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16164.2       Nathan 6 BIGELOW, son of Nathan 5 (John 4 ,Joshua 3 , Joshua 2, John 1), and Elizabeth (OAKS) BIGELOW, was born 27 January 1773 at Ashburnham, Worcester co, MA. The family moved to Vermont, where Nathan settled in the town of Brandon. He married before 1800 Abigail CAREY, daughter of Seth CAREY, in whose will he mentions his daughter Abigail BIGELOW. Abigail was born between 1780 and 1790, also known as "Nabby". Nathan, a shoemaker by trade, died 03 September  1822, and is buried in the Seth CAREY lot at the Congregational Church cemetery in Brandon, VT. According to the OAKS genealogy, Nathan left five children, only one of whom has Bigelow society traced. New info (see below)

Children of Nathan and Abigail (CAREY) BIGELOW, presumed born in Brandon, VT:

16164.21       Lavinia, b 09 Feb 1800; died circa 1848 Brandon,VT; m circa 1820 Barnabas MYRICK; res Brandon. 5 children.

16164.22       Permilia, b 1801-2 VT; d 27 Mar 1887 Ticonderoga, Essex co, NY;; m Alburn Crossman (he  b 15 Jan 1806  Crown Point, Essex co, NY; d 22 Feb 1892 Ticonderoga,  son of Elijah Crossman & Elizabeth Hewitt
                         Albert Crossman, b 1824, 
                         Hiram Crossman, b 1827,
                         Fanny Crossman, b 1829,
                         James Crossman, b 1835
                         Betty Crossman, b 1837,
                         Nathan Crossman, b 1840, 
                         Seth Crossman, b 1849,

16164.23       Philemon "Philma", b 1804-7 ; d _____ ; m Hiram Ayers; res. Duane, Franklin co, NY;
                           Theresa Ayers, b 1830,
                           William Ayers, b,
                           Mary Jane Ayers, b 1836,
                           Louise Ayers, b 1838,
                           Hiram Ayers, b 1841,
                           Evaline Ayers, b 1845-7,

16164.24      Abigail "Abby", b ____ ; d _____ ;

16164.25      Charles, b ___ 1820 ; d _____ ; died young.

16164.26t     Fanny, b ca 1805 ; d 23 May 1869 ; m (1) 27 Jan 1825 Samuel Hale; 3 children: William, Luke, and Mary Hale (m Clark); m (2) 1845 Ira Benson; unk children; (see below)


Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume I page 300;
Howe,Bigelow Family of America;
OAKS genealogy;
correspondence with Myrick descendants;

From: Barbara Milne < >
     I have been doing some research on my family history and found information on my great-great grandmother - Fanny Bigelow.
     Fanny Bigelow was born around 1805 and died on May 23, 1869.  She married Samuel Hale in 1825 and then married Ira Benson in 1845.
     She had three children with Samuel Hale.  They were William Hale, Mary Hale (Clark) and Luke Hale. 
Her sister was Lavinia or Lavina Bigelow. 
Vital records requests seeking records relating to Samuel & Luke Hale.  I have conducted a search of our holdings and regret only the marriage records for Samuel and Fanny were found and they are not complete.  I am attaching these records for your reference.  It appears the family settled in Brandon so you might want to contact the Brandon town clerk to inquire if records exist on the local level as vital records were not required by law to be filed on the state level until 1909.  A full listing of Vermont town clerks is found at
PDF on marriage 
Kathy Watters
Administrative Assistant
VT State Archives & Records Administration
Office of the Secretary of State
1078 Route 2 - Middlesex
Montpelier, VT  05633-7701

Janice Notes:
Nathan BIGELOW, was buried at Congregational Church Cemetery in Brandon, VT. He was born on 27 Jan 1773 in
Ashburnham, Worcester Co., MA. He died on 3 Sep 1822 in Brandon, VT. He was Shoemaker.
Nathan BIGELOW and Abigail CAREY were married before 1800. Abigail CAREY (daughter of Seth CAREY) was born
between 1780 and 1790. She was also known as "Nabby".
Nathan BIGELOW and Abigail CAREY had the following children:

156 i. Phila BIGELOW.
+157 ii. Lavinia BIGELOW (born on 9 Feb 1800).
158 iii. Parmelia BIGELOW.
159 iv. Abby BIGELOW.
160 v. Charles BIGELOW.
New Note 01/08/07:
From:  Mabry Benson
re  Nathan Bigelow 16164.2:

Rutland Vermont Probate District records for the Estate of Nathan Bigelow name
Widow: Abigail
Lovina married  Merrick
Parmelia married Crossman
Fanny married Hall or Hale
Philemon married Hiram Ayres
Charles b 1820

from census:
Permilia Bigelow,  b 1801-2  Vermont,  d 27 Mar 1887  Ticonderoga,
Essex County, New York
Spouse:  Alburn Crossman  b 15 Jan 1806  Crown Point, Essex County,
New York, d 22 Feb 1892  Ticonderoga, Essex County, New York,  son of
Elijah Crossman & Elizabeth Hewitt
Albert 1824,  Hiram 1827, Fanny 1829, James 1835 Betty 1837, Nathan
1840,  Seth 1849

Philma b 1804-7 wife of Hiram Ayres. Living in Duane, Franklin County,
New York.  Children: Theresa 1830, William, Mary Jane 1836, Louise
1838, Hiram 1841, Evaline 1845-7,

28 Nov 1822. Inventory of the Estate of Nathan Bigelow, inc 26 acres
of land at $650, totalling $963.  11- 349
9 May 1823. A list of allowed claims against the estate of Nathan
Bigelow is given, totalling  $195.60.  11-401
June 1823. Committee appointed to set off to  widow Abigail Bigelow
her dower thirds in the real estate of her husband.  She applies for
the sum of $250 in such articles of personal property as she may
select from the inventory.  11-402
Jan 1826. To raise the $250 widow portion, two -4 acres lots are sold,
one to Henry Hale, one to Abigail Bigelow. 12-175
Jan 1826.  An accounting of the estate is given. Committee appointed
to partition the real estate, 1/6th each, among the children & heirs:
Lovina Merrick, Parmelia Crossman, Fanny Bigelow, Abigail Bigelow,
Philemon Eayres & Charles Bigelow.  Thos Hall is apptd guardian to
Charles Bigelow & Abigail Bigelow.  12-177, 227
March 1826.  The bounds for the shares of land for each of the
children are described. Fanny is now Fanny Hale. The whole cont 15
acres 36 R.  Guardians Hiran Ayres & S. S. Hale agree.  12 - 228
1 Feb 1834.  Hiram Ayres of Westport NY is appointed guardian for
Charles Bigelow 14.  15-138

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