Patience 4 BIGELOW

1911   Patience 4  BIGELOW, only child of  James 3 ( James 2, (John 1), and Mercy ( ___) BIGELOW, was born 25 June 1717 in Weston, Middlesex county, MA. This date was inadvertently recorded as 1716 originally, then amended with a lengthy explanation given by the town clerk as to why he had altered the original town records. Patience's mother, after James' death, married John Andros, and they removed to Killingly, Windham county, CT, where Patience married, on 23 June 1733, Samuel Lawrence, Samuel, was born 1710. They lived in Killingly a number of years, having seven children born there, then at Simsbury, Hartford county, CT, after which they appear to have moved again. The Mills family genealogy suggests they were a number of years at Norwich, New London county, CT, before returning to Simsbury. Patience died ____ 1798 at Simsbury, Samuel on _____ 1793. (see Lawrence Family Page)

Children of Samuel and Patience (Bigelow) Lawrence:

19111.    Mercy Lawrence, b 22 Jun 1735 Killingly: d _____ ; m 17 Mar 1757 (Simsbury) Michael MILLS.

19112.    John Lawrence, b 29 Mar 1757 Killingly; d _____ ; m 27 Oct 1759 (Simsbury) Elizabeth WILCOCKSON, daughter of Azariah WILCOCKSON.
               They had before leaving Simsbury:
                 a.  Elizabeth Lawrence, b 20 Apr 1760.
                 b.  Charlotte Lawrence, b 26 July 1762.
                 c.  Zerviah Lawrence, b 27 Jan 1765.

19113.   Susanna Lawrence, b 4 Apr 1739 Killingly;d ____ ; m 21 May 1765 (Simsbury) Uriah CASE of Simsbury.

19114.   Bigelow Lawrence, b 27 May 1741 Killingly, CT; d 19 Jan 1818 Marcellus, Onondaga, NY.; m, ? date, Azenath CURTIS.14 children born Simsbury.
               (see note)
                            a. Bigelow Jr Lawrence, b 17 Oct 1762.
                            b. Joab Lawrence, b 17 Feb 1764.
                            c. Peter Lawrence, b 25 Nov 1765.
                            d. Levi Lawrence, b 12 Jun 1767.
                            e. Rufus Lawrence, b 28 Oct 1769.
                            f. Calvin Lawrence, b 12 Jun 1771; died young.
                            g. Candace Lawrence, b 11 Sep 1775.
                            h. Calvin Lawrence, b 16 Jan 1778.

19115.   daughter Lawrence, b 21 Jun 1743 Killingly.

19116.   Sarah Lawrence, b 12 Sep 1745 Killingly, died young.

19117.   Samuel Lawrence, b 24 Apr 1748 Killingly.

19118.   Sarah Lawrence, b 3l July l750Simsbury.

19119.   Luther Lawrence, b 15 Nov 1751 Simsbury.

1911A.  Zerviah Lawrence, b 20 May 1754 Simsbury.

1911B.  James Lawrence, b 25 Jan 1758 Simsbury.

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Descendant note:
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 21:13:40 EST
From: Mary Ellen Popyk      email  (see note below)
     What a pleasure it was to stumble upon your site while researching my Warren ancestors.  I am a member of the DAR under my patriot relative Bigelow Lawrence, whose lineage looks like this: he was the son of Samuel Lawrence b
Jan 1710/11 in Sherburne, MA and Patience Bigelow b Jan 1733/34 in Killingly, CT. She was the daughter of James 3 Bigelow b May 1668 d Aug 1718 and Mercy.  He was the son of  James 2 Bigelow b 1660 in Watertown, MA and Patience Brown b Mar 1668/9 Sherburne, MA and d in Shaftsbury, VT.  He was the son of John 1 Biglo and Mary Warren whose names you probably recognize.
     Bigelow settled in Marcellus, Onondaga, NY after the war and was granted lots of land.  My family still lives in that town today, and all the generations are buried there.  I have recently started to look for more information on this line of the family, I studied the Lawrence line while doing my DAR research and have found much interesting information.
     I wanted to introduce myself, I am an avid genealogist.  I live in Memphis, TN after growing up in Marcellus, which isn't too far from where you are. Let me know if I can offer you any information.  I recently came across a GEDCOM that listed the Warren line back to the Warren's of medieval England, do you know if there is accurate proof of this line?  I'll share it with you if you haven't seen it.  I am extremely interested in medieval history although I'd consider my specialty in genealogy in the colonial New England era.  Nice to meet you, cousin!  Mary Ellen Popyk
Great web site...... I didn't get far enough to see you had Patience and Bigelow in there the first time.  I have all the information on Bigelow's children, taken from both the Lawrence genealogy (pertaining to the Central New York Lawrence's) as well as the gravestones in the Village Cemetery in Marcellus.  I can fill in almost all the blanks on Bigelow Lawrence's family.
You are missing my ancestor Dorastus Lawrence (son of Bigelow and Asenath) who married a distant  cousin of his mother's (their last names were both Curtis). Thanks for such a great source of information.  Until later!  Mary Ellen Popyk
From:  Mary Ellen Popyk
Here is the information I have on Bigelow Lawrence of Marcellus, Onondaga, NY: It was taken from the Lawrence genealogy which cites the following sources:
Killingly Town Records; Simsbury Town Records, The William Curtis Family of Marcellus record, Dr. Israel Parson's notes, of Marcellus, NY; Onondaga Centenial Vol. I; Beachamps Cemetery Records, Beachamps Rev. Soldiers in Onondaga.

Col. Bigelow Lawrence was born in Killingly, CT 27 May 1741 and d 19 Jan 1818 Marcellus, Onondaga, NY.  He m Asenath Curtis who was bapt. 14 Jun 1744 in Southington, CT and d 28 Sep 1831 in Marcellus, Onondaga, NY.  She was the daughter of Peter and Chestina Parker Curtis of Simsbury, CT.

Bigelow was a Captain and Major in the Revolutionary War, and was of a regiment in the NY militia in the War of 1812.  About 1778 he removed to Shaftsbury, VT from CT and about 1795 to Marcellus.  He bought soldiers claims and acquired considerable land in the county.  Of his 14 children 12 marriedand settled near Marcellus.  The first 9 children were born in Simsbury, CT. They are:

Bigelow Jr. b 17 Oct 1762 d 4 Aug 1825 b Marcellus; m Eunice Herrick
Joab b 17 Feb 1764 d Nov 10 1832 b Marcellus; m Jemima Cross 10 Nov 1785
Peter b Nov 25 1765 d 7 Aug 1823 in Marcellus, b Marcellus; m Sarah Mix 12 Apr 1787 Bennington, VT
Rufus b 27 Oct 1767 d 9 May 1817 b Marcellus; m Jane Whippo 24 Mar 1790
Levi b 26 Sep 1769 d 24 Feb 1812 b Marcellus; m (1) Eliz. Whelpley and (2) Lucretia Brown
Calvin b 12 Jun 1771 d 1774
Asenath b 16 Aug 1773 d 17 Jan 1839 m Samuel Parker
Candace b 11 Sep 1775 d 6 Jan 1862 Jordan, Onondaga, NY; m Nathan Leonard
Calvin b 16 Jan 1778
Jepthah b 2 Dec 1780 in Shaftsbury, Bennington, VT d 18 Mar 1844 b Marcellus; m Sarah Clift
Susanna b 25 Sep 1782 Shaftsbury, VT d 5 Nov1803; m Eben Rice
Dorastus b 13 Mar 1786 Shaftsbury, VT d 11 Feb 1862 b Marcellus; m Persia Curtis 1, Rachel Lampson 2, Julia Wheaton 3
Infant b 6 Sep 1787 Shaftsbury, VT d 1787 same
Diana b 25 Mar 1789 Shaftsbury, VT d 24 Mar 1807 m Caleb Atwater in N Adams, Berkshire, MA
From:   Mary Ellen Popyk
Here is the additional information that I have.  It was taken from "A Lawrence Family of Onondaga County, NY" compiled by Dr. LA Cheney amplified from data collected by Ella F. Lawrence and Lucelia T. Lawrence; 1934.

The page on Samuel and Patience Bigelow Lawrence uses the following sources in addition to the Bigelow genealogy:  Crissey's Hist. Norfolk; Mills Genealogy; Records of Concord, Killingly, Simsbury, etc; CT Men in the Revolution.

Samuel Lawrence died 10 Par 1793 in Norfolk, CT.  Patience was born 16 Feb 1798, and it states she died in Shaftsbury, VT where her son Bigelow was living at the time.  I will investigate that fact further.

Son Bigelow married Asenath Curtis and died 21 Jan 1818 in Marcellus, Onondaga, NY.  More information on him to follow.

Next child wasn't a daughter (as many have assumed by the name) but a son named Ariel.  He also served in the Revolution.  He m Lucy Wilcox and removed to Onondaga County, NY where late in life he married brother Bigelow's widow, Asenath.

Daughter Sarah b 12 Sep 1745 I have listed as named Patience and married Jacob Barber.  I will look into this also.

Other daughter Sarah b 31 Jul 1750 m David Barber.

Daughter Zerviah married Edward Case.

Son James m Lois Fuller.

Anyone interested in more info on this family please feel free to contact me, I have much more information on them as Bigelow Lawrence is my patriot ancestor under whom I'm a member of the DAR.  Mary Ellen Popyk

      James 2 Bigelow, son of John 1 and Mary (Warren) Bigelow,  lived from 1660 to 1728.  He married three times, having issue by the first two wives.  Of his total of four children, only two survived to marry and have families: Patience , wife of Samuel Wood, and who lived at Groton, MA; and James Bigelow, jr.
     James  jr. was baptised in Watertown in 1688 and married, presumably in 1716, Mercy ___. James died in 1718 in Weston, Massachusetts leaving a young child, Patience. His widow soon remarried and moved to Killingly, CT.
     Concerning James' daughter Patience , a curious set of circumstances arose, as her birth was not recorded in infancy.  When the child was several years old, the mother and a neighbor lady came to register the birth, both attesting the child was a certain age.  The clerk then subtracted the age from the current year, and entered the birth as 15 June 1716.  Some years later the mother again called on the town clerk, and showed her marriage record, which was a month or so after the recorded date of Patience's birth.  All concluded that Patience must have been born 1717.  The town records were altered, and in 1736 the clerk appended a lengthy note stating how the official document had come to be defaced.
     Patience was married in Killingly, Connecticut on 24 January 1733 to Samuel Lawrence, born 1710.  They lived some years in Killingly, then moved to Simsbury, but after a number of years again, are said to have moved to Norwich, where they remained many years before returning to Simsbury.  The Mills family genealogy refers to an extant Bible of the Samuel Lawrence family, but quotes none of it save that Patience died in 1798, and Samuel on 10 April 1793, both in Simsbury.
From town records of Killingly and Simsbury, we take the following family of Samuel and Patience (Bigelow) Lawrence:
i    Mercy Lawrence, born 22 June 1735 Killingly, CT; married 17 Mar 1757 Michael Mills of Simsbury.
ii   John Lawrence, born 29 Mar 1737 Killingly, CT; married 27 Oct 1759 Elizabeth Wilcockson, daughter of Azariah; 3 daughters were born in Simsbury, after which they appear to have moved.
iii   Susanna Lawrence, born 4 Apr 1739 Killingly, CT; married 21 Mar 1765 Uriah Case of Simsbury.
iv  Bigelow Lawrence, born 27 May 1741 Killimgly, CT; married about 1760 Azenath Curtis they had 8 children born in Killingly before 1779, after which they appear to have left the town.
v   a daughter Lawrence, born 21 June 1743 Killingly.
vi    Sarah Lawrence, born 12 Sept 1745 Killingly, CT; died young.

vii    Samuel Lawrence, born 2 Apr 1748 Killingly, CT.
viii    Sarah Lawrence, born 31 July 1750 Simsbury, CT.
ix  Luther Lawrence, born 15 Nov 1751 Simsbury, CT.
x   Zerviah Lawrence, born 20 May 1754 Simsbury, CT.
xi   James Lawrence, born 25 Jan 1758 Simsbury, CT.
Howe, Bigelow Family in America;
We ton    To  & Church Records;
vital records of Killingly & Simsbury, taken from Barbour Index;
Ralph A. Mills, Mills genealogy.
Also SOURCES:  (see January 1988 Forge page 10, 1807 to Marcellus, NY.); Beth J. Hickok Weier, 540 Lande St., DePere, WI 54118, 
24 Nov 1998 e-mail from Mary Ellen Popyk, e-mail with information he was of Marcellus, Onondaga, NY.  It was taken from Lawrence genealogy citing sources:  Killingly tn.recs; Simsbury tn.recs; Wm.Curtis fam./Marcellus NY; Dr. Israel parsons notes of Marcellus, NY; Onondaga Centennial Vol. I; Beachamps Cem.Recs; Beachamps Rev. soldiers in Onondaga.
Note:  e-mail 06 June 2019 changed to  Wants info on her line.  Wrote for current info on her and her line...genealogist.

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