Lucius Gale 7 BIGELOW

16B2A.27      Lucius Gale 7 BIGELOW, son of Thomas 6 ( Gale 5 ( Jabez 4 , Gershom 3, Joshua2, John1) and Jane (WALLACE) BIGELOW, was born at New Lebanon, Columbia co., NY on 22 February 1844. He married 10 May 1869 Margaret O'Donnell.  After Lucius died, on 14/15 June 1878, in Butte co., CA, Margaret married Frank Gorton (or Lorton) and he later adopted her children.

Children of Lucius and Margaret (O'Donnell) Bigelow:

16B2A.271     Ida Jane, b ___ 1872; d ____ ;

16B2A.272     Albert Carrol, b ___ 1875; d ____ ;

16B2A.273     Mary Emeline, b ___ 1877; d ____ ;

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Larry W. Campbell, 4741 7th Av., Sacramento 20, CA submitted group sheets before Vol. 1 and 2 were on computer. Marcus crossed the plains by ox-cart in 1857.  A letter (Eugene's article) written by Marcus' older brother to Allen Bigelow and Emily Wallace, his parents, instructing them how to prepare for the transcontinental trip.  Allen was then 55 and took wife and children to foot of Mt. Shasta in Northern CA, evidently taking the Oregon trail after crossing Utah and dropped into CA fm. the north and settled in Weed, a little community on the northeast slope of Mt. Shasta.  They went into the logging business and were active in the manufacture of lumber during gold rush era.  Then they moved to Gridley, 100 mi.south in Sacramento Valley and farmed.  In their memory, BIGELOW FALLS on east slope of Mt.Shasta (near famous chalets later built by William R. Hurst) and BIGELOW ROAD, near Pennington not far from Gridley.

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