Admiral Manley 8 BIGELOW

16A43.115    Admiral Manley 8 BIGELOW, son of Isaac William 7( Horace 6 , Moses 5 , Moses 4 , Ebenezer 3, Joshua2, John1), and Rosina (ELLIOTT) BIGELOW, was born 23 Jun 1860 in Parishville, NY.  He died 4 Oct 1909 in Oakesdale, WA and is buried in Oakesdale, WA, 6 Oct 1909, Lot 27, Block 5, Grave 2.  He married (1) 13 February 1879 Effie Jane Latson  (b: 5 Mar 1860 Green Lake Co., WI)divorced ( see below). He married (2) Amelia J. Peckett (Nettie Farrington) (?) born 1868, about 1888.  She died in Colfax, Washington on 14 May 1898 and is buried Lot 63, Block 2, Original Colfax Cemetery, Colfax, Washington.  In 1899, A.M. married Francis E. Mauk, born 16 Oct 1859, Martinsbury, Kentucky.  In 1911, she married (2) John E. Colledge.  She died at Oakesdale, Washington in January 14, 1935 (possibly funeral date), Lot 27, block 5, Grave 2.  Admiral Manley Bigelow sold pianos and organs in the Oakesdale/Colfax area.  He was also a photographer.  He had a special wagon built that carried the pianos.  The wagon bed was lower than most wagons and made the loading and unloading easier.  My grandmother would often accompany her father on deliveries and sales trips playing for customers.  She played the piano and accordion until she was in her 80s. Janet's grandmother's older sisters knew nothing about their mother's birthplace or date, but said she was 20 when she married A.M. and he was 28. Bertha and Myrtle were born 1885 and 1887.  Janet sends a family story about why Amelia had two names.  Her mother, a Boyington, married a Peckett and had three children, Amy, Eddie and Amelia.  She left Mr. Peckett but was not able to care for the children so gave them to the Boyingtons, her parents.  Mrs. Peckett then married a Farrington, asked for her children back, but the Boyingtons refused to return them until some time later.  When they were returned, Amelia took the name of Nettie Farrington and was called Nettie for the remainder of her life.  After Amelia's death, A.M. boarded his three daughters with Francis Mauk in Rathdrum, Idaho.  He wouod visit his children and spend the night in Francis' home.  Loral said Francis 'set her cap for him' during his visits but my grandmother said 'didn't look good' for Francis to have a man sleeping in her home so they married.  After A.M.'s death, Francis was made guardian of perley, my grandmother.  Francis operated a boarding house and had a young male tenant that stuttered.  Perley thought her step-mother was pushing her to marry this young man.  She could remember her father telling her to never marry a man that would embarrass her in public.  She contacted her sister, Loral, who was married and living in Helena, Montana. They sent her money for train fare from Oakesdale to Spokane and met her there and took her to Helena to live with them.  She was sixteen at the time.  Loral went to court and was made her guardian.  She lived with Loral until marriage to Melger Krous.  She knew Melger from Oakesdale because the Krouses farmed in that area.  Janet has family pictures taken by A.M. of them with their children.  One is of their family at Steptoe Butte, Washington, with the piano wagon.  She has a picture with notation in her grandmother's handwriting, "Uncle Al on Daddy's side."

Child of Admiral Manley and Effie J. (Latson) Bigelow:

16A43.1151     Cleopatra, b 19 Dec. 1879 in Clam Falls, WI; d _____ ; (see below)

Children of Admiral Manley and Amelia J. (Peckett) Bigelow:

16A43.1152     Bertha O., b 12 June 1885 Moorhead,,MN; d 14 Feb 1898 Colfax,,WA; buried Lt.63,Blk.2,,Orig.Colfax Cem.,

16A43.1153     Myrtle M., b 8 Oct 1887 Moorhead,MN; d ___ Eugene,Oregon; m (2) 1903 Alvin E. Williams (he died 06 Nov 1962); (2) John WRIGHT. children: (see below)

16A43.1154     Loral A., b 26 Dec 1891 Toledo,WA; d 1984 poss. Elsimore,CA; m (1) David PATTERSON; (2) ____ WALL [Dr]; (3) David PATTERSON;

16A43.1155      Oral E., b ____ ; d 3 Aug 1892 Athena,OR.

16A43.1156      Perley Ruby, b 15 May 1893 Tekoa,WA; d 13 Apr 1991 Great Falls,MT; buried Highland Cemetery,Great Falls,MT; m (1) 14 Apr 1910 Melger KROUS; (2) Harry Goude, (3) David B. Cain, (4) Clarence Smith.  (see below)

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. II page.266; 
E-mail to Don Bigelow in 1997 from Janet Enloe.
Bigelow Society records of historian/genealogist;
a family bible.
correspondence with descendants. 

From: Beth Davis < >      
My family line is John, joshua, Ebenezer, Moses, Moses, Horace, Isaac, Admiral.  On the website you are missing information on Admiral Manley's family.  Admiral 1st married Effie Jane Latson  (b: 5 Mar 1860 Green Lake Co., WI) on the 13 Feb. 1879.  They had one child Cleopatra Bigelow born 19 Dec. 1879 in Clam Falls, WI.  They divorced.  We have pictures of the piano wagon as well as a picture of Manley (that is the name we have known him by) Effie and Cleopatra.  Cleopatra kept in touch with her father over the years and my grandmother Sylvia was close to Pearley and Loral.  If you have any additional information or contacts with this family line please let me know. 
Beth Davis

Birth places
Children of Alvin E. and Myrtle M. (Bigelow)Williams:

16A43.11531     MarionWilliams, b 05 May 1904; d 18 Jan 1919;

16A43.11532     RuthWilliams, b 30 Oct 1913 Nights Landing, CA; d _____ ; m John Hoakes;

16A43.11533     AlvalenaWilliams, b 22 July 1916 Knights Landing, CA; d _____ ; m John Jantzen; in Nov. 1997, Alvalena resided in nursing home in Oregon;

16A43.11534     Tommy Williams, b ____ ; d ______ ;

Birth places were noted as Hopkinton and Parishville, NY by Big Society. I live in St. Lawrence co., where Parishville and Hopkinton are 2 places close together in upstate NY State...........ROD
Subject: Issac & Rosina Bigelow
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 10:50:33 +0000
From: Hugh & Janet Enloe   <  >
My family line is John, Joshua, Ebenezer, Moses, Moses, Horace, Isaac, Admiral, Perley, Vera.  I am looking for more info on Issac & Rosina, my gggrandparents.  I know they had children other than my ggrandfather, Admiral Manly, but I don't have any names, b, m, and d dates.  After Isaac's death in 1889 in Dayton, WA, Rosina went to MN where she died in 1900. I have no information about her family, the Elliotts.  I found that the 'Bigelow boys' purchased Isaac's cemetery plot in WA.  I also have photos that my grandmother labeled as her 'aunt and uncles on Daddy's side of the family.'  Any information you can provide is appreciated. Janet Enloe    Great Falls, Montana
I have a picture that I would like to share with the descendents of Wilsie W. Bigelow.  Without your information I wouldn't have identified the family.  The photo is of a home and looks like it was taken around 1900.  On the back is a printed gummed label with someone's hand-writing reading "Residence of" and printed on the label is "W. W. BIGELOW, Druggist, New Auburn, Minn." In my grandmother's handwriting is written, "Uncle."  If you think this is worthy enough please post on the BB.
Maybe someone would like a print. Thanks again. Janet Enloe
Great Falls, MT where the trees have a hint of green on them.

16A43.1156      Perley Ruby 9 Bigelow, d/o Admiral Manley and Amelia J. (Peckett) Bigelow, was born 15 May 1893, Tekoa, WA.  She married (1) Melger Krous 14 Apr 1910 in Helena, MT and had two children.  They were divorced and Perley married (2) Harry Goude, married (3) David B. Cain, and married (4) Clarence Smith.  She died at Great Falls, MT, Apr 13, 1991 and is buried at Highland Cemetery, Great Falls, MT.  She outlived all 4 husbands.

Children of Melger and Perley Ruby (Bigelow) Krous:

16A43.11561     Ruth Krous; b 04 Nov 1911; d ____ ; m Tom Mason;     

16A43.11562     Vera Evelyn Krous; b 02 Dec 1912 Helena, MT; d _____ ; m Herman Martin Luther (b 19 Oct 1900 Great Falls, MT; d 13 Sep 1964 Great Falls); 2 Children:  Hermaine Gretchen Luther and Janet Mae Luther (Janet Enloe above)   

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