Dexter E. 7 BIGELOW

Burial stones found in 1997 in Richville, NY. (L-R)
[B]  Dexter                    Frances                      Edwin F.            Belle
         Bigelow                  His Wife                     Miller                 Miller
          1823-1902                  1825-1902              1862-192?           Parker
 Miller stone below is in back of these                                             1851-1936

16163.E2      Dexter E. 7 BIGELOW, son of Moses Foster 6(John 5, John 4, Joshua 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Mary (BARDWELL) BIGELOW, was born 02 February 1823 (3 1/2 months after his brother?) Conway, Franklin co, MA and married on 27 June 1843 Frances Maria BOOTH, the daughter of Josiah and Maria (SMITH) BOOTH, born 02 February 1827. This family resided for a time in MA and then moved to Richville, St. Lawrence co, NY where they both died in 1902. Richville is about 5 miles NE from Gouverneur, NY and there is a road called Bigelow-Richville Rd, that takes you to the Hamlet of Bigelow, which consists of about 10-20 houses all told. Most of the the houses are in disrepair. There was once a mine there, but I don't know much more than that. I did find some old foundations near the railroad track that looked like it might have been the station at one time. There was a H.H. BIGELOW who mined copper near Canton, NY (about 10-12 miles NE). I don't know his genealogy line. I will post pictures here, maybe a map. (see below)
Children of Dexter E. and Frances M. (BOOTH) BIGELOW:

16163.E21        Edwin Eugene, b 09 July 1844 Conway, MA; d 09 Mar 1921(others say 1907) Richville; m 28 Mar 1862 Elizabeth Ann COUNTRYMAN; 6-7 children.

16163.E22        Allen James, b 09 Sept 1845 Zoar, MA; d _____; m Clara A.Wainwright; 2 children.

16163.E23        Isabella Fidelia "Belle", b 13 July 1851 Whatley, MA; d ___1936; m (1) 05 July 1867 DeElbert L. Parker; ? children (see below)

16163.E24       Alzina, b 01 Aug 1854 DeKalb, NY; d 01 Apr 1857 Richville, NY.

16163.E25       Andrew Lincoln, b 18 Jan 1860; d 12 Dec 1923; m Emily Scott; 1 known child.

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 182;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
vital records various towns in MA, NY;
cemetery inscriptions;

16163.E23        Isabella Fidelia "Belle", b 13 July 1851 Whatley, MA; d ___1936; m (1) 05 July 1867 DeElbert L. Parker; Belle and DeElbert separated and Belle m (2) Edwin F. Miller (1862-1921); after the death of Edwin Miller, Belle remarried DeElbert Parker.
1. Gertrude Parker,
2. Annette Parker,
?   Panelle Parker,

Child of Edwin and Isabelle (Bigelow) Miller:
1. Francis Lorena Miller, (1884-1955); invalid #16163.E215      Francis Lorena, b 11 May 1884, Dekalb, St. Lawrence co, NY; d 18 April 1955, Utica , Oneida co, NY; Buried in Richville, NY Wayside cemetery.

Specifically my research indicates Isabelle Fidelia “Belle” Bigelow was the daughter of Dexter E and Francis Maria (Booth) Bigelow. She is thus Edwin Eugene’s sister, not his wife. She married DeElbert Parker 05 July 1867 in Richville, NY and is listed in the 1870 U.S. Census as living in Rossie, NY with two children, Gertrude and Annetta. At some point prior to 1878, Belle and DeElbert separated, and she then married Edwin F Miller (1862-1921). I have only very limited information on Belle and Annetta thereafter but do know from the US Census that Edwin and Belle were living in Newport News, VA in 1920. Upon Edwin’s death, Belle and DeElbert Parker again married and lived in Richville until his death. I also suggest that Francis Lorena (1884-1955) is the daughter of Edwin Miller and Belle, not Edwin E Bigelow as listed below, although I have not confirmed this. I do know she was a long term friend (half-sister) to Gertrude Parker (dau. Of DeElbert and Belle) and was caregiver to DeElbert in his final months. I hope you will independently confirm this information and either confirm or deny my suggestions. Note, however, I am currently visiting my daughter and have only limited internet access (or time) over the next couple of weeks. Best to you in your continued efforts.

Gerry Livingston   < > 
Hinesburg, VT

Parker in America; p 384; "DeElbert Parker of Gouverneur, NY; m 1867 Isabelle F. Bigelow, b Whatley, MA 1851; lived NY City, 1 child: Panelle Parker".
 "FORGE" January 2002, Vol. 31, No.1, page 17,
Dexter E. Bigelow, namesake of Bigelow, New York, in St. Lawrence Co., (upstate New York) just south of Ogdensburg.  A tiny hamlet of Bigelow, it cannot be found on a map, as today there are only a couple of houses and the old post office/store still remaining.  There are no signs as you enter the hamlet from either direction.  There is, in fact, only one sign now bearing the name of Bigelow and it is found in the nearby village of Richville, in front of the church, as it points you in the direction of the hamlet with the appropriage arrow.  A newspaper clipping from a local paper around 1900 (name of paper not known) explains how the hamlet obtained its name.  "Mrs. Greenhill has been painting the old Bigelow homestead for Mrs. Isabel Parker, daughter of Dexter Bigelow.  The architectural design in the gable has been brought out by Mrs. Greenhill, it being painted royal blue.  Dexter Bigelow and son Allen Bigelow ran a pump house to supply the engines with water, a short distance from where our present depot now stands.  People were told to stop at Bigelow's pump house.  Two years later, Allen Bigelow invented a pump that worked mechanically, and by this invention, both men lost their jobs.  This was about seventy-seven yuears ago.  The Bigelows came from Massachusetts in a covered wagon and settled where the old homestead now stands.[in or about 1900]  Dexter's brother, William Hubbard Bigelow, also settled in the same area.  His grandson, Elwin Leon (son of Elwin Marson Bigelow) married Florence Greenhill in September 1934.  see article for exerpts from Florence's memoir of the hamlet of Bigelow.
From: Paula Carpenter:
Date: 11/19/04

I would like to invite you to go check out my Family Tree at:
My grandmother was Janette Bigelow Stevens,her husband was Henry W. Stevens,both from Richville,St.Lawrence Co.,NY.
Jeanette's parent's were,Edwin Eugene Bigelow and Elizabeth Ann Countryman.
Found the whole experience really emazeing.My whole family is excited with all the new people I've found on both sides of our family.
Thanks for keeping the Bigelow Site going. I check it out all the time.
Thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail,and all the work you do for the Bigelow Site.....Sunny (Paula Carpenter )


Bigelow, Albert Charles(b. 05 Dec 1916, d. 21 Apr 1983)
Bigelow, Albert R(b. 04 Jul 1878, d. 02 Sep 1926)
Bigelow, Allen James(b. 09 Sep 1845)
Bigelow, Allen Kenneth(b. 15 Feb 1913, d. 04 Dec 1986)
Bigelow, Alzina(b. 01 Aug 1854, d. 01 Apr 1857)
Bigelow, Andrew Lincoln(b. 18 Jan 1860, d. 12 Dec 1923)
Bigelow, Athur Linel(b. 19 Feb 1888, d. 01 Nov 1937)
Bigelow, Charles Henry(b. 15 Jun 1871)
Bigelow, Cora May(b. 12 May 1869, d. 14 Sep 1901)
Bigelow, Dexter E(b. 09 Feb 1823, d. 1902)
Bigelow, Edwin Eugene(b. 09 Jul 1844, d. 1921)
Bigelow, Edwin Worth(b. 16 Sep 1910, d. 01 Nov 1937)
Bigelow, Ethel(b. Sep 1886, d. 20 Jan 1887)
Bigelow, Francis Lorena(b. 11 May 1884, d. 18 Apr 1955)
Bigelow, Geneva Imogene(b. 01 Mar 1911, d. 01 Mar 1958)
Bigelow, Gorden Glen(b. 05 Aug 1919, d. 13 Mar 1997)
Bigelow, Guy Eugene(b. 08 Oct 1908, d. 26 Dec 1908)
Bigelow, Hazel Fern(b. 01 Mar 1928, d. 01 Aug 1989)
Bigelow, Isabella Fidelia(b. 13 Jul 1851)
Bigelow, Jeanette Lucy(b. 06 Sep 1881, d. 1952)
Bigelow, Laurestine Elizabeth(b. 09 Oct 1915, d. 2004)
Bigelow, Lauretta Gertrude(b. 11 May 1884, d. 14 Jun 1952)
Bigelow, Leon David(b. 16 Dec 1935, d. 01 Oct)
Bigelow, Lisle Ernest(b. 09 Dec 1923, d. 20 Dec 1996)
Bigelow, Merlin Lee(b. 05 Sep 1931, d. 12 Jul 1973)
Bigelow, Moses Foster
Bigelow, Otis Melvin(b. 15 Nov 1909, d. 01 Nov 1937)
Bigelow, Theron Fay(b. 15 Nov 1929, d. 06 Sep 1989)
Bigelow, Ward Dexter(b. 1917, d. 01 Jun 1997)

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