15926     Mary 5 BIGELOW, sixth child and third daughter of Isaac 4 ( Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1), and Abigail (SKINNER) BIGELOW, was born 09 February 1743 at Colchester, New London co, CT. She married there on 09 September 1761, Reuben Beebe, son of Caleb and Phebe (Buckingham) Beebe. Reuben was born 14 February 1742 at East Haddam, New London co, CT. They lived there many years, and Mary died ca 1773. Reuben then married (2) 21 April 1774 Lydia Waters, (see below) daughter of Abner and Lydia (Root) Waters. We have no death date for Reuben, or further family.

Children of Reuben and Mary (Bigelow) Beebe, all born East Haddam, New London co, CT:

15926.1     Elizabeth Beebe, b 22 Oct 1762; died young.

15926.2     Lydia Beebe, b 13/15 Feb 1764.

15926.3     Reuben Beebe, b 11 Apr 1766.

15926.4     Isaac Beebe, b 20 Mar 1768; d 28 Mar 1802 Arlington, Bennington co, VT; m Hannah _____ ;.

15926.5     Mary Beebe, called Polly, b 10 Apr 1771; m 07 Nov 1793 Thomas Willlams.

13926.6     Ruby Beebe, b 1773; d 30 Sept 1773/75?.

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume I, page 139;
Howe,Bigelow Family of America;
Beebe family historian.
Note from descendant: George Bishop, jr  email:  
I happened to notice a comment you do not have much information on family children of Lydia Waters second wife
of Reuben Beebe following his first wife Mary Bigelow. I ought to assist by answering that those of us who recently
assembled them after long years of attempts found that only a single combination of names works but may also demonstrate that the surname STERLING must probably exist somewhere in the background of Lydia Waters. Zeviah Zeruah Beebe can have had no other father than the Sterling Waters Beebe in Jefferson County census. She Z.Z. Beebe lived in Saint Lawrence County then Jefferson County then both she and her father Sterling appeared at Racine Wisconsin. Other records never turned up which would allow a chance for other combinations. Zeviah Zeruah Beebe was the lady of sterling worth named in obituary Wisconsin who was sister of Worthy Waters Beebe also named in obituary state of Michigan. Both were children of
Sterling Waters Beebe. Sterling Waters Beebe was the always contended child among several others born to Lydia Waters and Reuben Beebe son of Caleb Beebe.
    So therefore the father of Lydia Waters might turn out eventually to be the same Adam Waters where Anne Sterling was the
name postulated by Rosalynn La Chapelle. Some Hebron, Colchester, Lyme Connecticut records were burned and lost. There are not any descendants by the name Abner which have come to my attention. How can we be certain of Abner Waters and Lydia Root? Rosalynn gathered a whopping collection of University of Connecticut resources, then declared a different result for the parents! Anyway, we do seem to have much of the entire family of the children which has not been disputed so far yet between the various parties in a similar agreement.
    The living descendants come to quite a large number. I am one of them and perhaps also a Bigelow no doubt. There is a
connection to Melvil Dewey which also helps to clarify what we probably do know more exactly with less risk of error.
    I am glad to share what I think is the offspring probably demontrated by other sources who shared with me.
    from ---State of Wisconsin descendant of Reuben Beebe and Lydia Waters and
    son Sterling W. Beebe and grandaughter Zeviah Zeruah Beebe
George Bishop, jr

Rod Bigelow
Box 13  Chazy Lake
Dannemora, N.Y. 12929