156   Mercy 3 BIGELOW, daughter of Samuel 2 (John 1), and Mary (FLAGG) BIGELOW, was born 04 April 1686 at Watertown, Middlesex co, MA. Bond's volume on Watertown errs in first assigning her to Joshua BIGELOW, then corrects himself. It is now agreed she was a daughter of Samuel, and named as such in his will, though the records are confusing, as she is once referred to as "Martha". [Both Martha and Mercy pronounced colloquially as "Marcy."] She was married 02 January 1707 to Lieut.Thomas GARFIELD, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (BRIDGE) GARFIELD of Watertown. He was born 12 December 1680 at Watertown. They lived in that portion of Watertown set off in 1713 as Weston. Howe errs in saying they moved to Lunenburg. Weston records are full of their family records, and headstones existed until recent years. Mercy died 28 February 1745 at Weston, Thomas on 04 February 1752. (see below)

Children of Thomas and Mercy (BIGELOW) GARFIELD, the oldest 3 recorded Watertown, the rest at Weston, MA:

1561     Elizabeth, b 10 Aug 1708; m 6 Sept 1738 Samuel BROOKS of Concord.

1562     Eunice, b 23 Aug 1710; d 4 Oct 1777 Weston; m 12 Dec 1734 Ebenezer HOBBS. At least 11 children.

1563     Thomas jr., b 1 Mar 1713; d 3 Jan 1774 Lincoln; m 21 Oct 1742 Rebecca JOHNSON; res Lincoln.

1564     Thankful, b 15 Feb 1715; m 28 Nov 1751 John WALKER, his second wife. 2 children.

1565     Isaac, b 19 Feb 1717.

1566     John, b 3 Dec 1718; d May 1767 Weston; m (int. 15 Mar 1745) Thankful STOWELL. 2 children

1567     Samuel, b 11 Apr 1720; d 12 June 1792 Spencer, MA; m (1) 25 Aug 1750 Hannah GARFIELD, and (2) 27 May 1756 Abigail PIERCE [Weston town records, in its family genealogies section, assigns Samuel (2) other marriages, both incorrect.] Moved to Spencer after 1772. 11 children.

1568     Mercy, b 17 June 1722; d 16 Aug 1793 Weston; m 1756 (acc Bond) or 20 Apr 1738 (Weston Records) Ebenezer HAMMOND..

1569     Anna, b 1 June 1724; m Sept 1749 Josiah LIVERMORE, and res Leicester.

156A     Lucy, b 5 Oct 1725.

156B     Elisha, b 11 Nov 1728; m 15 Nov 1753 Susanna BEMIS.

156C     Enoch, b 23 jan 1730; d Weston 19 June 1758; marriage, if any, not known.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol I pages 29-30;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America; page 27; (see below)
Bond, Genealogies and history of Watertown;
Weston Town & Church Records.

Howe's notes:

"38.   MERCY;  this is supposed to be the Martha who was recorded as b. April 4, 1686, as there is no further mention made of Martha and there is of Mercy, and she is said to have been born in 1686, that is thought to have been a mistake in the record.  Mercy m. Jan. 2, 1707, Liut. Thomas Garfield (or Gearfield as the name is sometimes written).  He was the son of Capt. Benj. and Elizabeth (Bridge) Garfield and was born Dec. 12, 1680. They lived in Watertown a short time and had two children born there ; i. ELIZABETH, b Aug. 10, 1708 ; and ii. EUNICE, b. Aug. 23, 1710. They moved from there to Lunenburg, and were the direct ancestors of the late President James A. Garfield. She died Feb. 23, 1745. He died Feb. 4, 1752."

Subject: Bigelow / Garfield
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 07:39:23 -0500 (CDT)
From:   (Christine Mercer-Cleasby)

Dear Rod,
Last fall I came across your info on the web on Martha Bigelow. I am researching the Garfield family tree. I was wondering if we could talk
further regarding your info? Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank-you, Christine
When one is working on ones family tree, they should make sure not to work so hard on it, that they find out they may have married their own cousin! - Chrissy
I came across your info on Martha last fall. On #16228.43 - Fanna Fisk -You have a death date of 02/17/1866, according to the print out I got from Schroon, NY her death date was 02/07/1866. I was wondering your source, so I can double check that one and these records from Schroon. They also list her place of birth as Whiting,VT. You have her married to a Seelacius. All records I have, have his named spelled Selucius. You have him as the son of Elisha. Records I have, have him listed as the son of Elijah. My interest in all this, is that it seems this Elijah is my G.G.G.G. Grandfather. And after running into a few brick walls, I decided to try going down some of the spouses lines to see if I could find out anything more.
#16228.46 - Ansel - is that a male or a female?
#16228.4D - Stephen Bateman - how does he fit into all of this?

Now in regards to Mercy Bigelow....... I too had her as a daughter of Joshua Bigelow and Elizabeth Flagg. Where does Bond correct himself? Also I was wondering about this Howe error.
I would REALLY appreciate any info you have or come across on the Garfields, ESPECIALLY ELIJAH. It seems according to all the records I have read that he originally moves to Schroon with out any family, then two sons join him in 1806 at young ages, but there is no mention of his wife coming or being buried there or of his son Caleb C. Garfield, my G.G.G. Grandfather, ever going there. After calling and writing to everyone I can think of in NY and VT, I still have not come across any real info on either one of them. So I would really appreciate any help you may offer on those two.
Sincerely, Christine
Subject: Bigelow / Garfield
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 15:15:45 -0600 (CST)
From: (Christine Mercer-Cleasby)
Hi again,
Here's my problem.........
I believe I wrote to you becase I was trying to find out about Mercy
Bigelow and her parents. Well after spending the first two hours of my
day today cruising your site, it left me with only more questions.
Please help!

SOURCE: Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early
Settlers of Watertown, Massacusetts, includes Waltham and Weston - by
Henry Bond, M.D. Boston, 1860.
pg. 233
Lieut. Thomas Garfield, of Weston, m. Jan. 2, 1706/7, Mercy Bigelow b.
1686, dau. of Joshua Garfield and Elizabeth (Flagg) Bigelow. She died
Feb. 28, 1744/5 and he d. Feb. 4, 1752.
In my computer I had Mercy's parent's listed as Samuel Bigelow(1653) and
Mary Flagg(1657). Then I wrote to you to find out which was correct. And
now according to your site, neither is correct nor is Mercy being the
name of the one that married a Garfield. Do you have sources for your
info, and if so could you share them and help me straighten out this
mess? Thank-you! Chrissy
PS: I also came across this info this morning, concerning the
Mercy/Martha Bigelow question I had e-mailed you about earlier.
A communication from the Rev. Edward G. Porter. Read at the October
Meeting of the Massachusetts Historical Society
John Wilson and Son.
University Press. 1881

"Lieutenant Thomas, married, 1706, Mercy Bigelow, of the well-known Watertown family."

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