox of tuberculosis; unmarried.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol I , p 203;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Commemorative Biographical Record of Northwestern PA, Beers and Co, 1900.
Subject: Bigelow-Partridge
 Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 19:23:09 -0700 (PDT)
and: Mon, 19 May 2003 15:59:48 -0700 (PDT)
 From: wf tracy <wftmlt@yahoo.com>
I saw a reference that James Bigelow's dau. Polly
married a Stephen Partridge and they had 5 children.
Do you know their names?
I am trying to determine the parents of my great,
great, grandmother Mary Philinda Partridge, b.1814/15
in PA, buried in Pleasant Mt, Wayne Co, PA, married
Charles Monroe - b. Mt Pleasant.  Her parents were from MA.
Would appreciate any clues!  Thanks!
The Partridge Nest shows they had 6 children (not 5),
one of which was a Mary Elizabeth Partridge...listed
first but with no dates.
I made a mistake about Mary Philinda Partridge's
husband.  She married Charles Monroe - b. Mt Pleasant.
Is it possible the Mary Elizabeth was really Mary
Philinda?  Is it likely she and Parney Elizabeth would
have had the same middle name?
Kind regards,
WF Tracy
Rod, thought you might be interested in the following letter to Dennis
Partridge.  Would appreciate your thoughts and any info verifying the dates
of marriage and death of Polly (Bigelow) Partridge.  Thanks.  Tracy

Ltr to Dennis Partridge Re Partridges
From: Tracy  < waltbaker@verizon.net >  
To: Dennis Partridge    partridge@surnameweb.org
Subject: Partridge family
Hi Dennis,
I believe you and I have communicated before about my gggrandmother, Mary
Philinda Partridge.  I am not certain, but I believe her mother was Polly
(Bigelow) Partridge - married to Stephen J Partridge.  Polly Bigelow was the
dau. of James and Sarah (Stebbins) Bigelow.
I have found considerable information on the children of Stephen and Polly
(Bigelow) Partridge but some makes no sense.
Everything I have seen from other researchers states that Polly Partridge died
in 1831 and was married to Stephen Partridge in 1819.  Do you know of any
specific sources for those two dates?
My Mary Philinda Partridge is buried in the Brookings Cemetery in Pleasant
Mount, Wayne, PA with her husband Charles Monroe.  I have personally seen the
tombstone and it states she was born in 1814.  1850 and 1880 Pleasant Mt.Census'
show she had to have been born in 1814 or 1815.  Is it possible that Stephen and
Polly (Bigelow) Partridge were married in 1814 and not in 1819?
Further, they supposedly moved from Pleasant Mt, Wayne, PA to Wysox, Bradford,
PA in 1829.  Somewhere I read that all but the youngest child was born in
Pleasant Mt. That particular child had to have been Martha Ann.  The family all
show up in the 1830 Wysox Twp Census where the "Females" are
identified with 111001.  The third 1 would almost have to have been my Mary
Philinda Partridge since it means a child betweeen 10-15 and not one of the
other children would have been that age.  In 1830, Mary Philinda would have been
15 or 16.  The closest child to that age would have been Susan Tryphosa
Partridge (aka Sophia) said to have been born in 1820/1822 in two sources. 
However, Susan had to have been the 2nd 1 in that Census which is a child of
5-10, since the other females were much, much younger.  I submit that the
youngest child in 1830 was Martha Ann Partridge (b.1830), that Martha was the
child identified as the first 1 in the 1830 Census and my reasoning is explained
I visited the Wysox Presbyterian Church (Bradford Cty, PA) and found that a Rev.
Victor Charles
Detty had written a history of that very church.  It shows that members received
in 1831 included Stephen Partridge and his wife, Polly Partridge from Mt.
Pleasant Presbyterian Church and also (not side by side in the wording but on
the same page 76) Mary Philinda Partridge was received as a member.  There was
no reference to her parentage.
It also shows in the Fourth Baptismal Record (pp.82-83) that (1) on May 25,
1831, Susan Tryphosa, William Graham, James Bigelow, Parney Elizabeth, Martha
Ann Sarah, children of Stephen J and Polly Partridge were baptised.  NOTE:  The
children are in exact order of their respecitive ages from oldest to youngest. 
NOTE:  Also, it does not show a Mary Elizabeth on May 25th.  (2) It states that
on August 17, 1831, a Philinda Partridge was baptised as an adult.  NOTE:  If
born in 1814 she would have been 17 and if born in 1815 she would have been 16
and may very well have been considered an adult in those times.  (3)  It states
that on September 22, 1833, Mary Elizabeth, infant daughter of Stephen and Polly
Partridge was baptised....NOTE the word "infant".
Item (1) leads one to believe that Martha Ann Sarah Partridge was, in fact born
in Wysox and was, in fact the youngest child in 1831.  Item (3) suggests that
Mary Elizabeth Partridge had to have been born between 1831 and 1833.  Therefore
the questions raises as to the exact date of Polly (Bigelow) Partridge's date of
death but there is no question that Mary Elizabeth had to have been born after
Martha Ann Sarah (b.1830 and her parents moved to Wysox in 1829).  That is why I
ask for verification of Polly's date of death.  At the earliest, Mary Elizabeth
had to have been born in 1831 and born in Wysox.
Stephen J Partridge seems to have vanished, died or abandoned the family.  I
have not been able to find Polly's burial site.  Mary Elizabeth might have ended
up with her aunt, Thirza (Bigelow) DeLong in Wysox, Bradford County, PA.  Parney
Elizabeth and Martha Ann ended up in Mt.Pleasant, Wayne, PA with their aunt,
Tryphena (Bigelow) Miller.  I did find a note in the Kennedy Genealogy that
William Graham Partridge and one sister (un-named) ended up living with a Wilber
(Wilbur) family in Whites Valley (near Mt.Pleasant), Wayne, PA.  That sister
could have Susan Tryphosa but I have not tracked that down yet.  I have not
tracked down James Graham Partridge, the youngest brother as of the present.
I think that Mary Philinda Partridge was, in fact, the eldest child of Stephen J
and Polly (Bigelow) Partridge.  That Stephen and Polly were either married about
1814 or that Mary Philinda might have been born out of wedlock to them.  Another
interesting fact is that Charles and Mary Philinda (Partridge) Monroe had
children named Polly B, Tryphena, Martha A and William...all names similar to
those of Stephen and Polly as well as James and Sarah Bigelow.
I know I have innundated you with information, but do my conclusions make sense
to you.  Would you have any information at all that could help me track down the
precise marriage date of Stephen J and Polly (Bigelow) Partridge and the precise
date of Polly's death?
Many thanks!
Tracy  < waltbaker@verizon.net >

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