Scarlett Ancestry 1

Elizabeth SCARLETT - bap. Aug. 30, 1561, Nayland, Suffolk; bur. Mar. 27, 1603, Nayland. Daughter of John SCARLETT and Emma. Wife of John "the middle" WARREN(1552-1613)

John and Emma SCARLETT

John SCARLETT - b. about 1525/30 ; bur. Nov. 11, 1571, Nayland, Suffolk. Married first Jan. 26, 1554/5, Layham, Suffolk, Margaret MARTIN (d. 1555/58), and second about 1588.

Emma - Married second Sep. 13, 1574, Nayland, Suffolk, Thoams PARISH.


  1. John - b. about 1555, Nayland, Suffolk; bur. Sep. 19, 1614, Nayland, Suffolk. Son of John and Margaret. Married Mary (bur. Nov. 30, 1625). Children: Ann married John BOND; Susan; Mary never married; Christopher married (see below); Dorothy died young; George married; and Frances married Daniel COLE.
  2. Alice - b. about 1557; bur. Mar. 2, 1560/1, Nayland, Suffolk. Probably daughter of John and Margaret.
  3. Joan - bap. May 16, 1559, Nayland, Suffolk. Daughter of John and Emma.
  4. Elizabeth - bap. Aug. 30, 1561, Nayland, Suffolk; bur. Mar. 27, 1603, Nayland. Daughter of John and Emma. Married John WARREN.
  5. James - bap. Jan. 11, 1563/4, Nayland, Suffolk. Daughter of John and Emma.
  6. Richard - b. about 1566; bur. Dec. 20, 1579, Nayland, Suffolk. Daughter of John and Emma.
  7. Thomas - bap. Sep. 29, 1568, Nayland, Suffolk; bur Sep. 11, 1579, Nayland, Suffolk. Daughter of John and Emma.
  8. Frances - b. about 1570/1; bur. Oct. 17, 1580, Nayland, Suffolk. Daughter of John and Emma.

Second article on John SCARLETT

John SCARLETT, b. abt 1525/30,{3} m. (1) 26 Jan 1555, in Layham,Suffolk,England,{3} Margaret Martin, m. (2) abt 1558, in Layham,Suffolk,England,{3} Emma *unknown. John died Nayland, Suffolk, England,{9} buried: 11 Nov 1571, Nayland, Suffolk, England.{3} John and Margaret were married in Layham in January of 1555. There is no further record of them there, so they probably moved soon after marriage to Nayland, which is about five miles southwest of Layham. John Scarlett probably grew up in Nayland, but the parish register begins in 1558, so documentation for this hypothesis is lacking. There are several Martin Families in Layham at the time of the marriage and several Margaret Martins marrying at the time. Therefore, it is impossible to determine Margaret's relationship to these others, Margaret must have died before 1588 when the Nayland register starts and John re-married, for when he died, he left a widow named Emma.[1/489-490]
..... The couple may also have lived elsewhere at the time of Margaret's death. Therefore, it is difficult to determine who is the mother of ancestor, but Emma is the more likely candidate at this time. On May 11,1560 at Nayland was buried Emma Smithe, servant to John Scarlett. No John Scarlett was listed in the 1568 subsidy (tax) list, which indicates he paid no tax, hence had negligible assets.[1/489-490] Or the family was living elsewhere.

John's second wife Emma *unknown b. abt 1535, d. aft 1574.


[1] Fifty Great Migration Colonists...,by John Threlfall,1990

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The Warren-Scarlett ancestry in England is primarily based on the material presented in The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908: Part I The Ancestry of Warren Francis Kempton 1817-1879, by Dean Crawford Smith and edited by Melinde Lutz Sanborn (Boston, 1996), pages 462-474. This work contains much additional supporting material, and additional details on family members.

Subject: Scarlet family of Nayland 1600sDate: Thu, 18 May 2000 14:12:27 EDT
 You may find the following of interest.  It is from the web page of Rev Doggett of Virginia, the pages show he is related to Gov. Winthrop.  Nayland is a beautiful small old Tudor village worth a visit, and 1 mile across a small river from Boxted, parish of the Rev. George Phillips of Watertown. Boxford is further north and near Groton, Winthrops home. It would be interesting to see if this is our Scarlett family, sure looks promising!!
115:6 ALICE EDOGGETT; chr. 14 May 1601, Boxford, Suffolk; m. 14 Jul 1624, Boxford, Suffolk, CHRISTOPHER SCARLETT, son of John and Mary (Horsman) Scarlett, of Nayland, Suffolk, d. 23 Sep 1650. Mercer.
Children (Scarlett):
E115:61     John                m.  Frances Bettesworth
E115:62     Thomas              m.  Sara Driwood
The baptism of Alice on 14 May 1601 is recorded in the Boxford Parish Register. Boyd's Suffolk Marriage Index lists the marriage of Alice Dogget and Cris Scarlet, at Boxford. SBD reports the full date of marriage as 14 May 1624, probably from the parish register. Christopher Scarlett was a mercer by occupation, as was Alice's father.
The will of Christopher Scarlett, of Nayland, mercer, dated 23 Sep 1650, was probated 16 May 1651 (P.C.C. 99 Grey). The will is abstracted in Misc. Gen. VI, 2d Ser. The will names his mother-in-law, Avice Doggett, and directed that he be buried near his wife in Nayland. It is clear, therefore, that Alice predeceased Christopher.
In the Visitation of Essex, 1664, a pedigree was entered by Christopher's son John. This pedigree states that Christopher was the son of John Scarlett of Nayland and Mary, dau. of Sir John Horsman, Knt. of Com. Norfolk, and married Alice, dau. of _____ Doggett, of Boxford. Christopher's maternal grandfather had been granted knighthood.
Subject: Potters and Scarlet and Dogett
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 02:36:00 -0000
From: "Christine Wicks"    <  >
 I have been researching the Potter family in Essex for years and been aware of a relationship between them and the Scarlet family for some time.  It wasn't until I stumbled onto your site that I realised that Christopher Scarlet had relatives in Virginia. Christophers son Thomas Scarlet was at school in Colchester Essex
with John Potter and his brother Joseph [circa 1641].  I would think this is the likely connection with the Potter family here and some at least, Potters who came to New England.  I am going to examine your site to see what other links there might be [I have spotted the Warren name already] so I think it will prove beneficial...I do hope so! Anyway Here's hoping Bye for now
Chris Wicks
Bocking Essex England

E115:62 THOMAS SCARLETT m. SARA DRIWOOD, dau. of John Driwood of Braintree, Essex.

The Scarlett pedigree in the Visitation of Essex states that Thomas Scarlett m. Sara, dau. of John Driwood of Braintree, Essex.
E115:61 JOHN SCARLETT m. FRANCES BETTESWORTH, dau. of Thomas Bettesworth, of Winchester, Hampshire.
Children (Scarlett):

E115:611    Christopher b. 1659
E115:612    Thomas
E115:613    John
E115:614    Frances
The Scarlett pedigree in the Visitation of Essex states that John Scarlett of Copford, Essex, m. Frances, dau. of Thomas Bettesworth, Esq, of Winchester, Hampshire, and lists his children, Christopher, age 5, Thomas, John and Frances.

E115:8 DOROTHY DOGGETT, dau. of William and Avis (Lappadge) Doggett; chr. 28 Nov 1605, Boxford, Suffolk; m. 1637 (Lic 28 Nov) , Ipswich, Suffolk, LAWRENCE STISTED, of Ipswich, son of Owen and Elizabeth (Jermy) Stisted, of Kesgrave, Suffolk
Subject: Elizabeth Scarlett
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 12:42:40 -0000
From: "John Batchelet & Maria Perez" <  >

  I was on your website trying to follow the link of Elizabeth Scarlett.  The address was wga51.html#l9209 and I got a message that said there was a broken link.
I also noticed another broken link when I tried to folllow it to Elizabeth's husband John's grandmother Margaret (~1485-? and wife of Robert Warren). The address was wga1.html#l160.
Thank you for posting this information.
John Batchelet
Radwell, England
formerly of Waukesha, Wisconsin
and descendent of Mary Warren Biglo
The files you mentioned were created by Don Bigelow a number of years ago. Don died a couple of years ago, and I don't have time to fix all those links................ROD

Subject: John Scarlett
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 16:28:57 -0400
From: "Peter Scarlett" <  >
  I read with interest your genealogy of John Scarlett and felt there was a connection with my family . I am a direct descendent of John Scarlett who came to Canada via Antigua and settled in Toronto in app 1809. John was born in Newcastle under Lyme , Stafford England the second son of Samuel Scarlett. His father Samuel Scarlett lived in Hanley Staff's where he was a mercer
(a dealer in fine cloths).
 I have listed below a geneology in descending order with additional comments.
Samuel (1) Scarlett married
Hannah  ? and lived at Thorpe next to Norwich, Norfolk ,Eng. (Norfolk county is next to Suffolk County)
Mary             Born         Oct 29 1932
Samuel (2)        "            Dec 25 1746
Pinberrow         "            June 27 1742
Samuel (2) Scarlett married Mary Bowker Jan 1771 at Baptist Church in Peterborough, Northhampton, England, they moved to Hanley,  Staff's where their children were born.
Samuel (3)         Christened  1774
John                    "              1777
Joseph                 "             1779
Mary                    "             1781
James or Rodney   "            1782
William                "              1783
James                   "            1785
Robert                   "            1787
Pinberrow              "            1789
Bowker                "              1790
Hannah                "              1793
Please E-Mail me at with your thoughts and comments. I have fully traced the descendents of John Scarlett in Canada and now am working on connections in England

Rod Bigelow (Roger Jon12 BIGELOW)

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