Hannah 5 BIGELOW

. 12162    Hannah 5 BIGELOW, daughter of Jonathan (Jonathan 3,Jonathan2, John1) and Tabitha (COLEMAN) BIGELOW, was born 4 Aug 1738 in Hartford, Hartford co, CT. She was married 2 Dec 1757 (Barbour's Families of Early Hartford states 1759) to John BARNARD, son of John and Mary (CASE) BARNARD. He was born 25 Dec 1732 Hartford. He was a Captain in the French-and-Indian War, and during the Revolutionary War, was a Captain in the 3rd Regt, Connecticut line. He was a charter member of the Society of Cincinnatus. He died 28 Dec 1813 in Connecticut. His wife Hannah died 12 Mar 1800, and he married (2)11 Jan 1802 her sister Martha (BIGELOW) STANLEY. Barbour' gives eight children, though some of his dates seem highly questionable; he also assigns to the second wife children that are clearly Hannah's on account of the birthdates. Therefore, with considerable skepticism, the following are purportedly children of John and Hannah (BIGELOW) BARNARD, all born Hartford, Hartford Co, CT [four entries considered unlikely have been omitted]:

12162.1   Theodorus, called Dorus, b 1758; d 18 Jan 1818 Hartford; m Abigail DODD;
                12 children.

12162.2   James, d 2 Apr 1759, died in infancy.

12162.3   James, bapt 28 Dec 1760; d 19 May 1777, age 16.

12162.4   child, d 25 Nov 1768.

12162.5   child, d 3 Oct 1776, age 3 yrs.

12162.6   infant, d l7 Jan 1779.

Recommended reading: Barbour's Families of Early Hartford for comparison with listings there.

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