Charles Henry 6 BIGELOW

1692C.5     Charles Henry 6 BIGELOW, son of Tyler 5 ( David 4 ,Daniel 3 ,Joshua2 , John1 ), and Clarissa (BIGELOW) BIGELOW, was born 13 July 1814 at Watertown, Middlesex county, MA. He was admitted to West Point Military Academy 1831, graduated highest in his class 1835 and appointed Brevet Second Lieutenant; for some time on duty in Boston Harbor as Assistant Engineer under Col. Thayer. On resigning his commission he became a civil engineer at Lawrence, MA, and was Chief Engineer of water measurement for the canal of the Augusta (GA) Mfg. Co, 1857; of the dam and canal of Minneapolis Mills co, Falls of St. Anthony 1857; Consulting Engineer of the Niarara Falls Canal, 1852, and of the projected dam and canal at Sherbrooke, Quebec 1856. He was assistant engineer in the service of the U.S. in the construction of fortifications in New Bedford 1859-60; was in charge of the fort at New Bedford and construction of temporary defenses for the protection of the harbor 1861-62; and superintendent and engineer of New Bedford (MA) Copper Co, l860-6l. He received a degree from Williams College 1851. He married Harriet Briggs, daughter of Gov. George N. Briggs. He died 15 April 1862 New Bedford, MA. In 1889 his widow was living Pittsfield, MA. No issue.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.349;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America.

From: Phillip Radoff <>

Hello.  I have written to you on a couple of occasions in recent years in my quest to identify a portrait that I think was probably of the woman whom Captain Charles Bigelow married.  Her name was Harriet Celestine Briggs, daughter of Gov. George Nixon Briggs.  I have since learned that she and Captain Bigelow were married on September 25, 1845 in Pittsfield, MA.  Since both families were prominent, a notice of the marriage was carried in the Boston and Pittsfield newspapers.

I was wondering whether your files might possibly include a wedding photo or any other photos of Harriet or Charles.  Thanks.—Phillip Radoff

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