159B5.    Noah 5 BIGELOW son of Elisha 4, Isaac 3 ( Samuel 2, Johnl) and Mary (KILBORN) BIGELOW, was born born 07 February 1759 at Colchester, New London county, CT. He was married on 25 February 1788 to Sarah Soule or Gould. [Descendants have argued that Howe erred in giving her surname as 'Soule', but offer no proof.]. Sarah "Sally" Gould was born Colchester, CT 05 October 1765, dau. of Simeon & Elizabeth (Pike) Gould) of New Ipswich, NH.  (see below) They lived at Reading, VT. Noah died there 20 May 1833, his widow on 27 December 1838 (1858?).
1790 census: VT-Windsor-Reading-Noah Bigelow: 1-0-2-0-0.

Children of Noah and Sarah (Soule or Gould) Bigelow, all born Reading, Windsor co, VT:

159B5.l       Sally, b 30 May 1789; d 04 Nov 1874 at ____ ; m 08 July 1821 John Cary.

159B5.2      Betsy, b 08 Dec 1791; d 02 Oct 1863 Reading. VT; unmarried.

159B5.3      Hannah Gould, b 25 Aug 1794; d 26 Feb 1884 at _____ ; m 21 May 1830 William Townsend. (see below)

159B5.4      Noah, b 28 Jan 1797; d 29 May 1813 Reading, VT. (see below)

159B5.5      Laura, b 09 Nov 1799; d 12 Nov 1799.

159B5.6      Sophia, b 25 Apr 1801; d 19 Oct 1853; m _____ (date) Amasa Watkins; res Reading, VT. (see below)

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I pg 143;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
vital records of Reading, VT;
correspondence from Townsend family;
Subject: BIGELOW updates.
Date: 24 Mar 2001 13:12:54 EST
From: Linda.M.Welch@Dartmouth.EDU    (Linda M. Welch)
THIS IS FOR YOUR BIGELOW page.. I am working on that whole family of the Black River Valley region of Windsor County, Vermont... This is from my information on the family:

Noah 5 BIGELOW son of  Elisha 4, Isaac 3 ( Samuel 2, Johnl) , was born in Colchester, Connecticut, 7 Feb., 1759. He m. 25 Feb., 1788, Sarah "Sally" Gould (b. Colchester, Conn., 5 Oct., 1765, dau. of Simeon & Elizabeth (Pike) Gould) of New Ipswich, NH.  (They had six children). Noah d. in Reading, 20 May, 1833. Sarah d. in Reading, 27 Dec., 1858.

Children (born Reading):

1. Sally, b. 30 May, 1789.
2. Betsey, b. 8 Dec., 1791. At the time of the 1850 census, Betsey was living with her sister Sophia and husband Amasa Wakins. She d. unm. of typhoid fever at Reading, 2 Oct., 1863 (age 71)
3. Hannah, b. 25 Aug., 1794
4. Noah Jr., b. 28 Jan., 1797 ....... He d. unm in Reading, 29 May, 1813 (age 17). He is buried in the Sawyer cemetery: "Mourn not for me, my parents dear; To you these words I say: Though we are seperated here, 'shall meet another day."
5. Laura, b. 9 Nov., 1799 ....... d. 12 Nov.,1799

6. Sophia 6 Bigelow, dau of Noah 5 ( Elisha 4, Isaac 3 , Samuel 2, Johnl) was born 25 April, 1801. She m. in Reading (by Sewall Fullam, Esq.), 18 Jan., 1823 Amasa Watkins Jr. (b. Hartford, Vt. 3 June, 1793, son of Amasa & Lucy (Wright) Watkins). They lived near the Cavendish line in the town of Reading. Amasa Watkins Sr. of Reading, sold to Amasa Watkins Jr. and Elisha W. Watkins (brothers) of Reading, part of the 112 acre farm which in 1837 was "being one equal undivided half of a certain parcel bounded beginning at the southwest corner of Lot No. 2, northeast on land of Peter Tumter, and land of Issac Baldwin to the Reading line, then east on that line to land formerly owned by John Leverett, then south on the northeast corner of Amos Wheeler to the beginning. The deed executed at Reading 25 April, 1837, and witnessed by Elisha and Persis Bigelow and recorded at Cavendish by Jefferson Wright, Town Clerk, 28 June, 1837. Sophia & Amasa had no children, but brother John's son, Charles Watkins, lived with them a good share of his youth. At the time of the 1850 census, The Amasa Watkins Jr. farm was valued at $6,000. Living with them in 1850 was Austin Townsend (age 25), Betsey Bigelow (age 58, Sophia's unmarried 'sister), and Charles Watkins, their nephew (age 16). Sophia died 19 Oct., 1853. Amasa m. 2nd, in Cavendish, 25 Oct., 1854, Judith Merrill, b. Reading 7 Nov., 1807, dau. of Bailey & Wealtha (Bigelow) Merrill). Amasa Watkins Jr. d. of a paralytic shock at Reading, 7 July, 1876 (age 83).

Sally 6 Bigelow, dau of Noah 5 ( Elisha 4, Isaac 3 , Samuel 2, Johnl) was born in Reading, VT. 30 May, 1789. She m. (as his 2nd
wife, 8 July, 1821 John Cary (b. 18 Sept., 1766, son of Barnabas & Mary (Short) Cary of Attleboro, Mass. & Rindge, NH).
        John's first wife was Judith Goddings Cary [b. 1780, dau. of Henry & Sarah Goddings of Lexington, Mass. & Rindge,
NH]  John & Judith lived in New Ipswich, NH and Rindge until 1814, when they removed to Reading, Vt, following John's
sister and her husband, Margaret and Abel Gilson.  Judith d. at Reading 6 Dec. 1821 (age 41).  "Friends nor Physicians
could not save; This mortal lady from the grave; Nor can the grave confine me here, When Christ shall call me to appear."
Sally Bigelow Cary  was left to bring up the surviving children and she was more than a loving step-mother, she took the
place of mother with her whole heart.
        John Cary d. at Reading, 11 May, 1851.
        His widow Sally was living in Cavendish at the time of the 1870 census with her daughter-in-law, Mary Parkhurst
        Sally d. at Cavendish, 4 Nov., 1874 (age 84).
        They are buried in the Sawyer cemetery in Reading, Vt. [She left a will, and chose Charles F. Barrett as
administrator.  need to get it at probate office]
Carey children (all by 1st wife, Judith Goddings)
1.  John Cary, b. 14 May, 1797 ....... d. Rindge, 15 April, 1812
2.  Judith Cary, b. 2 May, 1801 ....... d. New Ipswich, NH 1 Oct., 1805
3.  Isaac Cary, b. 10 June, 1803 ....... d. New Ipswich, NH 27 Sept., 1805
4.  Isaac Cary, b. 19 April, 1806
5.  Gilman Cary, b. 1 Dec., 1808
6.  Alvin Cary, b. 25 Aug., 1811 ....... d. Rindge, NH 26 April, 1812
7.  John Cary Jr, b. 8 July, 1813, m. Mary Parkhurst  [see Parkhurst]
8.  Judith, b. Reading, Vt. 21 May, 1818 ....... d. Reading, 26 Oct., 1838 (age 21). "Be still my friends, dry up your
tears; I must lie here till Christ appears."

Hannah Gould 6 Bigelow, dau of Noah 5 ( Elisha 4, Isaac 3 , Samuel 2, Johnl)  was born in Reading, Vt. 25 Aug 1794. She m. (as his 2nd wife), Reading, 21 May 1820, William Townsend (b. Lynn, Mass. 08 Sept 1780, son of Thomas & Susannah (Green) Townsend).
     William's father, Thomas and his brother Daniel were Revolutionary soldiers. Daniel was slain at Lexington, Mass. William's first wife, Susannah Smith Townsend had died of heart failure at the age of 37, 09 April 1820. The tragedy of Susanna's death at such a young age, no doubt resulted from the fact that she bore her husband ten children in the 14 years they were married. These children were orphaned for Hannah to raise for the most part, and she did a fine job. In addition, not to be outdone by the first wife, Hannah gave her husband eight more children, making this one of Reading's largest families for its time period. William Townsend was 40 years old when he married Hannah, and she was aged 26. The surviving children of this large family grew up, became useful citizens and branched out to the states of Massachusetts, Texas, Louisiana, Iowa, Ohio, Mississippi, and New York, only a few staying in Vermont. By the year 1910, there were only two children surviving, Miss Eliza of Felchville and her brother Marquis of Ohio. The entire family was very musical, each child having a special talent in either vocal delivery or playing musical instruments. Every Sunday was hymn day in their home and once in a while in the summer months, the family would hold a concert - sing and play together, most often times at local revival meetings.
        Hannah and William lived in Reading, but moved to Norwich, Vt. around 1836, and returned to Reading in 1857. In those early days there were no railroads in the New England states, excepting a short one at Quincy, Mass., all transportation being done by team and stage, the main stage line from Boston to Montreal passing through Norwich. The family had their own team and there was always someone around to drive the horses to the village or to the market.
         After William's death, in 1865, Hannah joned the household of Martin Pratt where she was living at the taking of the 1870. Her stepdaughter, Susan Townsend Fay was also living in the household.
        William d. of 'cancer on his breast', 19 Dec 1865. Hannah d. of penumonia, 26 Feb 1884 (age 89).

Townsend children (1-10 by 1st wife, Susan, the rest by Hannah; all born Felchville):

1.  Elmer Townsend, b. 2 March, 1807
2.  Orson Townsend, b. 6 May, 1808. A farmer, he m. -- Harriet M. Holt (b. Woodstock, Vt., 1814, dau. of Oliver & Harriet
(Delano) Holt). Orson d. of inflmmation of the bowels at Reading, 25 Aug., 1865 (age 58). Harriet d. of cancer at
Felchville, Friday eveing, 20 Nov., 1891. (age 78).
        Townsend children (at least):
1.  Susan A., b. 1843.  She was unmarried at the taking of the 1870 census of Reading.
2.  Harriet Anne, b. 1846, m. Boston, 4 July, 1872, Joel R. Crandall of Windsor.  She d. in South Royalton, Vt., 1880
(age 44).
3.  Albert A., b. 1850
4.  Hattie, b. 1854
3.  Alfred Townsend, b. 15 Jan., 1810
4.  Albert Townsend, b. 15 Jan., 1810 [twin], ....... d. in Carthage, Mississippi, 24 April, 1845 (age 35)
5.  Aurilla Townsend, b. 30 Sept., 1811. She m. Rev. Horace Herrick (b. Peacham, Vt., 11 May, 1807, son of David & Mary
H. (Buswell) Herrick).  Felchville, 4 Dec 1885: "Mrs. H. Herrick has gone to Rome, NY to have a cancer extracted. She was
accompanied by her niece, Miss Minnie Fay." Rev. Herrick d. of pneumonia at Felchville 31 Jan., 1891 (age 84). The widow
Aurilla d. of cancer, at Felchville, 5 July, 1891 (age 80). "They rest from their labors, and their works do follow
6.  Susannah Townsend, b. 20 March, 1813. She was 'of Norwich, Vt", when she m. (as his 2nd wife), -1856, Ezra Fay (b. 20
Dec., 1805, son of Ezra & Olive (Lincoln) Fay).  Felchville, 28 Aug., 1879: Mrs. Susan Fay is rapidly declining with a
cancer." Susanna d. of cancer, 19 Oct., 1879 (age 67). Mr. Fay m. (for a 3rd time), --- , Mary A. Dunlap. He d. of
typhoid pneumonia at his home in Felchville, 28 April, 1872 (age 67).
7.  William Smith Townsend, b. 16 Oct., 1814
8.  Edwin Townsend, b. 14 Jan., 1816 .......  d. 24 July, 1816
9.  Dennis Townsend, b. 8 May, 1817. He attended Dartmouth College from 1838-9. He graduated from the University of
Vermont in 1868. At the taking of the 1870 census of Reading, Dennis was employed as a schoolteacher.He died at Stockton,
California, 21 Feb. 1874.
10. Adin Townsend, b. 16 April, 1819 ........  d. 19 June, 1823
11. Eliza Townsend, b. 27 July, 1821. She was raised in Reading and Norwich, Vt. She spent several years in Iowa where
she taught singing and was the leader of a glee club. She taught school at Norwich and also at a later period, assisted
in the Felchville schools. Reading, 6 Aug., 1908: "Miss Eliza Townsend, one of the oldest persons in Felchville, passed
her 87th birthday anniversary on July 27th, when a few of her friends were invited to take tea with her in honor of her
natal day. She received gifts and good wishes from distant and nearby friends for many such birthdays." Felchville, 30
June, 1910: "Mrs. F. E. Snow and two sons and Mrs. R. E. Townsend of Boston. Mrs. B. B. Townsend of New York city, Mrs.
Cordelia Buck and Mrs. William Buck of Springfield, Mass. ,visited their Aunt and cousin, Miss Eliza Townsend and Minnie
Fay on Thursdays of last week, coming in automobiles. They were accompanied by a lady friend from Washington, DC."  4
Aug., 1910: "At her home on North Main St. in Felchville, Miss Eliza Townsend celebrated her 89th birthday. A small
dinner party at the house with the dinner served on chinaware purchased by Eliza's brother 74 years ago. For nearly 50
years Miss Townsend has lived in the house she now occupies, passing her days in a calm, peaceful manner. In her
declining years she has been cared for by her niece, Miss M. C. Fay." Eliza d unm. in Felchville of heart disease, 20
May, 1911. >From her obituary: " For nearly 50 years, she lived in the house where her death occurred. Her life had
always been a calm and peaceful one and to the very last she was the same sweet, lovable lady she had always been.  In
her declining years she was cared for by niece Miss M. C. Fay."
12. Susanna Townsend, b. 24 Dec., 1822 .......  d. 25 Dec., 1822
13. Frederick Van Alstyne Townsend, b. 9 April, 1824. He m. Springfield, 2 Jan., 1851, Aurelia K. Royce (b. Springfield,
Vt. 5 April, 1831, dau. of Samuel & Lucy (Watkins) Royce).  They lived in Springfield, Vt.   He d. suddenly of a heart
attack, 20 July, 1893 (age 68).
Townsend Children (born Springfield, Vt.):
1.  Ervin Alstyne, b. 25 Dec., 1851, m. 21 Oct., 1875 Minne E. Duquet of Lowell, Mass.
2.  Amasa Watkins, b. 25 Feb. 1857, m. 27 Dec., 1882 Nellie Storrs of Lebanon, NH. They moved to Iowa.
3.  Mary Aurelia, b. 7 May, 1868, m. 4 Sept., 1889 Bertrand D. Bowen of Springfield
14. Isabella Townsend, b. 26 Feb., 1827.  She m. -- Waterman of Norwich, Vt. She moved to the west with her husband, had
six children, and d. in Mapleton, Kansas, 3 April, 1895 (age 68).
15. Francis Torry Townsend, b. 5 March, 1829. He m. (as her 2nd husband), --, Melissa A. (Cowderry) Braman (b. 20 June,
1836, dau. of  Isaac Jenne & Laura (Newtn) Cowderry, and widow of James C. Braman).  Melissa d. in Clay, Iowa, 24 Sept.,
1884 (age 48).
16. VanBuren A. Townsend, b. 4 Jan., 1831.  He d. at his home in Tampa, Fla. after a twenty-four hour illness of
rheumatism of the heart, 30 Oct., 1898 (age 67).
17. Velette Pizarro Townsend, b. 18 April, 1832. He d. 11 Dec., 1903.
18. Marquis Derelius Townsend, b. 23 Oct., 1835.  --Felchville, 30 June, 1910: "Marquis D. Townsend of Conneaut, Ohio, is
visiting his sister, Eliza Townsend." -- 29 Oct., 1911: "M. D. Townsend, who has spent the summer with his niece Miss M.
C. Fay, started on his homeward journey Monday. He will visit relatives at Worcester, Mass. and Buzzard Bay before going
home to Ohio." -- Reading, 21 Nov., 1912: "At Conneaut, Ohio on Nov. 14th, was dedicated a soldiers' monument presented
to the city of Capt. Marquis D. Townsend and his late wife.  The monument is a beautiful and imposing granite memorial
and is given in memory of the soldiers who enlisted from the vicinity of Conneaut and are lying in unknown graves.  Mr.
Townsend is a native of this town and for several years has spent his summers here.  He is highly respected and esteemed
by all who know him and Reading feels honored  in having contributed so worthy a man to the state of Ohio." -- 18 Nov.,
1915: Mrs. M. D. Townsend, 70 Douglas Street, Columbus, Ohio was hostess at a dinner party 22 October in clebration of
the 80th birthday of her husband. Capt. Townsend's long life has been a busy one. He saw active servie i nthe Civi lWar
and for years engaged in active business pursuits. For four years he was postmaster at Conneaut, Ohio, his home town,
then came to Columbus and served in the office of the adjutant general eight years." Mr. Townsend d. in Conneaut, Ohio,
Friday, 10 Nov., 1922. "In his early childhood, his parents moved to Norwich, Vt., where they remained about twenty years
and where he grew up. They returned to Reading and located in Felchville in 1857. Mr. Townsend went to Iowa in early
manhood where he remained until the opening of the Civil War, when he enlisted in the Union Army and served in important
engagements. At the close of the war he came to Felchville with his family and was employed for a time for the firm of
Camberlain and Keyes. Later he removed to Ohio which state has since been his home and where he was in active business
life until his later years. During his later years he had frequently spent considerable time in the summer in the old
Townsend home in Felchville, where his niece, Minnie Fay, still lives. He was the last remaining member of a large family
of brothers and sisters."    

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