11     John 2 BIGELOW, oldest child of John 1 and Mary (WARREN) BIGELOW, was born in Watertown, Middlesex co, MA, on 27 Oct 1643. He early emigrated to Hartford, CT.
     [At this point it is necessary to explain that he probably followed Deacon Richard BUTLER who first settled in Cambridge, MA, but became a follower of Rev. Thomas HOOKER, and emigrated with him to Connecticut; Butler was a deacon of the First Church at Hartford. Butler's children are included at this point, as John BIGELOW jr was intimately associated with Butler's descendants.

Butlers: by unknown first wife: Hannah Banbury? (see below)

1      Mary, b 1633?; married 29 Sept 1659 Samuel WRIGHT; res Wethersfield, CT. (see below)
Their son Samuel Wright b. 1660 married Rebecca Crafts..on 12 May 1686 at Weathersfield, Hartford, CT.

2      Thomas, b 1637; married Sarah STONE.

3      Samuel, b 1639; married Elizabeth OLMSTEAD; res Wethersfield, CT; parents of Jonathan BUTLER.(see below)
parents of Dorothy Butler who married Joseph Kilbourne (see below)

4      Nathaniel, b 1641; m Sarah Banbury; res Wethersfield. (see below)

by second wife, Elizabeth BIGELOW: (Children above are also claimed by descendants to be of Elizabeth)

5      Elizabeth, b

6      Joseph, b

7      Daniel, b

8      Hannah, b

Richard Butler died 6 Aug 1684, and Elizabeth BIGELOW his wife 11 Sept 1691.]

     John BIGELOW jr married (1) 27 May 1675 at Concord, Sarah WHEATE. We have no record of her, and presume that she died childless. John jr then married (2) at unknown date, Rebecca OLMSTEAD, daughter of Nicholas OLMSTEAD and Sarah LOOMIS. She was sister to the three OLMSTEADS listed above, and therefore aunt to Jonathan BUTLER, to whom John BIGELOW jr deeded his property, or a portion thereof.
     John BIGELOW jr
Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I; page.11;
Howe, Bigelow Family in America; pg 23-24;
Barbour, Families of Early Hartford, CT;
and two Butler genealogies;
Note 11/04/06:
From: Wanda Harbert  < >
Hello Bigelow Cousins,
I just recently learned I am a Bigelow descendant and am researching that line and need everyone's help.
I happened on to the Bigelow Society page in my research and found  addresses of you all and want to check  to see if you can help me or we can help each other.
I am a descendant of Deacon Richard Butler  & Elizabeth Bigelow thru  their son Deacon Samuel Butler and Elizabeth Olmstead. I have data on Deacon Samuel Butler's line as his daughter Dorothy married Joseph Kilbourne and I have been researching Kilbourne's for 10 years.  However I am shy on the Bigelow data.
I have read several of your notes  in the Bigelow Society pages and they are very interesting and most are the same questions I have to ask.
I would love to hear from each of you with some Bigelow  data, of course. And how can I help you?
Thank you all   Wanda 

New Note 02/27/06:
In researching my ancestor Elizabeth Bigelow Butler, I came across your website.  I am currently updating my genealogy records and trying to correct errors picked up in the past research of a few years ago.  I see that you have doubts about whether or not Elizabeth was daughter of Randall Bigelow/Baguley. Could you tell me why, and if she is not Randall's child, do you think she might be the daughter of his brother John?
Thank you somuch for your time.
Janet Schnurr

My reply:
My web pages only reflect research done by others in Elizabeth's case. Researchers in the Bigelow Society have always qualified their remarks about Elizabeth, and aren't too sure whether she was sister or cousin of John Bigelow. I think she was a sister because of her relationship with John's son John (2). I however have no evidence other than that.............................ROD

New Note2:
Subject: Family history
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 00:30:56 -0600
From: Phoebe Banbury <>

 Hello Rod i read your web site very nice but one question  I am doing my family history and i have Richard Butler of 1600
born Braintree Essex first married to a Hannah Banbury (my family) then his 2nd wife was Elizabeth Bigalow Maybe I
am on the wrong branch of the family tree.  Thanks for your time. Phoebe Banbury

New note:
Robert Carl Schilling and Charlene Johnson Schilling
From: Genesee, ID since 1974. Originally Duluth, MN
Time: 1999-05-02 17:38:45
Comments: Robert's great grandmother was Mary Ann Bigelow. I read an e-mail to Rod Bigelow from an Anne Shannon
telling of her decendancy from Elizabeth Baguley and Deacon Richard Butler. Mary Butler married a John Washburn. I see
that Mary Estellene Washburn married one Francis Rheinholdt Schilling. Robert's paternal grandparents were Adelina
Buschkowska b. April 10, 1858, Kielce, near Danzig, West Prussia, Germany. She married John Schilling b. Sep 15, 1856,
Monkowitz, West Prussian, Germany. d.Oct 12, 1918 during the Oct 1918 forest fire in Solway Township, Duluth, MN.
John's father was Carl(1) Schilling born bet. 1800-1840 believed in West Prussia, Germany. My imagination took hold!! Do
you have any information to share about Francis Rheinholdt Schilling? I have tried to e-mail Anne Shannon, but get a failed
mail response.

Descendant of Elizabeth Note:
I have just learned that I may be a Bigelow/Baguley descendant!  While tracing another direct line family name, it leads back to Elizabeth Bigelow/Baguley, daughter of Randall Baguley.  Elizabeth married Richard Butler, and they had a son, Deacon/Ensign Samuel Butler who married Elizabeth Olmstead, and they had a daughter, Mary Butler who married Ebenezer Hopkins.  Ebenezer Hopkins is my direct line ancestor, through my grandfather, Robert Alfred Hopkins,with a few generations in between, of course.
I would appreciate any info you have on Elizabeth, and her ancestors.  I want to be sure that this genealogical link is accurate, and then of course, I want to get the facts straight on those who were her predecessors.  And if this genealogical link proves accurate for me, then does this qualify me for membership in the Bigelow Society as a descendant, and then would I be "allowed" to attend the yearly reunions?
I live in Modesto, California, was born in Watsonville, California (near Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay area).
Virginia Gandrup  email

From:   Gladys Wahl      e-mail
Richard Butler b. ca 1600
d. 6 Aug 1684 Hartford, CT
married Elizabeth Bigelow......d. 26 Feb 1655/56
Thier daughter Mary married....Samuel Wright 29 Sept 1659
Their son Samuel Wright b. 1660 married Rebecca Crafts..on 12 May 1686 at Weathersfield, Hartford, CT.
I would be very interested in any info either of you might have as to whose daughter this Elizabeth Bigelow was......
And of course I am interested in any info on The Butler.....and Wright families......... Thanks Gladys in Iowa......
More notes:
Date: Guest Book 01/03/2002

                    You have a very nice website. I look forward to coming back
                    when I have more time. I only recently learned of my BIGELOW
                    line's connection with my Kelvedon Wrights which produced
                    HANNAH (MARY) WRIGHT b. 1665, Wethersfield, Ct. who m.
                    DANIEL BOARDMAN. Hannah's father, Dea. SAMUEL was the son of
                    THOMAS WRIGHT and Mary Cranbroke. Samuel m. MARY BUTLER
                    dau. of Dea. Richard Butler and Elizabeth BIGELOW. Do you have
                    the Butler-Bigelow line yet? Thank you Dolores

Elizabeth Bigelow/Baguley
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 14:13:50 -0600 (CST)
From: Anne Shannon     email
Hello!  I found your Bigelow Society page on the web, and I would like to ask some questions regarding my ancestor, Elizabeth Bigelow/Baguley.
The Elizabeth I am referring to is the one who is (questionably) the daughter of Randall and Jane Baguley.  I have her birthdate as 1606 in Suffolk, England.  Until I visited your page, I didn't know that she was questioned as Randall's daughter, but my information was secondhand, so I know very little about the matter.  Could you share with me what info you have, and why the questions have been raised regarding the relationship of Elizabeth and Randall?  Thanks!

I am descended from Elizabeth and Deacon Richard Butler through their daughter Mary and Mary's husband John Washburn.  Here is my line:
Elizabeth Baguley--Deacon Richard Butler
Mary Butler--John Washburn
John Washburn--Sarah Cornell
John Washburn--Hannah Hallett
Joseph Washburn--Rosanah Monica Dickinson
James Washburn--Juda Griffin
Walter Washburn--Maria Hendrickson
Joseph Nelson Washburn--Fanny A. Butler (rel. to Deacon Richard?  I don't know)
Mary Estellene Washburn--Francis Rheinholdt Schilling
Luella Schilling--Herbert Elwin McKellar
Dorothy Jean McKellar--Dewitt Dwight Shannon
Robert William Shannon--Elaine Mary Meyerle
Anne Shannon (me)

Subject: Joseph 8 and Charles
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 11:55:27 -0700
From: "Duane David" <   >
 I was going to contact you direct before I placed the query, but I know how many requests for information you
must get, so I decided to do it through the forum first.  I was really fishing for a long shot concerning Joseph and son Charles, but thought it was worth a try.  Unfortunatley we don't have a match according to what you have posted with the link you provided to your site concerning Joseph 8.
Someone else requested some information about my Butler lines this morning so I have the information typed out.  I thought that you might find it as intriguing as I do, so I'm sending you a copy and paste of this information also.  It involves two Bigelow
families.  I'm still trying to find the ellusive Charles Bigelow that I have posted in your site's query section.
Thanks for being there for me.  Duane David
Thanks for taking the time to answer my query.  You said you were interested in my Butler lines, so I'll piece it together for you the best I can with what I have to date.  It seems that if I can just get past this one particular generation, I'll have it made.  I'm tracing both backwards and forwards.  I think I may have three branches now descending from Deacon Richard Butler, but still have to fill in some blanks.  Even more amazing is Richard's wife Elizabeth Bigelow.  I have another Bigelow/Butler marriage occurring 150 years later, and I know I'll find a connection somewhere.  Ok, where to start?....from Richard:
Richard Butler m. Elizabeth Bigelow
Nathaniel Butler m. Sarah Banbury
Abigail Butler m. Samuel Walker
Mary Walker m. William Woodhouse *(see below)
Mary Woodhouse m. Benjamin Weston
Abigail Weston m. William Fairchild
Adoline Fairchild m. Henry Butler
Christabell Butler m. Charles Bigelow
Gussie Bigelow m. Harry David
Eddie David m. Edna Mae Edwards
Duane David (me) unmarried

Now the other line from Richard, that rejoins again in a later generation:
Richard Butler m. Elizabeth Bigelow
Samuel Butler m. Elizabeth Olmstead
Sarah Butler m. Samuel Buck
Dorothy Buck m. Joseph Woodhouse
William Woodhouse m. Mary Walker*
Mary Woodhouse m. Benjamin Weston
Abigail Weston m. William Fairchild
Adoline Fairchild m. Henry Butler
Christabell Butler m. Charles Bigelow
Gussie Bigelow m. Harry David
Eddie David m. Edna Mae Edwards
Duane David (me) unmarried
Now the problem that I'm having connecting my gggrandfather, Henry W. Butler (born in New York) to the Connecticut families is where I'm stuck.  He is the son of Augustus Butler from Connecticut, from one of the families that moved to Oneida County, New York.  I have a few possibilities and know the general Butler families that settled in and around Paris and Utica, New York in Oneida County, but need to find out who Augustus' father in Connecticut was.  Once I'm past that I've got the connection.  No one seems to know who he is.
I've got another renegade on my hands in Charles Bigelow that married Christabelle Butler.  It is thought that he was born in
Canada and that his father's name may have been Joseph.  I know that once I get past this bit of information, I can connect him
back to someone related to Elizabeth Bigelow that married Richard Butler.  The Bigelow family is very well documented, but Charles seems to be a stranger to everyone also.  I just find it all so amazing that these families are so closely interconnected.
Thanks for your interest and correspondence.  If there is anything of interest here to you, definitely keep in touch.
Duane David,
Seattle, WA
Obtained from that Link:
Richard BUTLER
 Born: Abt 1600      - Braintree,Essex,England
 Marr:               -
 Died: 6 AUG 1684    - Hartford,Hartford,CT
Father: Steven BUTLER
Mother: Mrs.Steven
Other Spouses:

Elizabeth BIGELOW
 Born: Abt 1606      - Hartford,Hartford,CT
 Died: 11 SEP 1691   - Hartford,Hartford,CT
Father: Randall BIGELOW
Mother: Mrs Jane BAGULEY
Other Spouses:

 Born: 1635          - Hartford,Hartford,CT
 Died:               -

 Born: 1637          - Hartford,Hartford,CT
 Died: 1688          - Hartford,Hartford,CT

 Born: 1639          - Hartford,Hartford,CT
 Died: 1692          -

Nathaniel BUTLER
 Born: 1641          - Hartford,Hartford,CT
 Died: 1691          -

Elizabeth BUTLER
 Born: 1643          - Hartford,Hartford,CT
 Died:               -

 Born: 1648          - Hartford,Hartford,CT
 Died: 15 DEC 1732   -

 Born: 1650          - Hartford,Hartford,CT
 Died: 28 MAR 1692   -

 Born: 1652          - Hartford,Hartford,CT
 Died:               -

Abigail BUTLER
 Born: Abt 1654      - Hartford,Hartford,CT
 Died:               -

Subject: Bigelow Connections...
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 17:16:40 EST
From: Vernon Whiting
   You asked if Susanna was a daughter of Richard Butler & Elizabeth she was more of a great granddaughter type.  Here is her

    Richard Butler & Elizabeth Bigelow
    Thomas Butler & Sarah Stone
    Joseph Butler & Esther Hubbard
    Noah Butler & Martha ?
    Susanna Butler & Elisha Whiting, Sr.
I have quite a bit of info on this line down thru if you're ever interested.
Thanks again for the least I have more info than I did before.
It was nice to meet a "2-way" distant cousin anyway.  Vern
old email

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