This is the Bigelow House in New Lebanon, NY
Rumored to be a stop on the Underground Railroad
Also known as the H. Bigelow Hotel run by Hiram

16B56.1      Hiram 6 BIGELOW, son of Joshua 5 ( Jabez 4 , Gershom 3, Joshua2, John1) and Huldah (HUNT) BIGELOW, was  born 05 March 1800 at New Lebanon, Columbia county, NY. He farmed there all his life. He married, on 02 June 1831 Lucina Haight, b 16 February 1806 Canaan, NY. She died 28 October 1863, and Hiram on 28 December 1872.

Children of Hiram and Lucina (Haight) Bigelow, all born New Lebanon, Columbia co, NY:

16B25.61     Joshua, b 10 Nov 1831; d 28 Jan 1858; unm.

16B25.62     Robert, b 24 Apr 1834; d ____ ; m 02 Apr 1862 Harriet Clark; res E. Nassau, NY.

16B25.63     Samuel, b 16 Mar 1836; d ____ ; m 1854 Amelia Clark; res E. Nassau, NY.

16B25.64     Emily, b 26 July 1837; d 12 July 1860; unm.

16B25.65     Charles, b 22 Mar 1839; d ____ ; m 05 Jan 1862 Phebe H. Davis; res Brainerd, NY.

16B25.66     Lucy L, b 01 Sept 1840; d ____ ; m 26 Dec 1861 Sackett Huestad; res New Lebanon, NY.

16B25.67     Aurelia, b 18 Jan 1845; d ___ ; m 22 Aug 1866 William Wait; res Chatham, NY.

16B25.68     David, b 29 July 1847; d ____ ; m 08 Dec 1880 Harriet E. Hemenway; res New Lebanon, on the old homestead.

16B25.69     Mary E., b 06 Nov 1849; res New Lebanon, NY.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.355;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America.

BIGELOW FAMILY CEMETERY, New Lebanon, Columbia county, NY
 Lucina, wife of Hiram Bigelow, died 28 Oct 1863, ae 57 yr, 8 mo, 12 das #540-1276
(there was no stone for Hiram her husband)
Photo  by Rod Bigelow  16 Nov 2011

Subject: Hiram Biglow Hill
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 17:31:21 -0500
From: "The Mutherperson" <mutherperson@hotmail.com>
Hi, I am trying to determine if my Elizabeth unknown circa 1810 is related
to Hiram Bigelow who married Lucina Haight. She named her 5th son Hiram
Biglow HILL b.18 Oct 1845. in the 1855 census of New Lebanon, Columbia NY
there is a Hiram B Hill of the correct age living with Hiram Bigelow.
Elizabeth married William HILL from England on 06 OCT 1939, as per family
bible records. I have not found a marriage record. There is a mention of a
daughter Carrie b.24 May 1834. Her last name is HOWLAND but we do not know
if this is married or not. Some speculation that Carrie was born out of
wedlock. Hiram Hill was back home in 1860. His brothers who were 14 and 15
were not at home in 1855 but were there later and a daughter, Mary Elizabeth
was gone by age 12. She joined the Shakers but later married) William Hill
was a miller. Maybe times were tough and these were friends or
apprenticeships that didn't work. Hiram later became a blacksmith in Ancram.
I know you must get tons of e-mail, but perhaps you could keep the name HILL
in mind if you come accross it.
Thank you, Sharon Dawson, GA,  mutherperson@hotmail.com

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