Mindwell 5 BIGELOW

 16212.     Mindwell 5 BIGELOW, daughter of Jonathan 4 (Jonathan 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Mary (SNOW) BIGELOW, was born 30 April 1735 at Lancaster, MA. She married (1) 6 Sep 1750 at Harvard, John Frost, son of John and Ruth ( Scripture) Frost (see below). She and John settled in Lancaster, where all their children were born. John was born 26 August 1725 at___ .
He was a shoemaker by trade. He drew up his will 23 Feb 1790, and it was proved 29 June the same year. Mindwell married (2) 11 May 1796 Simon Gilson of Pepperell (see below); we have no death date for her. The Frost genealogy has many tales concerning the family, though they appear to be somewhat on the imaginative side, dealing with witchcraft, family anecdotes, etc.

Children of John and Mindwell (Bigelow) Frost, all born Lancaster, Worcester county, MA:

16212.1      Joseph, b 7 Aug 1751; died young.

16212.2      Mercy, b 14 Jun 1755; died young.

16212.3      Joseph, b ____ 1757; d 21 Dec 1830; m Jeminia Moore.

16212.4      Jonathan Bigelow, b 7 Nov 1759; was living 1792 VT; m Sarah ____ .

16212.5      Mercy, bapt 23 May 1762; died young (not named in father's will).

16212.6      John, bapt 16 Sep 1764; died young (not named in father's will).

16212.7      Benjamin, bapt 2 Nov 1766; d 7 Sep 1841; m 16 May 1796 Lucretia Johnson.

16212.8      Aaron, bapt 14 Dec 1768; died young (not named in father's will).

16212.9      Solomon, bapt 15 Sep 1771; d 16 Nov 1801; m 7 Nov 1796 Sally Whitcomb.

16212.A     Rufus, bapt 5 Jun 1774.

16212.B     Rebekah, b 14 Sep 1776; d 22 May 1862 Groton, MA; m 17 Sep 1797 Adam Hill.

16212.C     Samuel, bapt 27 June 1779; d 12 Jan 1823 Montreal, Quebec; m ca 1800 Lucinda Seaver.

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Descendant Note:
Do you have any information on the second marriage of Mindwell Bigelow?? She married Simon Gilson on 11 May 1796.  I have been looking for a Simon Gilson...Can you help??? Thanks in advance..Hope somebody can help..ROD 5/22/98
Janelle Preman Penkin  email: premanjanelle@email.msn.com
Info from Janis Pahnke, Chicago, IL:
Anyone descended from this line will be interested to learn that Janis has proven that John Frost was the son of John and Ruth (Scripture) Frost. Ruth Scripture was the daughter of this Elizabeth Knapp. Also of interest is the fact that Elizabeth Knapp's mother was the sister of Mary (Warren) Bigelow.
see: Knapp, Elizabeth, b 21 Feb 1655 (from: Forge Vol. 26, No. 3; July 1997)

Subject: Knapp
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 21:30:17 -0500
From: Barb kineke      send2barb2@juno.com

Hi, I am descended from the Knapps and Warrens through  Samuel Scripture and Elizabeth Warren Knapp.  Down from there I descend from their son John to his son John to his son Eleazer, to his son Roswell Scripture to their daughter Sophia Scripture who married into the Mabie family, William.  From William and Sophias son Arba to Elmer to Elmer to Luella
Mabie to me.  Anyhow, on your web page you mentioned that there is proof that our Elizabeth Warren Knapp is the one who was tried as a witch. Could you tell or show me what that proof is?  You also have quite a few varying dates for Samuel and Elizabeth Knapp Scriptures children.  Mostly it is a month or year that is off.  Where did you get your documentation?
 Thanks for any help you may give.  Barb Kineke

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