KENT Family

These are the stones of Rev. Helmer KENT and his wife Sarah; parents of Susie.
They are buried in the Riverside Cemetery, Ellenburgh Center, Clinton, NY,
not far from their daughter Susie and her husband John 9 BIGELOW.
Legend: Rev. Helmer B. Kent; born March 18, 1799; died March 27, 1880;
"Peacefully Sleep"....Sarah M. Kent; born March 16, 1815; died March 11, 1880.

                                           Descendants of Helmer B Kent

                                                      Generation No. 1

1. Helmer B. 1 KENT was born 18 March 1799 in New York, and died 27 March 1880 in Ellenburgh, Clinton, New York. He married Sarah MOORE.

Notes for Helmer B KENT: This information came from the family history page of John 9 Bigelow who was married to Susie T. Kent. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Ellenburgh Center, Clinton, NY, next to his wife Sarah. According to the obituary, he was "Reverend". But, according to the 1860 census record, his occupation is shown as Blacksmith.

Children of  Helmer B. KENT and Sarah MOORE are:

i. Mary Ellen KENT, b. Abt. 1840.

Notes for Mary Ellen KENT: This information came from 1860 census records showing that Mary Ellen was 20 years old.

ii. Caroline KENT, b. Abt. 1843.

Notes for Caroline KENT: This information came from an 1860 census record showing Caroline as being 17 years old.

iii. Sanford Leroy KENT, b. 23 August 1844, New York; d. 20 October 1914, Lebanon, Linn, Oregon. This is the ancestor of   Ward KENT

iv. Henry KENT, b. Abt. 1847.

Notes for Henry KENT: This information came from an 1860 census record. It is hard to tell if the name is Henry or Harry and it showed him as 13 years old.

v. Susie T. KENT, b 31 Jan 1853; d 7 Nov 1921 in Ellenburgh Center, Clinton co, NY.

Notes for Susie T. KENT: d 7 November 1921 in Ellenburgh Center, Clinton, NY. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Ellenburgh Center, Clinton co, NY not far from her parents.

vi. William KENT, b. Abt. 1854.

Notes for William KENT: This information came from an 1860 census record showing William was 6 years old.

The following are names from Ellenburgh sources??:
Judson Kent b 1846;
Dora Kent b 1862;
Lenora Kent b 1859;
Dannie Kent b 1891

                                                       Generation No. 2

Sanford Leroy 2 KENT (Helmer B.1) was born 23 August 1844 in New York, and died
20 October 1914 in Lebanon, Linn, Oregon. He married FANNIE M BISHOP Abt. 1867 in
New York, daughter of Jefferson BISHOP and Frances TOMLINSON.

Notes for Sanford Leroy KENT: Died of Diabetic Gangrene (from death certificate).
Also, served in the Civil War. Company M, 15th Regiment, N.Y Cavalry

Notes for Fannie M. BISHOP: Died of Myocardial degeneration and Arterial Sclerosis.
From a note on the death certificate, they lived in Portland about 10 years (from about 1922).

Children of Sanford KENT and Fannie BISHOP are:

i. Alfred 3 KENT, b. 25 June 1868, New York; d. 07 February 1932, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.

Notes for Alfred KENT: Note on death certificate indicates that Fred died of Traumatic fracture of the skull with diffuse subdermal hemmorhage and that he had been struck by an automobile on 6 February 1932. The death certificate also indicated that there was an autopsy performed.The death certificate also indicated that he was single.

ii. Willie KENT, b. Abt. 1873, Iowa; d. ??.

iii. Leslie Beecher KENT, b. Abt. 1879, Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa; d. 02 June 1947, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.

                                                     Generation No. 3

Leslie Beecher 3 KENT (Sanford Leroy 2, Helmer B.1 KENT ) was born Abt. 1879 in Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa, and died 02 June 1947 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. He married (1) Mae. He married (2) Sarah Elizabeth ALLEN See Notes, daughter of Thomas ALLEN and Lucy HUGHES.

Notes for Leslie Beecher KENT: Buried in family plot in Lebanon. Date of death is probably correct - information from gravestone via telephone conversation in 1981. However, gravestone notes that he was 66 which would make birth year 1881????
According to some information found (document #xxxxx) in the Oregon State Grange Office in March, 1997, Leslie was listed as joining the Russellville Grange in the quarter ending March, 1937. His place of residence was listed at that time as 4511 S.E. Gladstone (I know this to be in Portland, OR because my family and I lived there with him for a short time).
He was then shown as the Master of the Russellville (OR) Grange in 1944 and again in 1946 (see document #xxxx, his place of residence was listed as Route9, Box 1793 in 1944 and then as Route 9, Box 2875 in 1946). Also, in document #xxxx, he was listed in the Grange records as being deceased in June, 1947. His place of residence was listed as 54 N.E. Miekle (or Mickle) Place; no city listed - this needs to be checked out further.

Notes for Mae: Little is known or recalled by anyone regarding Leslie Kent's second marriage. This occurred sometime in the mid- to late-40's.

Notes for Sarah Elizabeth ALLEN: Information obtained from death certificate. Copy of death certificate is in files. (Document #xxxx). Went by the name Elizabeth. Did not like to be called Liz or any other nickname and named each of her children names that could not typically have nicknames. Died of tuberculosis.

Children of Leslie KENT and Sarah ALLEN are:

i. Myrtle Fern 4 KENT, b. 02 January 1902, Iowa; d. Deceased; m. W. Leigh ANDERSON.

Notes for Myrtle Fern KENT: Unconfirmed information. Always went by the name Fern.

Notes for W. Leigh ANDERSON: Committed suicide. Best information from Zorka RADEL (KENT) is that he committed suicide because Fern asked for a divorce. She had fallen in love with someone new (Dr. Burt Woods).

ii. Ward Beecher KENT , sr., b. 27 September 1914, Shedd, Linn, Oregon, USA; d. 04 March 1953, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA.

iii. Wayne KENT, b. See Notes; d. Deceased.

Notes for Wayne KENT: Unconfirmed: Died at about 5 years of age. buried at a Masonic Cemetery in Lebanon, OR. A note showed the number 176-1 (unknown what this means or what it may be used for).

                                                    Generation No. 4

Ward Beecher 4 KENT , sr., son of Leslie Beecher 3, (Sanford Leroy 2, Helmer B. 1 ) KENT, was born 27 September 1914 in Shedd, Linn, Oregon, USA, and died 04 March 1953 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA. He married (1) Alice METLINGER Abt. 1932. He married (2) Zorka Dolores RADEL 29 May 1935 in Stevenson, Skamania, Washington, USA, daughter of Joseph RADEL and Gerolima BANICH.

Notes for Ward Beecher KENT , sr.: Buried in plot #??? - Rose City Cemetary, Portland, Oregon

Notes for Alice METLINGER: Ward Beecher KENT Sr. was married shortly out of or during his senior year in high school to this person but, according to Zorka RADEL (KENT), the marriage was annulled or otherwise dissolved by her family. This family, at the time, were one of the owners of Blitz-Weinhard Brewery.

All information provided by Zorka Radel (KENT) and unverified.

Notes for Zorka Dolores RADEL: The name Zorka comes from a Russian Empress whom she was named for.

Children of Ward KENT and Zorka RADEL are:

i. Ward Beecher 5 KENT , jr., b. 02 October 1936, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon;
m. Janet Sue BALLY, 12 July 1958, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.

ii. Stephanie Radel KENT, b. 14 March 1946, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA;
m. Michael David HUFFMAN, Abt. 1965, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA.

Family records
Latter Day Saints microfiche records
Census records;
Cemetery inscriptions
descendant Ward KENT
I haven’t contacted you in quite some time…as a matter of fact, it was your information that allowed me to find the graves of Helmer and Sarah Kent and I ultimately took a trip to the cemetery and photographed and took rubbings of their gravestones.  Thanks for that.

My e-mail address has changed from what is shown in the information on your website.  If it can easily be changed, I would appreciate it.
Hi Rod   We have had some communication in the past about the KENT family and I have two reasons for this e-mail. 

1.  To update my e-mail address:

2.  To find out if anywhere in your family records (or through “family legend”) there is any information on where the name Helmer came from.  Also, do you know of any information from your G-Grandmother’s (Susie) records that tell anymore about her father, Helmer B.?  Does anyone know what the middle initial stands for?  My grandfather, dad and I each have the middle name Beecher and I am wondering if there is any connection there.  Helmer B. and his family have been a real brick wall.  I can’t seem to find ANY information on whom he is descended from.  There were a number of Kents with the name Helmer so there was some obvious connection there

Anyway, I truly appreciate the help you have given me in the past and would love to hear anything else you may know (or suspect).
Ward Kent

old email:

Ellenburgh census Feb 16, 1892:
Silas Kent m age 86.
Naomi Kent f age 85.
                     The following is the Obituary of Susie T. (KENT) BIGELOW
                                          found in Arlene Reynolds Scrapbook.

Subject: Bigelow - Kent- Ben Franklin
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 20:29:00 EST
   I thought  you might find this interesting.  You posted a John Bigelow
married to a Kent. Daughter of Helmer B. Kent.  I think.
I have Kents' buried in Bigelow Cemetery in Madison Co. Ohio.  I  have been
told by my husband's Uncle that the Kents came from Vt.  I know that they
were in VA and NJ and then Ohio.  I have a feeling they started in Mass. and
then Vt and Penn.  The Revolutionary war would have brought our James to VA.
What I have found interesting is that I found a Bailey buried in the cemetery
was from a family that were the next door neighbor of Benjamin Franklin in
Penn.  Also, Ben Franklin studied the Indians in VA and was in NJ.  Benjamin
Kent was  a very good friend of Ben Franklin.  John Bigelow knew Ben Franklin
according to Ben's bio.  This is all starting to come together.  I have also
seen connections from Bigelow Cemetery and Samuel G. Kent and Desire Cushman
whom were in Mass.  Their daughter, Hannah Kent Gray's Bible records were
found in Union Co. Ohio.  I looked at them and compared to the relatives of
the people of the Bigelow Cemetery in Madison Co. Ohio and found that many
people in the cemetery are related to the people from her Hannah's records.
Benjamin Kent had a son Benjamin that they lost track of .  I  have wondered
if our James descend from this Benjamin.  This is where my search is.
We had a Lucinda Kent whom married E.W.Barlow.  E.W. Barlow was first married
to a Bigelow.  These records are all in the Plain City Library.  You can
access some Union Co. Records by going to This will give
you abt. 11 Ohio Couties.  Just scroll half way down the page and press
search.  A search engine will pop up.

Our line:
James from Hampshire Co. VA
Silas born June 9,1782 in NJ d. OH and m. Olive West b. Conn d. Iowa
Hiram Kent b. OH. m. Miranda Harrington b. Vermont    both died in OH
Cicero Kent b. OH m. Margaret Morford b. Delaware    both died in OH
Albert Kent b. OH. m. Edith Poling b. OH    both died in OH
Roy Kent b. OH. m. Hazel Hildreth b. OH     both died in OH
Donald Kent b. OH m. Shirley Kent b. OH     both living
Dwight Kent b. OH m. Belinda Lambour b. OH   both living
we have two sons
Kyle Kent b. OH m. Jacylin Sewell b. OH  both living
Michael Kent   still living

Do you have any information on Bigelow Cemetery in Madison Co. Ohio or the
Kent's buried there?  Belinda Kent

Wednesday 08/10/2005 6:34:36pm  
Name: Linda Bloemberg
Location: California, Huntington Beach
Comments: My grandfather Frank Kent,b:1872,is decendent of James Kent,b:abt.1750's. The family went to Ohio with a Bigelow family in 1807 and were neighbors and friends. I wonder if we connect? I don't know who James Kent's father was. If you have any information you'ed like to share, it would be great or where I might go to find it. Sincerely Linda  

see Bigelow Cemetery (Ohio Pioneer);
see Bigelow / Kent cemetery Ohio: /rod2002/bigkent.htm

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