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Blue Gray Line Links:
Link: Airport Hotel Guide  good information on airports, hotels, attractions and other useful information.
Link  Windsurf Cam  Camera along Hood River shows present conditions in the Gorge.
Link Terraserver Satellite Photo Site.. MS find any spot on earth.
Link  Alexa web navigator  search the web smart.
 Link  NY Times on Giant Squid  Sea Monster Surfaces On The Net;
Link:More Giant Squid Sites:
In Search of Giant Squid (NASA Site)
National Geographic Giant Squid site.......
Link To a dedicated organization that provides free high quality legal templates and information online:

News Links:
The Drudge Report..........................has connections to all kinds of news reports and reporters., from a more liberal point of view.
WGN Radio in Chicago....Real network radio news and talk.
Assignment page, hundreds of links to newspapers of the world
Other good links

Link Arts & Letters Daily  has links to major newspapers and more including Dave Barry's column.
Link  President Clinton Dressup page. (Check this out)
Link  Michael S. Hyatt's Y2K Prep. What's in the future.
Link  Jeopardy Online! Play singles or against others online.
Link  Grant's Central Station. Within are entertainment, nostalgia, and information.
Link  How Stuff Works. Great demos on how things work.
Link  The Weather Channel. One of the best weather reports on the net.
Link  Up in the Night. Good clean joke page.
Link  The Mining Co.They mine the net so we don't have to.
Link  Duke Nukem 3D. Video Game Help.
Link  Weird facts and bizarre histories of famous products.
Link  Notre Dame Central. Everything you wanted to know (MSNBC Sports)
Link: Play ShockDave with Dave Barry.

A lot of the following local links don't work:
The Classical Station , KING-FM 98.1 Classical music in Real Audio from Seattle.
  North Country Public Radio , WSLU Canton, NY
Plugged In Syracuse Herald American Technology Site
Kim Komando Komputer Klinic.(see Matrix ad below)
Maine Fall Foliage for you leaf peepers.
The Bigelow Society Page(Genealogy) The place for Bigelow Genealogy.
Bigelow Travel Page Journals of our recent trips with helpful Links.
Fossil Page Fossil Pages and Links, mostly trilobites.
Matt's Leaf Page Matt's homage to his Toronto Maple Leafs.
Jeff's Page Some of the recent stuff Jeff has been doing.
COOL STUFF Just some of the things we find COOL ,WINDSURFING , etc.
ALL THINGS BIGELOW Links to Bigelow Carpet, Tea, etc.
LYCOS find it here The first search engine to list my pages.
Road Map Like the maps of Chazy Lake, etc.
HOTBOT Search tool which claims to search 100% of all external URLs.

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