Worcester Cemetery

Blue Gray Line

237. "Timothy Bigelow, Esq., commander of the 15th Massachusetts Regt in the Revolutionary War with Great Britain" b. Aug. 12, 1739; d. Ap. 4, 1790; a. 50.
"Here lie his remains."
[He was an active and eloquent patriot of the Revolution, a member of the Worcester Committee of Correspondence, of the famous " Whig Club," in which be was associated with Warren, Otis, and other eminent individuals, a delegate in the Provincial Congress, and filled many important offices with honor and ability. A good account of his life, character and services may be
found in Linc. Hist. p. 277, and chapters 6 and 7.]
238. Sarah Bowles, dr. of Dea. Wm. and Sarah B.; d. June 3; a. 21.

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Head of Family   Free White Males   Free White Males    Free White Females
                              of 16 and up            under 16                        including Heads
                             including Heads
Bigelow, Thadeus      2                                  2                                      2
Bigelow, David, Jr .   1                                 2                                       5

                                                   Worcester Common Cemetery's Grave Inscriptions

     As it was with most towns in the original Massachusetts Bay Colony, Worcester had land set aside that was common ground. Early in its history, Worcester used an east section of the Common as a burial ground. It was later surrounded by a stone wall enclosing an area about 43,000 square feet. Over time, it fell into disuse as other cemeteries in the town were created and the early settlers buried there were generally forgotten. Even in the first half of the nineteenth century, such a place as this fell victim to vandalism and abuse; some of the main culprits blamed were the school children of the nearby schoolhouse (which itself was either on top of or near the first pioneers' burial place).
     A very early removal was that of the Chandler family tomb in the south-west section of the cemetery. Loyalist leading members of the family tore down and removed the tomb at the start of the Revolution and left for England.
In 1853, when the city was "improving" the Common, one of the "improvements" decided was to lay all the cemetery's gravestones flat, bury them, and flatten the ground. The monument inscriptions were copied and a map was made of all grave locations. The stones of the cemetery wall were used when paving Main Street. The tombs of the Dix and Wheeler families had been previously removed. In a generation the "Old Burying Place" was just about forgotten.
     More than a century later, when the city was once again redesigning and improving the Common, the cemetery was "rediscovered" as workman uncovered old markers. Some of the old markers now stand around the Bigelow Monument on the contemporary Common as a reminder and testimonial to the early settlers.
     The following is transcribed from the 1848 book Epitaphs from the Cemetery on Worcester Common by W. S. Baton. (Click here to see a scanned image of the original cover <epitaphs-title.html>). I have copied his text exactly and tried to retain the actual format of the book as much as standard HTML would allow. The main exception is I have left out the page numbers. All comments are part of Baton's text except for one transcriber's note I made at the beginning of year 1784.
(The abbreviations used are, for Instance, a. for aged, b. born, d. died, dr. daughter, da. days,
Linc. Hist. for Lincoln's History of Worcester, m. month, s. son, T. R. Town Records, w. wife, y year, and the like)

1. Hannah Hubbard, w. of John Hubbard; d. Ap 18, 1727; a. 27.
[This was the earliest recorded death found in the old Cemetery; and see No. 4, of the inscriptions. The gravestone may be seen near the path through the centre of the grounds, almost prostrate.]

2. John Young, b. in the Isle of Bert, near Londonderry, Ireland; d. June 30, 1730 ; a. 107
[Town Record says: d. June 27, 1730 ; a. about 93. The same stone notices the death of his son David Young (post, No. 174), and has this inscription:
"The aged son, and the more aged father,
Beneath this stone their mouldering bones
Here rest together."
William Young, a connection of John Y. was the author of many of the inscriptions found in-the following pages.]
3. James Taylor, [s. of James and Elizabeth T.; d. June 31; by T. R.] 1730; a. 22.

4. Ephraim Roper, d. Feb. 16, 1730 (Old Style); a. 43.
[It is stated in Lincoln's History of Worcester, that this Burial Place was opened "in 1730, when Ephraim Roper, accidentally killed in hunting, was interred there." Those, therefore, who have already been named, may have been removed to these grounds afterwards. In the same history, we learn that Roper was a vigilant soldier and guard in this place, during the early Indian and French wars.]

5. Hannah Chadick, w. of John Chadick, d. May * 1732; a. 53.
[Chadick is probably a corruption of the name Chadwick.]

6. Eliot Gray, son of Wm. and Jean Gray; d. Oct. 2. [27 by T. R.] 1735; a. 4.
7. Bertha Gray; [probably a dr. of Wm. and Jean G.;) d. *
[The Grays were Scotch emigrants. Much hostility was shown to these emigrants by the inhabitants of this place, who were so bitter in their opposition, as even to demolish the meeting house which the Soots were erecting near the present residence of F. W. Paine, Esq. See Linc. Hist. 47.]

8. Abraham Taylor; d. 1738; a. 29.
9. Mary Wheeler, w. of Thomas W.; d. May 16 [18: by T. R.] 1740; a. 40.
10. William Jenison. His epitaph reads as follows:
" Here lies buried ye body of William Jenison, Esqr. He was born at Watertoun, April ye 17th 1676, who deed Sepim ye 19th, 1741, in ye 66th year of his age. He was one of ye Judges of ye Inferiour Court for ye county of Worcester."
[Judge Jenison also filled many other important offices in the town of Worcester. The first Court House in this place was built about the year 1732 on land given by him for that purpose, and was placed very near the site of the present Old Court House. See Linc. Hist. 342.)

11. James Taylor; d. Feb. 24, 1742; a. 70.
[He lived near " Wigwam Hill," north-westerly from the floating bridge over Long Pond. See H. Stebbins' map of Worcester, 1833.]
12. Jean Young, w. of Wm. Y.; d. Mar. 30, 1743; a. 27.

13. Isaac Taylor, s. of Othniel T. (No. 190); b. Nov. 17, 1745, d. Mar. 26, 1746.
[He is buried by the "right side" of his mother.]
14. Dinah Taylor, w. of Othniel T.; d. Mar. 29, 1746; a. 38.
15. Abigail Stearnes, dr. of Thomas and Mary S.; d, Ap. 11, 1746; a. 8.

16. Eunice Adams; d. July 27, 17[47?] a. 32.
17. Mrs. Hannah Adams; d. * * *
[No date, age nor epitaph appears upon her grave-stone.]

18. James Cowden; d. Oct. 1, 1748; a. 63.

19. Mary Goodwin, w. of Capt. J. Goodwin, (No. 168); d. July * 1749; a. 33.
20. Martha Boyd Young, w. of David Y. (No. 174.) d. Oct. 6, 1749; a. 65.
21. Mary Forbush, w. of James F. (No. 92); d. Dec. 6, 174[9?]; a. 25.
22. Ann Forbush, dr. of James and Mary F.; d. May 9, 174[9?]; a. 9.
23. Elisabeth Thomas; d. July 27, 1750; a. 12.

24. Rebekah Brown, w. of James B. (No. 184); d. Feb. 26, (0. S.) 1750; a 42.
[For information as to several of the Brown family, see Linc. Hist. 269.]
25. Capt. Benj. Flagg; d. June 12, 1751; a. 61. His epitaph is:
" So man lieth down and riseth not till the heavens be no more; They shall not awake nor be called out of their sleep.';
26. Elisabeth Lydia Brown, w. of Lieut. Luke B.; d. Aug. [11 : T. R.] 1751: a. about 27.
" Reader, behold as you pass by,
As you are living so was I,
As I am now so you must be,
Prepare for death and follow me."
27. Prudence Harrington, w. of Francis H. (No. 120) d. 1751 ? a. *
28. Jonas Rice, Esq.; d. Sep. 20, [22, by T. R.] 1753 ; a. 81.
[Upon his grave-stone it is stated that "he was the first settler in Wr. and one of the Judges of the Inferior Court for Worcester." Judge Rice also served in the capacities of Selectman, Town Clerk, Schoolmaster, Representative at General Court, and in other public offices in Worcester, as the Town Records most abundantly show. He was the first School-teacher in this place, having been appointed for that office by a vote of the town April 4, 1726. His son Adonijah, an ancestor of Wm. Eaton, Esq. of this place, was the first male child born in Worcester; A. D. 1714, Nov. 7]
29. Adonijah Rice, s. of Ezra and Silence R.; d. Oct. 14, 1753; a. 21.
[This is not the Adonijah Rice mentioned in No. 28.) 1754.
30. William Waters; b Oct. 4; d. Oct. 10, 1754? 1755.
31. John Jenison, s. of Capt. Israel J. (No. 203.) d. Jan. 15, 1755; a. 7.
32. Mary Boyden, dr. of Daniel and Mehitable B; d. Mar. 4; [2; by T. R.] a. 4.
33. Katrine Moore, w. of Joseph M.; d. Mar. 12 ; a. 41 ?
34. Elisabeth Taylor, w. of James T. (No. 11.) d. July 14; a. 82.
35. Mary Carlyle, w. of James C. (See Appendix.) d. Aug. 24; a. 34.
36. Jonathan Lynds; d. Dec. 4; a 41.
["Seven of his children" are buried by his side, but no names or dates are given.]
37. Mary Wiley; d. * 1755; a. 4.

[The unusual mortality during this year is noticeable.]
38. John Ball; d. Jan. 11, 1756; a. 59.
39. Easter Lynds, dr. of Jonathan (No. 36.) and Elisabeth L.; d. Feb. 3; a. 6 y. 9 m.
40. Jonathan Gates; d. Feb. 7; [1755, T. R.]; a. 73.
[His epitaph is brief: "Reader -- Remember Death."]
41. John Knight, s. of John and Experience K.; d. Feb. 13; [Feb. 15, 1757; by T. R.] ; a. 11.
42. James Taylor 3d; d. Feb. 20; a 26.
"Who was in ye fight at Lake George,
Sep. 8, 1755;" (Inscription.)
43. Frances Smith; d. Ap. 17; a. 36.
44. Daniel Heywood Jr.; d. June 30; [13; by T. R.] a. 29.
45. Rebecca Elder, dr. of W. and Hester E ; d. July 7; a. 20.
46. Esther Elder, dr. of Wm. and Hester E; d. July 16; a. 6.
47. Thomas Goulding, s. of Palmer G. Jr.; d. Aug 20, a. 3.
48. Nancy Barbar, dr. of Robert and Sarah B. ; d. Sep. 2 - a. 22. [See No. 52 post-]
49. Robert Young, s. of Wm. and Mary Y.; d. Sep. 6; a. 4.
50. Janet Young, dr. of Wm. and Mary Y.; d. Sep. 11; a. 7 m.
51. Susanna Chamberlain, dr. of Jacob and Lydia C. d. Sep. 25; a. 5 y. 3 m.
52. Mary Barbar, dr. of Robert and Sarah B.; d. Sep. 26 a. 20.
[On the opposite face of this stone which commemorates the death of Mary B. and her sister Nancy B. (ante, No. 48.) is the inscription:
"Take notice, man, what here dost see, As thou art now so once were we, And as we'r now, so shalt thou be, Remember man that thou must die."]
53. Capt. James Moore; d. Sep. 29.; a. 68.
54. Thomas Gray, s. of Robert and Sarah G.; d. Oct. 7; a 7.
55. John Fisk; d. Nov. * a. 75.
56. Elisabeth Fisk, w. of John F.; [date and age uncertain.]
57. Elisabeth Jenison, w. of Wm. J. (No. 10, ante.); d. Dec. 2; a. 86.
58. John Goulding, s. of Palmer G. Jr. and Abigail G.; d. Ap. 16, 1757; a. 6 m. 25 d.
59. Nathaniel Paine, s. of Timothy and Sarah P.; d. Dec. 23, [25; by T. R.] a. 8 m.
60. Joseph Goddard, s. of John and Hannah G.; d. Ap. 19, 1758; a. 8.
61. Mary Walker, w. of Adam W.; d. Dec. 13; a. 22.
62. Mary Green, dr. of John and Mary G.; b. Nov. 27,1758; d. Feb. 15, 1759.
63. Adam Knox; d. Feb. 28, 1759; a. 66.
64. Elisabeth Forbush, dr. of James (No. 92.) and Margaret F.; d. May 21; a. 6.
65. Abigal Goulding, dr. of Palmer G. Jr.; d. May 29: a. 2 m. 9 d,
66. Hannah Taylor, dr. of Wm. and Lois T.; d. June 13, 1759 ; a. 1 m.
67. Samuel Miller, b. in Newtown, Sept. 24, 1678; d. Sept. 9, 1759; a. 81.
68. Capt. Samuel Clark Paine, d. of Small Pox, Nov. 9; a. 32.
He "Was commander of a Company at ye reduction of Ticonderoga and Crown Point." (Epitaph.)

69. Perces Rice, w. of Adonijah R.: d. Jan. 6, 1760; a. *
70. Sarah E. Smith, [w. of Robert S.? No. 299.] d. Feb. 21; a. 33.
71. Rances Smith; [no other inscription; See No. 43, ante and quere, is it the same?]
72. Hannah Heywood, w. of Major Daniel H. (No 144.) d. Feb. 24; a. 64.
73. Experience Cowden, w. of Thomas C.; d. Ap. 3; a. 30.
[By her right side is buried one male child, and by her left, two female children. Her husband was commissioned as Capt. in 1761 during the provincial wars; Linc. Hist.]
74. Samuel Mower; d. May 8; a. 70.
75. Zephaniah Rice; d. May 10, [1730; by T. R.] a. 30.
76. Samuel Goulding, s. of Palmer G. Jr.; d. July 17; a. 1 d.
77. Susannah Wheeler, w. of Dr. Chas. W. b. Jan. 23, 1702; d. Sept. 23, 1760; a. 58.
78. Samuel Andrew; d. Sept. 24; a. 46.
79. Samuel Andrew, Jr. s. of Samuel A. ; d. * a. 2 ?
80. Elisabeth Andrew, dr. of Samuel A.; d. * a. 1.
81. Elisabeth Flagg, w. of Benj. F. Esq.; d. Nov. 31; a. 77.
82. Sarah Moore, w. of Asa M.; d. Dec. 13; a. 1761.
83. Margrat Hambleton, w. of James H. ; d. Feb. 14, 1761 a. 35.
[Also three sons and one daughter are buried "by her side."]
84. Solomon Gates; b. Mar. * ; d. May *, 1761.
85. Dr. Charles Wheeler; d. June 3; a. 31.
[There seems to be no notice of him in Lincoln's History, as among the number of Worcester Physicians.]
86. Andrew McFarland; d. June 4; a. 71. His epitaph is somewhat peculiar :
Keep Death and Judgment
always in your eye,
non's fitt to live,
but who is fitt to die."
87. Mary Green, [1st] w. of Dr. John G., (No. 280.); b. Aug. 31, 1740; d. Sept. 4, 1761.
"Her natural but especially Gracious
Endowments rendered her desirable in
life and comfortable in death." (Epitaph.)
88. John Green, 9. of Dr. John G. (No. 280) and Mary G.; b. Ap. 1, 1758; d. Sep. 20, 1761.
89. Jonathan Moore; d. Nov. 25; a. 84.
[Same epitaph as in No. 40, ante.]
90. Mrs Mary Gray; d. * * 1761 ; a. *
91. Cornelius Waldo Goulding, s. of Palmer G. Jr. and Abigail G.; d. Feb. 10, 1762; a. 6 m. 5 d.
92. James Forbush, Jr. ; d. Mar. 11, 1762; a. 38.
[This inscription and Nos. 21, 22, and 64, are found on one grave stone. The Forbush family were of Scotch origin. Linc. Hist.]
93. Rebecca McFarland, w. of Andrew McF. (No. 86.); d. Mar. 20; a. 62.
94. Nancy Heywood, dr. of Daniel H.; d. Ap. 28; a. 4.
95. Hannah Chadick, dr. of John and Lydia C.; d. [Aug. 21; T. R.] 1762; a. 12.
96. Joseph Wiley; d. May 9, 176[3?] ; a. 63.
[The inscriptions on several of the Wiley grave stones are quite indistinct.]
97. William Mahan; d. June 30; a. 69.
98. John Gates; d. * * 1763; a. *
99. Jean Gray, w. of Matthew G. (infra No. 206.); d. Dec. 20, 1764; a. 48.
100. Ruth Stone; d. 1764; a.
101. Isabella Blair, w. of Robert B. (post. No. 156); d. Feb. 10, 1765; a. 82.
102. Eunice Rice, dr. of Jonathan and Eunice R.; d. May 6; a. 3 y. 5 m.
103. Comfort Mower, dr. of Ebenezer and Deborah Larnard, and 1st w. of Capt. Sam'I M. (post. No. 210); d. May 11; a. 34.
104. Sarah Moore, dr. of Capt. James, (No. 53); and Comfort M. (No. 105) ; d June 3; a. 28.
105. Comfort Moore, w. of Capt. James M. (No. 53) ; d. June 22; a. 63.
106. Ebenezer Molton; d. July 20; a. 28.
107. Robert Gray; d. Jan. 6, 1766; a. 69.
108. Abigail Lovel [1st]] w. of Ebenezer L. (infra No. 321); d. Ap. 11, 1766 ; a. 24 y. 8 m. and 5 d.
109. Samuel Hunt, Jr. s. of Capt. Sam'l H.; d. Ap. 29; a. 23.
110. Mrs. Perces Gates; d. July 12; a. 86.
111. Mrs. A * * Chadick, w. of John C. [Jr.?] d. Dec. * a. 46.
112. Samuel Hunt, 3d. s. of Capt. Samuel H.; d. Dec. 28; a. 7 m.
113. Zebudah Potter, w. of Joseph P.; d. Jan. 24, 1767, a. 33 y. 5 m. 28 d.
114. Margaret Mahan, w. of Wm. M. (No. 97); b. Feb. 20, 1699; d. Feb. 5, 1767 ; a. 68.
115. John Waters, s. of John and Kesia W.; d. Feb. 11; a. 23 m.
116. Jonathan Osland ; d. Feb. 12; a. 61.
117. Mary Harris, w. of Wm. H.; d. Mar. 10; a. 67.
"In the cold mansions of the silent tomb
How still the solitude! how deep the gloom!
Here sleeps the dust unconscious--close--confined,
But far--far distant dwells the immortal mind." (Ep.)
118. Clark Newton, s. of Thaddeus and Janet N. ; b. Ap. 16, 1765 ; d. June 8, 1767.
119. Josiah Perry ; d. Sept. 16; a. 83.
120. Francis Harrington; d. Ap. 6, 1768; a. 31.
121. Mary Heywood, w. of Major Daniel H.; d. Ap. 9; a. 65
122. Azubah Harrington, w. of Elijah H. (No. 307); d. Apr. 27; a. 34.
123. John Chadick [Jr] ; d. July 17 ; a. 67.
124. John Chadick; d. Sept. *; a. 86.
125. John Curtis, s. of Capt. John C. (No. 275) ; d. Dec. 10; a. 37.
126. Gershom Rice; d. Dec. 19; a. 102!
[He was one of the "fathers of the town," and occupied many situations of public trust and confidence. The first place of worship in Worcester was at his house. See Linc. Hist.]
127. Lydia Chamberlain, w. of Dea. C. (No. 236) ; b. in New town, May 4, 1724; d. Dec. 29, 1768.
128. Dorothy Hubbard, w. of Dan'l H. (No. 211); d. Ap. 14; a. 71.
129. Robert Young, s. of Wm. and Mary Y.; d. Ap. 20; a. 6.
130. Robert Barber; d. Sep. 27; a. 69.
[He was one of the Scotch emigrants to Worcester. Linc. Hist.]
131. Abel Heywood; d. Nov. 29; a. 40.
132. Nathan Perry, Jr., s. of Lieut. Nathan and Harriet P.; d. Jan. 8, 1770; a. 19.
133. Capt. Palmer Goulding [Sen.] ; d. at Holden, Feb. 11; a. 75.
"He commanded a company at ye Reduction of Louisbourg, June 17,1745." (Ep.)
134. Abigail Goulding, w. of Palmer G. Sen.; d. at Holden
135. Eunice Rice, dr. of Jonathan and Eunice R.; d. May 12; a. 4 y. 4 m.
136. Abigail Goulding, w. of Palmer G., [Jr.; No. 250] ; d. May 26; a. 35.
"Reader-Death is a debt to nature due
Which I have paid and so must you." (Her Ep.)
137. Esther Rice, w. of Gershom R. [Jr.; No. 1971; d. Aug. 16; a. 73.
138. Rebekah Jones, w. of Lieut. Noah J. (No. 195) ; d. Jan. 12, 177[1?] ; a. 46.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." (Ep.)

139. Hannah Taylor, w. of Othniel T. (No 190); d. Jan. 3, 1772; a. 52.
140. Capt. Thomas Sterne; d. Jan. 16; a. 76. His epitaph is :
"The grave is mine house. I have made my bed in the darkness. I have said-Corruption, thou art my father-to the worm, thou art my mother and my sister. Job xvii. 13, 14."
[Capt. Sterne was for some time an innholder in this place, occupying a site near the present U. S. Hotel. His wife (post No. 212) succeeded him in that station.]
141. Joseph Clark; d. June 8; a. 77,
142. Esther Elder, w. of Wm. E. (No. 223); d. Aug. 31 ; a. 59.
143. John Flagg, d. Dec. 29; a. 24.
"This pleasant child,
in whom we did delight,
Lies here in Dust,
Now Buried From our Sight." (Epitaph,)

144. Major Daniel Heywood; d. Ap. 12, 1773; a. 79.
"He was an early settler in this town, and one of the first Deacons of the ch. in this place, in wh. office he cont'd to the day of his death. This monument is erected at the desire and expence of his grandson and heir, Daniel Heywood.-Psalm 90: 10." (His epitaph.)
145. Mary Stone, w. of Jonathan S.; d. Aug. 7; a. 47,
"after a long Sickness, which She bore with Great Submission." (Epitaph.)
146. Betty Rice, dr. of Jonathan (No. 243) and Eunice R.; d. Sep. 11 ; a. 2 y. 4 m.
147. "Samuel Kinsley, who died on his jurney from-Deerfield to his family at Bridgewater, Sept. 25, 1773, aet. 57 yrs.
Beloved at home, beloved abroad,
Death sudden on the Road
Usefull in life & * * *
* * * " (Inscription partly illegible.)

148. Charles Adams; d. Nov. 3, 1773; a. 86.
"As Living men my Tomb do view Remember [that] here's room for you." (Ep.)
149. John Wiley, s. of Joseph and Martha W.; d. Dec. 26; a. 15.
150. "Miss Priscilla Grout, died Dec. 26, 1773, aet. 27.
This is erected by Jason Duncan, in memory of his True Love." (Ep.)
151. Lydia Holbrook, w. of Abel H.; d. [Jan. 27; T. R.] 1773; a. 37.
152. Samuel Stowell, s. of Cornelius S. (No. 292); d. Ap. 14, 1774 ; a. 24.
153. William Swan; died Ap. 18; a. 59.
[He was one of the Old South Church Singers in March, 1770, at the time the introduction of singing by the choir produced so great an excitement in that church as to cause the venerable Deacon Chamberlain (post No. 236) to absent himself from Divine Service, after his ineffectual and amusing resistance to this innovation. See an interesting account in Lincoln's History, p. 178.]
154. John Mahan; d. July 31; a. 51. [Epitaph, same as in No 40.]
155. Sarah Mower, w. of Capt. Sam'l M. (No. 210); d. Oct. 10; a. 49.
156. Robert Blair; d. Oct. 14; a. 91. His epitaph is this:
"How great, how firm, how sacred all appears,
How worthy an immortal round of years;
Yet all must drop as Autumn's ripest grain,
And Earth and Firmament be sought in vain."
[Abraham Blair, an ancestor of some of our present citizens, distinguished himself in the famous siege of Londonderry, A. D. 1689. See Linc. Hist.]
157. Rebekah Curtis, w. of Capt. John C. (No. 275.); d. Mar. 4, 1775; a 45.
158. Charles Blair, s. of Joseph and Mary B.; d. May 28; a. 24.
"Time shall be slain, all nature destroy'd,
Nor leave an atom in mighty void." (Ep.)
159. Mary Jenison, w. of Capt. Israel J. (No. 203); d. June 19; a 57.
" Israel Jenison and Mary his wife, lived together 36 years, 8 months and 9 days in peace and love. When this you see, remember me." (Epitaph.)
160. Dorothy Chapin, w. of Benj. C.; d. July 14; a. 20.
161. Abel Flagg; d. Sept. 18; a. 22.
"All you that read the state of me,think of the glass that runs for thee." (Ep.)
162. Jonathan Rice, s. of Jona. and Eunice R. ; d. Oct. 28; a. 11 y. 10 m.
[During this year, there were 76 deaths in Worcester, mostly from the Small Pox. See Linc. Hist.]
163. Isaac Gleson ; d. Jan. 7, 1776; a. 57.
Far from this world of toil and strife,
They're present with the Lord,
The labors of their mortal life
End in a large Reward." (Epitaph.)
164. Hannah Pratt, dr. of Richard and Elisabeth P.; d. Feb. 17 ; a. *
165. Cornelius Stowell, s. of Cornelius and Survilah; b. Dec. 26, 1766; d. Ap. 24. 1776.
166. "Mrs. Elisabeth Muncreef, late of Boston ;" d. May 3, 1776; a. 44.
167. Thomas Stearnes Stephens, s. of Capt. Simon and Martha S. (No. 320); d. June I ; a. 7 y. 10. m.
168. Capt. James Goodwin; d. June 2; a 62.
[He was engaged in the campaign of 1757, and was "well respected as an honest, worthy man." Mass. Spy of June 21, and Linc. Hist.]
169. Elisabeth Brown, dr. of Sam'l and Abigail B.; d. June 22 ; a. 10.
" She often made our hearts for to rejoice,
her pleasant nature and her chearful voice,
But God 0 * * * *
* * * ." (Epitaph partly indistinct.)
170. Daniel Bigelow; d. Aug. 29; a 48.
[He was a brother of the distinguished Col. Timothy Bigelow (post No. 237), and the names of his other brothers, his sister and parents, with further particulars of interest, may be found in Linc. Hist. p. 277. The name Bigelow was formerly written Biglo - by corruption from the ancient name Bedloe ]
171. Elisabeth Howe, w. of Ezekiel H.; b. Oct. 25, 1718; d. Sep. 13, 1776.
"Sweet soul, we leave thee to thy Rest,
Enjoy thy Jesus and thy God,
Till we climb up the shining Road." (Ep.)
172. Luke Brown, Jr.; d. Nov. 6; a. 31.
[Same epitaph as in No. 40. His son, Luke Brown, Esq., graduated at Harvard University in 1794, and practiced law in Hardwick. Linc. Hist. p. 270.]
173. Thomas Brown; d. Dec. 11; a. 40. [Same epitaph as in No. 136 ante.]
174. David Young; born in the Parish of Tarboyn, county of Douagall, Ireland; d. Dec. 26; a. 94.
[See note, ante No. 2. The Young family first introduced and planted here that valuable esculent, the potato. About the time of its introduction, a few were presented, by the Irish, to some of our early inhabitants, who, being suspicious of their poisonous quality, threw them away as unsafe to enter their homes. Linc. Hist. p. 49.]
175. "Nathaniel  Lucy
& Adams,  Adams,
176. Dec'd 1776.  Dec'd 1776." (Inscription on one stone.)
177. Nathaniel Fullerton; d. Feb. 16, 1777; a.38.
[The name "Mary Raymond" is below this inscription.]
178. Amos Holbrook; d. March *; a. *.
179. Capt. William Jones; d. Ap. 6; a *
180. Simon Gates; d. Ap. 11 ; a 66.
"Blessed are they who do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through ye gates into ye city." (Ep.)
181. Capt. Daniel Ward; d. May 21; a. 77. His epitaph is thus:
"Now I behold with sweet delight
The Blessed Three in One,
And strange affections fix my sight
On God's Incarnate Son."
[Capt. Ward is perhaps the person referred to by Mr. Lincoln, when he says-in giving a description of the houses and streets of Worcester as they appeared about the year 1720 - that "Daniel Ward had built nearly opposite the Old South Meeting-House," which was probably near the site of I. M. Barton's present residence. See Linc. Hist. p. 44.]
182. David Fisk; d. Nov. 23; a. 44.
183. Hannah Goddard, w. of John G. (No. 219.) d. Dec. 10; a. 76.
184. James Brown; d. Jan. 11, 1778; a. 67; [Same epitaph as in No. 181.]
185. Eunice Lovell, dr. of Jonathan and Mary L; d. Mar. 2; a. 22 ms.
186. Lydia Goddard, dr. of Sam'l and Abigail G; d. Aug. 9; a. 13.
187. James Tanner; d. Sept. 6; a. 36.
188. John Greenleaf of Boston; d. Feb. 21, 1779 ; a. 64.
[Same epitaph as in No. 136. This stone lies prostrate in the extreme N. E. corner of the yard.]
189. William Taylor, Jr., s. of Wm. and Lois T; d. Mar. 7; a. 11.
"Youth forward, Death soon
Nips; Vain World farewell to you,
Heaven is my native air,
I bid my friends a short adieu,
Impatient to be there." (Epitaph.)
190. Othniel Taylor; b. Oct. 19, 1698; d. July 29, 1779; a. 81.
"0! may my Humble Spirit stand,
Among them Clothed in White,
at CHRIST'S Right Hand
is infinite Delight." (Ep.)

191. Abraham Wheeler; d. Oct. 20, 1780; a. 80.
192. Jonathan Fisk; d. Jan. 8, 1781 ; a. 52. 3
193. Samuel Rice; d. Feb. 10; a. 80.
194. Maria Barber, w. of Joseph B; d. Ap. 7; a. 39 y. 8
195. Lieut. Noah Jones; d. July 6; a. 70.
"Beneath this ston's inter'd the bons,
Ah! frail Remains - Lieut. Noah Jones." (His epitaph!)
196. Absalom Rice; d. July 27; a. 72.
"He lived 69 years in this town." (Inscription.)
197. Lieut. Gershom Rice; d. Sept. 24; a. 85.
198. John Nazro, s. of John and Mary N. ; d. Oct. 23 ; a. 21 Mos.
199. William Harris; d. Mar. 29, 1782; a. 82.
"Our age to seventy years is set,
How short the time! how frail the State!
But if a longer time we live,
In pain and trouble we survive." (Ep.)
200. James Tanner, formerly of Newport; d. [Ap. 8, T. R.] 1782 a. 68.
"And I beard a voice from Heaven,
Saying unto me, --Write, blessed are
the Dead who die in the Lord." (Ep.)
[Mr. Tanner was formerly an innholder of this place.]
201. Joel Howe, Jr., s. of Joel and Mary H; b. June 2; d. June 16.
"Happy the Babb,
from sin & grief remov'd,
To rest above,
Where God is--truly loved." (Ep.)
202. Arad Brown, s. of Lieut. Sam'l and Abigail B; d. Aug. 31 ; a. 7 m.
203. Capt. Israel Jenison; d. Sept. 19 ; a. 69. [See epitaph ante No. 159.]
204. Faith Jenison, dr. of Capt. Israel (No. 203) and Mary J; d. Sept. 24 [23 by T. R.] ; a. 32.
205. Isaac Johnson, s. of Capt. Micah and Phebe J; d. Nov. 26 ; a. 25.
206. Matthew Gray; d. Feb. 16, 1783; a. 73.
[Same epitaph as in No. 136. He was one of the Scotch emigrants to this place. , Linc. Hist
207. James McFarland d. Ap. 9; a. 56. [Same epitaph as in No. 40, ante.]
208. Mary Maccarty, w. of Rev. Thaddeus M. (No. 213.) The whole inscription is thus:"Remember Death.
In memory of
Mrs. Mary Maccarty,
(The amiable & pious consort
of the
Rev'd Thaddeus Maccarty,)
Who departed this life
December 28th, 1783. - Ætat. 58."
["Besides the gracefulness of her person, she was endowed with a superiour understanding, and was possessed of high religious principles; her death is greatly lamented." See notice. in Mass. Spy, Jan. 1, 1784.]

209-212. See next page. Transcriber's note: Though confusing, this is the order displayed in Barton's booklet. The numbering is broken for the long description of Rev. Thaddeus Maccarty's memorial. It is resumed on the booklets following page
213. Rev. Thaddeus Maccarty ; The inscription is as follows:
 [Figure of an hour glass and wings.]  "My glass is run.
The law  was given  by Moses, [Figure of head and bust with sur-  plice, & c.] but Grace  & truth came by  Jesus Christ.
Memento mori.
This stone are deposited
The remains of
For 37 years Pastor of the Church
In Worcester.
Thro. the course of his ministry he uniformly
exhibited an example
Of the peaceful and amiable virtues
Of Christianity.
Under a slow & painful decline, he discovered an ardent love to his Master, by a chearful attention to his service, & at the approach of death he patiently submitted in the full hope of a glorious Resurrection from the Grave.
In testimony of his fidelity
the people of his charge erect
this monument.
Obiit. July 20, 1784; Etatis. 63."
["He was truly a good man. He lived sincerely esteemed, and died greatly lamented by all who knew him." See notice in Mass, Spy, July 251, 1784. An interesting account of his life-his published works-his installation and settlement as a minister in Worcester, and the different branches of his family, may be found in Lincoln's History, pp. 173-177.]
209. Capt. John Tanner, formerly of Newport, R. 1; d. Jan. 10, 1784; a. 44.
"How good, how valued once, avails thee not,
To whom related or by whom begot,--
A heap of dust alone remains of thee,
Tis all thou art, and all the proud shall be." (Ep.)
210. Capt. Samuel Mower; d. Jan. 24; a. 64.
"Return my friends,
Dry up your tears,
You will see me again
When Christ appears." (Ep.)
211. Coronet Daniel Hubbard; d. Ap. 28; a. 20.
212. Mary Sterne, w. of Capt. Thomas S. (No. 140); 1 July 19; a. 77. [See note in No. 140, ante, and Appendix.]
213. See ante pp. 19.
214. Hannah Mower, w. "of Mr. John, alis Lieut. John" M; d. Sept. 24; a. 59.
"Farewell my friends,
and ceas to mourn,
You will see me again
At Christs return." (Ep.)
215. Loring Sprague, s. of Joseph and Mary S; d. " by fall from a horse," Oct. 9; a. 13.
216. Elizabeth Jenison, w. of Win. J ; d. Nov. 21; a. 21.
"Mortals be dumb -- what creatures dares
Dispute his awful Will?
Ask no account of his affairs,
But tremble and be still." (Ep.)

217. Elizabeth Prentice Chamberlain, dr. of John and Mary C.; d. Feb. 4, [17 by T. R.] 1785; a 10 y. 3m.
218. Lieut. Samuel Brown; d. May 25; a. 42. His epitaph is:
"Death steady to his purpose, from ye womb,
Pursues us till we are drawn to the tomb ;
O - reader - wisely lay this thought to heart
And seek an interest in the better part,
Then when you close in death ye mortal eyes
Your soul may rise and reign above the skies."
[Lieut. Brown was formerly an innholder in Worcester.]
219. John Goddard; d. June 26; a. 87.
"Blessed are the dead wh. die in the Lord,
that they may rest from their labors, &
their works do follow." (Ep.)
220. Sarah Tanner, w. of James T. (No. 200); d. Sept. 19; a. 73.
221. Eunice Flagg, w. of Josiah F.; d. Dec. 26; a. 28.
222. John Gates s. of Simon and Sarah G ; d. May 20, 1786.
"Not praises of man but of God
Yealds comfort on a dying bed." (Ep.)
223. William Elder; d. July 27; a. 79.
[He was one of the "52 Protesters," who in the year 1774 entered on our town records their Royalist declaration and protest against the then revolutionary proceedings in this place. The town afterwards voted, that the signers of that protest be deemed "unworthy of holding any town office or honor" until satisfaction made, and that their recorded protest be entirely obliterated. Satisfaction was accordingly made by most of the Protesters, and the record-as may be seen at the Clerk's office-was made completely illegible.]
224. Molley Brown, w. of John B. and dr. of Jonas Goulding; d. Feb. 13, 1787; a. 20.
"Life is short but Death is sure,
Sin is the wound & Christ is the cure
Of fallen man - Salvation sure." (Ep.)
225. Elizabeth Chamberlain, dr. of John and Mary C. ; d. Mar. 19; a. 17 m.3 w.
226. Sarah Trowbridge, w. of Wm. T.; d. July 15; a. 31 ; [Epitaph similar to the one in No. 26.]
227. Mary Lovell, dr. Jona. and Mary L.; d. Sept. 8; a. 13.
228. Damaris Stevens, w. of Lieut. Cyprian S. ; d. Sept. 28 ; a. 79.
229. Isaac Barnard, Esq.; d. Mar. 18, 1788; a. 86.
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
from henceforth, yea - saith the Spirit - that
they may rest from their labors, and
their works do follow them. -Rev. xiv. 13." (Ep.)
230. Sibbel Moore, dr. John and Esther M.; d. July 4; a. 22.
231. Rebekah Moore, w. of James M.; d. July 19; a. 39.
232. Whipple Mowrey, s. of Augustus M.; d. Oct. 8; a. 8 mos.
233. Experience Maccarty, [Mary M. ; by Mass. Spy,] "consort of Doct. Thaddeus M."; d. Jan. 24, 1789; a. 32.
[She died after a "long and painful illness, which she bore with a fortitude that dignifies human nature;" Mass. Spy, Jan. 29. See a notice of her husband's life and services, in Lincoln's History, 257.]
234. John Mahan; d. Oct. * 1789; a. 32.
235. Palmer Goulding, [youngest] s. of Capt. Palmer G. Jr. and Rebecca G.; d. Feb. 19, 1790; a. 15 y. 8 m.
"Job 1, 21st. The Lord gave, & the Lord hath taken away,
blessed be the name of the Lord." (Ep.)
236. Deacon Jacob Chamberlain; d. Mar. 17; a. 71 ; -and the inscription is :
"Who fulfilled the office of a Deacon in the church of Christ
in Worcester for about 28 years with satisfaction to
the church and Honor to himself.
He was possessed of good natural abilities -
Useful in the Society of which he was a member
Instructive and entertaining in conversation
Compassionate to the afflicted
Given to hospitality - Sound in the faith,
And now, we trust, has entered into his
Eternal Rest."
[See note, ante No. 153, and Linc. Hist. 179.]
237. "Timothy Bigelow, Esq., commander of the 15th Massachusetts Regt in the Revolutionary War with Great Britain" b. Aug. 12, 1739; d. Ap. 4, 1790; a. 50.
"Here lie his remains."
[He was an active and eloquent patriot of the Revolution, a member of the Worcester Committee of Correspondence, of the famous " Whig Club," in which be was associated with Warren, Otis, and other eminent individuals, a delegate in the Provincial Congress, and filled many important offices with honor and ability. A good account of his life, character and services may be found in Linc. Hist. p. 277, and chapters 6 and 7.]
238. Sarah Bowles, dr. of Dea. Wm. and Sarah B.; d. June 3; a. 21.
"The sweet remembrance of the Just,
Shall flourish when they sleep in Dust." (Ep.)
239. Susanna Bowles, dr. of Wm. and Sarah B.; d. June 6; a. 8.
240. Sarah Barber, w. of Robert B. (ante No. 130) ; d. June 9 ; a. 86.
241. Peter Goulding; b. Dec. 30, 1736 ; d. July 14, 1790; a. 54. The epitaph is:
"Friends & Physician could not save
My mortal body from the grave,
Nor can the grave confine me here
When Christ shall call me to appear."
["His death was occasioned by a fall from the frame of a house." Mass. Spy, July 22.]
242. Elizabeth Goddard, dr. of Samuel and Abigail G,; d. Sep. 21 ; a. 20.
243. Jonathan Rice; d. June 16, 1791 ; a. 56.
["For many years a Deputy Sheriff-an honest man and a good citizen." Mass. Spy, June 23, 1791. He was one of the "law and order" volunteers at the time of the famous Shay's Rebellion, and at a skirmish with the insurgents at New Braintree in this county, he was shot through the hand and arm. See also Linc. Hist. 149.]
244. James Goulding, s. of Ignatius and Elizabeth G.; d. Aug. 4; a. 27. [Same epitaph as 238.]
245. Mrs. Martha Holbrook; d. Sep. 27; a. 23.
"Corruption, Earth & Worms,
Will but refine this flesh
Until my spirit coms again
And puts it on afresh." (Ep.)
246. Elnor Moore, w. of Capt. David M. (No. 257); d. Oct. I a. 63.
247. Phinehas Flagg, s. of Col. Benj. and Abigail F.; d. Oct. I ; a. 39.
"Why do we mourn departing friends,
Or shake at Death's alarms,
Tis but the voice which Jesus sends
To call them to his arms." (Ep)
248. John Heath Knight, s. of Edward and Elizabeth K.; d. 1791 ; a. I I in. 15 da.
"Here I lay
And rest my head
Till Christ appear
And raise the dead." (Ep.)

249. George Flagg, s. of Silas and Anna F.; d. Jan. 3, 1792; a. 2 in. 14 da.
"Sleep on my babe
And take thy rest,
God called thee home
When he saw it best." (Ep.)
250. "Capt. Palmer Goulding [Jr.], who after a life of activity, justice and humanity, died 30 Jan. 1792, aged 69 years. This corruptible must put on incorruptible, and this mortal must put on immortality."
251. James Cook, s. of George and Phebe C.; d. July 8; a. 6.
[Epitaph similar to No. 210.]
252. Elisabeth Rice, w. of Absalom R. (No. 196); d. Aug. 3; a. 76.
"Deth comfortably ends
A well-spent -- useful life." (Ep.)
253. Irena Wiswall, w. of Ebenezer W. (No. 301); d. Dec. 31 [1793, by Mass. Spy.] ; a. 76.
[Same epitaph as in No. 247 ante.]
254. George Flagg; d. * * 1792; a. 9 m. 14 da.
[Same epitaph,as in No. 249.]

255. Francis Harrington; d. July 18, 1793; a. 84; Epitaph is:
"In thee shall Israel trust,
Which see their guilt forgiven,
God will pronounce the sinner Just,
And take the Saints to Heaven."
256. John Gates Rice, s. of Jonathan and Sarah R.; d. 1793; a. 13 y. 5. m.
[Epitaph similar to the one in 210.]

257. Capt. David Moore; d. Feb. 25, 1794; a. 64.
258. Nancy Blair, dr. of Increase and Huldah B.; d. Ap. 11 a. 11 mos; [See No. 276.]
259. Mrs. Martha Wiley; d. May 6; a. 48.
260. Moses Kingsbury, only s. of Joseph and Margaret K.; d. Aug. 20; a. 20.
["The Artillery Company, of which he was a member, paid him their tribute of respect by attending his funeral, dressed in uniform." Mass. Spy, Aug. 27.]
261. James Maynard, s. of James and Molly M.; d. Oct. 23; a. 7
"Gay youth, come view
My silent dust,
As here I'm laid
So soon you must."' (Ep.)
262. Dr. Thomas Nichols; d. Dec. 9; a. 83.
[Same epitaph as in No. 241. He was formerly of Dan. vers, and came from Sutton to this place about A. D. 1765. Linc. Hist.]

263. Henry Andrews, s. of Benj. and Sally A.; d. Mar. 10, 1795; a. 5 y. 9 in.
264. Polly Whitney, [eldest dr. of Moses Kingsbury, and] w. of Amos W. ; d. Ap. 23; a. 33 [23, by T. R.] ; "also Ezra."
265. Susanna Curtis, dr. of David and Susanna C.; b. May 15, 1794; d. May I ; a. 1.
266. John Thomas s. of Peter T. of Long Island - d. June 18; a. 17.
[The grave stone is of white marble-the only other one in the Cemetery being the No 270 infra.]
267. James Andrews, s. of Benj. and Sally A. (No. 274); d. Aug. 28; a. 8 y. 6 in.
[About 80 deaths occurred in Worcester this year,
during the prevalence of the summer complaint.]
268. Alexander Blair, s. of Increase and Huldah B.; d. Mar. 5, 1796; a. 5. [See inscription in No. 276.]
269. Major Win. Treadwell; d. Ap. 10; a. 46. His epitaph is this :
"He enter'd the army in 1775, and devoted his whole time to the service of his Country, until the Independence of America was secured; he ever courted the field of battle, & his military ardour and bravery were indisputable."
["His body was committed to the grave with military honors." It would seem from the lines found in the Mass. Spy of Ap. 22, 1795, that he was unfortunate in his pecuniary affairs, and died a lingering victim to despair caused by his sudden poverty. See Linc. Hist. 331.]
270. Israel J[enison] Stowell, s. of Peter S. (No. 306) and Betsy S. ; d. Aug. 12; a 5. [See note, ante No. 266.]
271. Fanny Elder, dr. of John E. Jr. and Lydia E. d. Aug. 13; a. 3.
272. Dolly F. Curtis, dr. of David and Susanna C b. Oct. 16, 1792; d. Aug. 27; a. 4.
273. Abigail Goulding, dr. of Capt. Palmer G. Jr. (No. 250) and Rebebah G. ; b. June 11, 1771 ; d. Sep. 26, 1796.
"Like blossom'd trees, o'erturned by vernal storm,
Lovely in death, the beauteous ruin lay." (Epitaph.)
274. Sally Andrews, w. of [Lieut.] Beni. A,; d. Nov. 9; a. 34. 1797.
275. Capt. John Curtis; d. June 29, 1797; a. 90,
[He was engaged in the colony service, during a part of the French war, 1757. See Linc. Hist.]
276. Increase Blair; d. Nov. 11; a. 40.
[The same stone commemorates the death of his wife and' two children, and has this inscription: - "The monumental memorial of this group of victims to mortality, demands the passenger's tearful Remembrance,
Parents and babes together lie,
Till Jesus call them to the sky."
See Nos. 258, 268, '278, and note in No. 156.]

277. Miss Abigail Jenison; b. July 30,1744 ; d. June 29, 1798,
"No longer has all healing art avails
But every remedy its master fails,
But when faith presents ye Saviour's death
And whispers this is thine,
Sweetly my rising hours advance,
And peacefully decline." (Epitaph.)
278. Huldah Blair, w. of Increase B. (see No. 276); d. July 9, 1798; a. 38.
279. Deborah Harrington, w. of Francis H. [No. 255] d. Ap. 20, 1799; a. 84.
"This shall be known when we are dead,
And left on long record,
That ages yet unborn may read,
And trust and praise the Lord." (Ep.)
280. Dr. John Green, s. of Dr. Thomas G. d. Oct. 29; a. 64.
[An obituary notice of Dr. G. may be found in the Mass. Spy of Nov. 6, 1799. For notices of the highly respected family of Greens, see Linc. Hist. p. 254.]
281. Lieut. Richard Flagg; d. at Holden, Nov. 12; a. 92.
[On the same stone is a memorial of his wife's decease, (No. 300) and the inscription: "This monument is erected by their sons Samuel & Benjamin Flagg."]
282. Pheba Harris, w. of Noah H. (No. 294) ; d. March 6, 1800; a. 67.
283. Lucy Moore, w, of Asa M. (No. 286); d. Mar. 11; a. 76.
284. Jonathan Rice [Jr.]; d. Ap. 13; a. 22.
285. Samuel Goddard, Jr. s. of Sam'l and Abigail G.; d. May 3; a. 26. [His epitaph is similar to No. 26.]
286. Asa Moore; d. June 30; a. 80.
287. Sarah Gates, w. of Simon G. (No. ISO); d. Sep. 30; a. 75.
"Friend, quit this stone, & look above the Skies,
The dust lies here, but virtue never dies." (Ep.)

288. Miss Lois Taylor; d. July 6, 1802; a. 22.
289. Mary Ann Barber; d. Oct. 11; a. 67.
290. Elisabeth Curtis, [2nd] w. of Capt. John C. (No. 275) d. Nov. 14 ; a. 90.
291. Samuel Goddard; d. June 12, 1803; a. 71.

292. Cornelius Stowell; d. Jan. 3, 1804; a. 78, [79, by T. R.]
[The weaver's shop of " Cornelius and Peter Stowell" was burnt Jan. 4, 1793. Linc. Hist.]
293. Abigail Goddard, w. of Sam'l G. (No. 291;) d. Ap. 8; a. 64.
294. Noah Harris; d. Aug. 30; a. 70. [His epitaph is similar to No. 26.1 1806.
295. Sarah Barnard, w. of Isaac B. Esq. (No. 229;) d. Ap. 9, 1806; a. 97. 

296. Phinehas Flagg, s. of John and Sarah F.; d. Jan. 20, [21, by T. R.] 1807; a. 4 y. 3 m.;
"My days were few, and I but small,
But must obey, when Christ doth call." ---(Ep.)
297. Miss Katharine Drowne, dr, of Thomas D. " late of Boston, deceased;" d. Jan. 23; a. 69, [70, by T. R.]
"Sweet were the hopes that cheer'd her soul
Those hopes by God were given,
And tho' her body sleeps in dust,
Her soul ascends to Heaven."
298. Hannah Bush, w. of John B. (No. 316;) d. Feb. 1; a. 39 y. 11 m.;
"Sweet is the sleep that here we take,
Until in Jesus we awake;
Then shall our happy souls rejoice
To hear our blessed Saviour's voice." (Ep.)
299. Robert Smith; d. July 4; a SO. [Epitaph like No. 26.]

300. Grace Flagg, w. of Lieut. Richard F. (See No. 281); d. at Holden, Dec. 4, 1808; a. 100!

301. Ebenezer Wiswall; d. Mar. 19, 1809; a 87.
302. Mehitable Moore, w. of Nath'I M. (No. 308;) d. Ap. 25; a. 89.

303. Daniel Flagg, [s. of Phinehas and Rhoda F.; by T. R.] d. Mar. 12, 1810; a. 24;
"Christ, my Redeemer lives,
And often from the skies
Looks down & watches all my dust
Till he shall bid it rise." (Ep.)
304. Lucy Flagg, dr. of John and Sarah F.; d. May 8; a. 2 y. 6 m. [Epitaph similar to No. 249.]
305. Elisabeth Flagg, dr. of Abel and Susannah F.; d. May 23; a. 7
"So fades the lovely blooming flower,
Sweet, smiling solace of an hour." (Ep.)
306. Peter Stowell; d. July 16; a 48. [See note in No. 292, .and Linc. Hist. 321.]

307. Elijah Harrington; d. Feb. 3, 1811 ; a. 77.
308. Nathaniel Moore; d. July 19; a. 96;
["A man of Exemplary piety and benevolence." A notice of his character and connections may be found in the Mass. Spy, for July 24, 1811, quoted in Linc. Hist. 42.]

309. Betsey Cornelia S. Ridgway, dr. of John and Betsey R.; d. Mar. 5, 1812; a. 3;
"Weep not my friends, your darling child hath fled,
Beyond the mansions of the sleeping dead,
And rose to realms of ever-cloudless day,
Where life, and bliss, and peace holds boundless sway." (Ep.)
310. James Barber; d. Mar. 30; a. 85;
[One of the earliest recorded Fires in Worcester, is that of the - house of Mr. James Barber," consumed May 25, 1767.]
311. Zurvilah Stowell, w. of Cornelius S. (No. 292;) d. June 7; a. 82.

312. Miss Lucy Maccarty, [13th child of Rev. Thaddeus M., No. 213; d. June 21, 1813; a. 53.
313. "Ebenezer WARTERS;" d. Aug..27; & 38.

314. Mary Green, [2d] w. of Dr, John G. (No. 280); d. June 16, 1814; a. 74.

315. Samuel Jenison; d. Nov. 18, 1815; a. 70. His epitaph is:
"The memory of the just
Shall flourish when they sleep in dust."

316. John Bush; d. Jan. 28, 1816; a. 61.
[He lived in the old " Bush house," No. 228 Main St., now occupied by I. M. Barton.]
317. Mrs. Mary Drowne, dr. of Thomas D., "late of Boston, deceased ;'; d. Oct. 21 ; a. 65.
318; Relief Stowell, w. of Abel S. (No. 323) d. Ap. 14, 1817; a. 62, [63, by T. R.]
"Still, still on thee shall fond remembrance dwell!
And to the world thy worth delight to tell,
With surer aim, on faith's strong pinions rise,
And seek a heavenly refuge in the skies." (EP.)
319. Mary Goddard, dr. of Samuel G. (No. 291 ?) d. June 26; a. 45.
320. Martha Stevens, w. of Capt. Simon S.; d. Aug. 10: a. 79, [75; by Mass. Spy.]
"Let the green leaf press gently o'er her dust,
There rest in hope till Christ shall bid it rise
At the great resurrection of the just
To meet the Saviour from the opening skies." (Ep.)
321. Col. Ebenezer Lovel; d. Dec. 6; a. 88.
[He was an officer in the Revolutionary War, and a representative from Worcester to the General Court, A. D. 1777. See Linc. Hist.]
322. Nathaniel Curtis; d. June 28, ISIS - a. 52.
323. Abel Stowell; d. Aug. 3; a. 66, [65 by T. R.] His epitaph is:
"Mark well this rising mound of earth,
Approach, and then will cease thy mirth.
'Tis here where sleeps a Parent dead,
'Tis here where rests the aged head."
[He was well known about the commencement of this century, as the manufacturer of church and tower-clocks in this place. The "Old South" clock was made by him, A. D. 1800.]
324. Eunice Rice, w. of Jonathan R. (No. 243;) d. Mar. 5, 1819; a. 79.
325. Samuel Flagg, Esq., eldest s. of Richard and Grace F. (Nos. 281 and 300;) d. Sep. 24; a. 83, [92, by T. R.]
["Capt. Samuel Flagg" about sixty-five years ago occupied a house nearly on the site of Judge Allen's present residence. The house was burnt in 1786.]

326. Mary Maccarty, w. of Nathaniel M.; d. Jan. 13, 1821: a. 64.
327. Elizabeth Maccarty, [7th child of Rev. Thaddeus M. No. 213;) d. Mar. 25, 1823; a. 70.
328. Dolly Flagg, w. of Sam'l F. Esq. (No. 325;) d. Mar. 10, 1824; a. 84. [d. Mar. 11, 1824; a. 85; according to T. R.]

[The first seven names following, were kindly furnished us by J. Harrington, Esq. They were found by him some time ago, upon stones and fragments of stone, which were probably removed or destroyed before the preceding collection was made. Below these names, a few inscriptions are added which were omitted in their places.]
1. Samuel Maccarty, s. of Thaddeus M.; d. 1755.
2. Thomas Maccarty, s. of Thaddeus M.; d. 1755.
3. James Carlyle, [husband of Mary C. No. 35,] d. 1758.
4. Miss Eunice Flagg; d. 1785. [See No. 221.]
5. Ignatius Goulding; d. 1787.
6. Feretrina Mowrey; d. 1787.
7. James Hayward; d. 1795.
8. James How; d. Mar. 18, 1755; a. 44.
9. Samuel Thomas; d. May 20, 1755; a. 67.
10. Janet Thomas, w. of Samuel T. (App. 9,) d. Aug. 18, 1756; a. 56.
11. Dea. Nath'l Moore; d. Nov. 25,1761; a. 84. [Same epitaph as No. 40.]
12. John Smith, s. of John and Sarah S.; d. Dec. 31, 1769;. a. 6 in.
13. John Mackay, s. of Capt. Win. and Frances M.; d. Feb,. 1, 1776; a. 6.
14. John Taylor, s. of John and Elisabeth T.; d. * 1776; a. 1
15. Mary Mower, dr. of Samuel and Nancy M.; d. Mar. 29,, 11786; a. 6.
16. Ezra Wiley; d. June * 1795; a. I? His mother d. 1795.
17. Mary Adams, Azubah Rice and Elizabeth Willard; d. * *
18. [Inscription for Capt. Wm. Jones, No. 179, ante.]
"Under this Covring sleeps the mouldring Bons,
Ah---tis the frail Remains of Capt'n William Jones,
On April 6th, 1 7 7 7
Death him Remov'd from toils of Earth to bliss of Heaven."
19. [Epitaph for Mrs. Mary Sterne, No. 212.]
"Beneath this stone Death's prisoner lies,
The stone shall move, the prisoner rise,
When Jesus with Almighty word,
Calls his dead saints to meet their Lord."
20. [Epitaph for Rebekah Moore, No. 231, similar to No. 248.]
[We are also informed by S. Jennison, Esq. that the tomb of the distinguished Chandler family was formerly located in this Cemetery, but is now destroyed. The tombs of the Dix and Wheeler families were also removed a few years ago, about the time that our Common was "improved " by the destruction of the town Flag-Staff, and by the removal of the old Artillery Company Armory, of the Hook and Ladder House, where the County Gallows was also kept, and, of the stone wall around the Cemetery.]

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