Loring 6 BIGELOW

16C57.6     Loring 6 BIGELOW, son of Ezekiel 5 ( Jabez 4 , Eleazer 3 Joshua2, John1), and Prudence (PENNIMAN) BIGELOW, was born 29 August 1806 at Charlestown, Sullivan county, NH. He moved as a young man to Romulus, Wayne county, MI. He married (1) Ann Maria Moorman, born 17 October 1814; d Romulus 27 October 1872. Loring then married (2) Priscilla ______ , born 10 January 1811, died 25 August 1887. Loring died, also at Romulus, 15 March 1899.

Living in his household in 1850 and presumed to be a son was:

16C57.61     William, b MI ca 1829. (see below)

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.367;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
cemetery records Romulus, MI;
1850 census MI.
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 22:49:29 -0500
From: Mary D Hicks <  needleartist@juno.com  >
Dear Rod,
I am searching for information on William Bigelow who married Mary Murphy. They are my gggrandparents. I believe that William is the son of Loring Bigelow
and Prudence Penniman. Loring married first Anna Maria Mooreman, and then Priscilla. William's daughter, Sarah, was my great grandmother, born Aug 27,
1871, Detroit, Wayne Co, Mich. She married Frank Herman Merritt, and then after his death she married a man named Bowhall. She lived in Davison with Frank
later in life, before his death, and in Owosso with Mr. Bowhall. Sarah and Frank lived all over Mich, and in Minn for a time--their children were all born in different
cities--no 2 in the same one. Sarah died in Owosso, Mich in 1937, and is buried beside her first husband Frank, in the Davison Cemetery, Davison, Mich. Is
there anyone who might have information on Loring Bigelow? Loring would have been William's father, and he did purchase land in 1835, in Wayne Co, Mich,
near Romulus. He is thought to have had a son named William by his second wife, and there is a William living in the same household in the 1850 Wayne Co, Mich, Census, who was born about 1829, and would have been 21 years of age--about the right age to be Sarah's father. I do know that Loring is buried in Romulus, Mich, near where his farm was. If anyone knows anything about Loring Bigelow, born in Sullivan co, N.H., 1806, son of Ezekiel Bigelow, and descended from the first John Biglo mentioned on the Bigelow Society page,
PLEASE contact me. I am unable to varify this without help.

  It has been some time since I last wrote to you.  You may not recall it--it was some time ago.  I have been digging and digging trying to locate my William Bigelow, who married Mary Murphy.  They are the parents of my ggrandmother, Sarah Bigelow, born Aug 27, 1861, Detroit, Wayne Co, Mich, and died 1937 in Owosso, Mich.  Sarah was married twice.  First to my great grandfather, Frank Herman Merritt, with whom she traveled and moved a great deal--so much so that each of their children were born in a different city, either in Mich, or Minn.  She later married a man named Bowhall, and lived with him in Owosso, until her death.  She is buried in the Davison, Mich cemetery, next to Frank.
   I know that Loring Bigelow had a young man named William living with him in the 1850, Wayne Co, Mich census.  Going by the dates, it appears
he was born about l829, and would be just about the right age to be Sarah's father.  Loring's farm was located in Romulus, Wayne Co, Mich, and he is buried there.  I know that he is a son of Ezekiel, and descended from the first John Biglo mentioned on the Bigelow Society
    This is the only clue I have been able to find that might lead me to the generations previous to Sarah and her father William.
 Please Advise Me,
Mary Hicks

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