Rebecca 5 BIGELOW

12381    Rebecca 5 BIGELOW, daughter of Samuel 4 (John 3,Jonathan2, John1) and Eleanor (CONRON) BIGELOW, was born at unknown date and raised near Burlington, Chittenden county, NJ. She married on 21 December 1799 Thomas KIRBY, son of Thomas and Rachel (HANCE) KIRBY. He was born at Burlington, 21 April 1771, and was a carpenter by trade, and a Quaker. The Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends at Burlington records that Thomas was "disowned" from the church for marrying out of discipline, i.e., out of the Quaker faith. By 1803 Thomas and Rebecca were residents of Jefferson county, OH, and became landowners there. In 1817 they were again in good standing, and belonged to the Smithfield Society of Friends in Jefferson county. In 1829 they sold their property and purchased land in Morgan county, OH. Thomas KIRBY died at Pennfield, OH 03 February 1837; Rebecca on ??.

Children of Thomas and Rebecca (BIGELOW) KIRBY, but the eldest born Jefferson county, OH:

12381.1   Mary Kirby, b 10 Oct 1800; d ___ ; m Joshua WOOD. may have also had child by a Mr. Teeples at age 16 (see below)

12381.2   Samuel Bigelow Kirby, b 15 Oct 1803; d ____ ; m Ruth GILBERT.

12381.3   Thomas Conron Kirby, b 29 Nov 1806; d ____ ; m Rebecca UNDERGRAFFE.

12381.4   Isaac Kirby, b 16 Dec 1808; d ____ ; m Elizabeth WORRELL. (see below)

12381.5   Rachel Kirby, b 21 Jan 1811; d ____ ; m David DeWIESE.

12381.6   Eleanor Kirby, b 23 Oct 1814;d ___ ; m Milton GRIFFITH.

12381.7   Rebecca Kirby, b 8 Aug 1818; d ____ ; m George McNICHOLS.

12381.8   Hannah Kirby,b l5 Jun 1820;d ___ ; m David ISRAEL.

12381.9   Keturah Kirby, b 28 Feb 1822; d ____ ; m Dr. Nathaniel McNICHOLS jr.

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e-mail 26 July 2000 from Erwin Kirby of Grants Pass, Oregon;
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Subject: bigelow connections
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 14:07:36 EDT
From: Isabelle Holman
Family information in OH:
 Mary Ann Bigelow said to have been Quaker, married a Mr. Teeples and had one child when she was 16 years old, who was also named Mary Ann after her mother.  When Teeples died, Mary Ann Bigelow (Teeples) married Joshua Wood, a Quaker.  She gave birth to a daughter when she was 54 who was called 'Teeny' because she was so small.  Mary Ann Bigelow Teeples Wood died in her 84th year.
 What I have documented:
 The second Mary Ann (Teeples) married Lewis Rodgers, my great-grandfather and named her first child, Rebecca Bigelow Rodgers.  I also have a certified copy of the marriage record for Mary Teeples and Joshua Wood.  The 1860 Census shows Joshua and Mary Wood (age 59) with a daughter (age 5), Eva.  Could this be "Teeny"?
1850 Census shows that Lewis & Mary Rodgers lived next to Isaac Kirby, son of Rebecca Bigelow Kirby.
She had a brother named Isaac Kirby Rodgers.  Neighbors Samuel and Orpah Wood could be related to Joshua since she also had a brother named Joshua Wood Rodgers and a sister named Eva Wood Rodgers. 
What I wonder:
 Could your Mary Kirby dau of Thomas and Rebecca Bigelow also be the mother of Mary Ann Teeples?.. could be..................ROD
Isabelle Holman
Las Vegas, NV

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