Hephzibah 6 WENZEL

14513.3    Hephzibah 6 WENZEL, dau of Hepsibeh 5 BIGELOW ( Joseph ,Ephraim 3,Daniel2, John1 )and John WENZEL, was born May 29, 1795 in Framingham, MA; and died December 14, 1887.

Notes for Hephzibah WENZEL:
In her childhood her parents removed to the Jesse Everett farm situated in the southwesterly part of Framingham, now included within the Limits of Ashland.  Here she lived until she died December 14, 1887.  For many years she was a member of the Ashland Congregational Church.  Toward the end of her life her eye sight failed and she became blind.  From her many of the facts relative to the early history of the family were obtained.  For many years she was cared for by her niece, Catherine H. T. Twitchell.  She never married.

Descendants of Hephzibah Bigelow, taken from notes of  Christine Fallon. (see below)
Barry, History of Framingham.
Descendant note:  Wed, 11 Nov 1998 14:22:22 EST
     Hello, my name is Christine Fallon.  I am a direct descendant from Hepsibeh Bigelow and John Wenzel of Framingham, MA.  However, the information that I have about her and what you have about her are not quite the same.  I have her
birth date as being September 24, 1767.  You have her birthday September 24, 1757.  Also the marriage dates are not the same.  You have the year as being 1792, while I have the year as being 1790.  The month and day are the same.
     My sources are from the Descendants of Henry Wenzel.  The original manuscript is kept at The New England Genealogical Society.  Copies of this manuscript has been passed down from generations. Also Family Tree Maker CD#231, Marriage Index:Massachusetts, 1633-1850. If indeed the dates I have are wrong, I would like to see your records so that I can update my records. I can also give you information of descendants of their children, that you do  not have.
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I have used Christine's dates until I hear otherwise........ROD   11/11/98

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