Abigail 6 BIGELOW

16815.2    Abigail 6 BIGELOW , dau of  Elias 5 ( Joseph 4, Joseph 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Abigail (MYRICK) BIGELOW was born 11 Dec 1780 at Sterling, Worcester county, MA. She married, on 1 Oct 1808, Philemon Wright, son of Nathaniel and Abigail (Wyman) Wright. He was born 15 Sep 1782 at Sterling, MA. At some time they removed to Keene, NH, where she died in 1857, and he on 3 Apr 1864.

Children of Philemon and Abigail (Bigelow) Wright, probably born Sterling, MA:

16815.21     Solomon, b 12 Feb 1810; d 18 Aug 1883 Keene, NH; m (I) Betsey Rugg (b ca 1800-05, d Oct 1837); (2)15 Dec 1858 Harriet Newman of Gilsum. He was many years steward of the Eagle Hotel at Keene, NH. They had:
                          a. Josiah, b 1835; died young.
                          b. Franklin H., b 1836; d 8 Oct 1837.

16815.22     Sophia, b 27 Mar 1814; d ___ ; m l Jan 1837 Sewell Rugg, brother of Betsey Rugg above.

16815.23     Mary, b 30 May 1816; d ___ ; m 10 Apr 1850 William Rahn.

16815.24     Abby, b __1821; d 27 Aug 1848 Troy, NY; m 1 Jan 1846 George Fairbanks, son of Cyrus Fairbanks of Troy.                  They had:
                           a. Charles Henry, b Mar 1847; d 29 Nov 1848.

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Subject: Philemon Wright
Date:  Thu, 17 Dec 1998 19:17:34 -0800
From: Marilyn Crumpcrump_moline@bc.sympatico.ca  >
 I was soooo excited to find your page that refers to Philemon Wright...I  was excited, now I am confused!! My information is different and it has completely confused me!!!
I decend from Philemon Wright.  As I know it he married Abigail (Wyman) and had a son named Philemon, as well....this would seem to be the Philemon who married your Abigail (Bigelow)...however, this is the line that I decend from and I know that the orginial Philemon Wright moved his entire family (all seven children, including Philemon Jr.) to Canada and he founded Hull, Que. and basically started Ottawa.  I have a family tree that says that Philemon Jr. had a son named Rudolphus (Ralph) who married Catherine Helena and had a daughter named Mabel who married Dan who had my grandmother.  I know it sounds a bit complicated, but there are too many similarities!!  The original Philemon Wright was born in Woburn, Mass. and moved with his entire family when he was 40 years old in 1799 to Canada...he made an amazing amount of money and all the children fought over their inheritances in Canada....I just don't see where Nathaniel (apparently Abigail Wyman's husband) came from?? or how Philemon Wright Jr. could be in two places at one time?  Could you help me out with any of these facts??? Thank you sooo much for your time and your wonderful site!
Lauren Moline
Victoria, BC.

Subject: Philemon Wright
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 00:13:07 EST
From: Jane Wright    JaneandGerry@aol.com

I just got into this discovery, and like Marilyn Crump, I am confused.  My grandfather was named Philemon Wright,
apparently the son of Tiberius.  My dad was Cecile Philemon Wright.  I was told that the original Philemon was my
great-great grandfather. I am new to this search. so any information you could give me would be great.
Thank you for your great web page.
Jane Wright
I would venture to say that Lauren and Jane's info is better than what the Bigelow Society had in the days of Volume I.................ROD

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