Andrew 6 BIGELOW

16952.2    Andrew 6 BIGELOW, son of Timothy 5( Timothy 4 , Daniel 3, Joshua2, John1), and Lucy (PRESCOTT) BIGELOW, was born 07 May 1795 (see below) at Groton, Middlesex county, MA. He graduated at Harvard 1814, and from its divinity school 1817; was ordained an evangelist in 1820 and began his ministry in Eastport, ME, but declined to stay there. He became the minister at Medford, MA 1823-27. In 1828 he took the Unitarian Church at Washington, D.C. for one year. In 1833 he settled at Taunton, then at South Danvers (now called Peabody) 1843-45, after which he was employed in Boston as minister at large by the Benevolent Fraternity of Churches. He was a pioneer in organizing the Home for Aged Men in Boston. In 1821 he published Leaves from a Journal. He delivered the election sermon in 1836. He married, on 26 January 1824, Amelia Sargent Stanwood, daughter of Theodore and Sarah (Rogers) Stanwood. She was born 12 September 1806 at Glocester, MA, and died 01 October 1893 at Boston. Andrew died in 1877, also at Boston.

Children of Andrew and Amelia S. (Stanwood) Bigelow:

16952.21t    Timothy, b 15 Mar 1825 Medford, MA; d ____ 1898 Boston, MA;m 07 Jan 1854 Louisa Jane Bennett.

16952.22     Theodore S., b 30 July 1826 Medford; d 27 July 1872 Chicago, IL; unm. see unproven marriage below

16952.22t    Theodore Stanford, b 30 July 1826 Medford; d 27 July 1872 Chicago, IL; m unproven Katherine Gray of Dublin Ireland; 1 child.

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Date of Birth for Andrew from different sources; Pedigree sheet from Big Soc Lib has 07 May; PAF has 07 Aug; another has 07 April;

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