16C52    Jabez 5 BIGELOW, son of Jabez 4 (Eleazer 3,Joshua2, John1) and Deborah (KNOWLTON) BIGELOW, was born 06 March 1764 at Westminster, Worcester county, MA. He married, circa 1786, Betsy McINTOSH in Haverhill, NH. She was born 12 December 1768 at Boston, Suffolk county, MA, the daughter of Ebenezer Mackintosh (see below). They lived a few years at Newbury, VT, where 3 children were born, then settled at Ryegate. He was a farmer, shoemaker, and major in the old militia, and generally called "Major Bigelow". He died in the home of his daughter "Mrs. Cynthia Nelson" in Monroe, NH on 31 December 1851. Betsy died on 10 October 1848 in Rygate. Jabez or both are buried at Wells, NH.
1790 census: VT-Orange-Newbury-Jabez Bigelow: 1-1-2-0-0.
NOTE that no death death places are given with the dates of death for the children listed above; from the collection of family letters, we know that several of the daughters lived at some distance from their parents, and therefore the deaths were not at Ryegate.

Children of Jabez and Betsy (McINTOSH) BIGELOW, as given in Howe's Bigelow genealogy:

16C52.l        Elizabeth McIntosh, b 12 July 1788 Newbury, VT; d ____ 1863; m Daniel DARLING.

16C52.2t     Jabez, b 25 Nov 1789 Newbury, VT; d 13 Nov 1850; m Eleanor Chamberlain. 3 children.

16C52.3       John, b 08 Aug 1791 Newbury, VT; died there 05 Sep 1791.

16C52.4       Roxalana, b 15 Oct 1794 Ryegate, VT; d 20 Dec 1863; m John Slyc.

16C52.5       Sirena, b 19 Dec 1796 Ryegate, VT; d 10 Dec 1868; m James T. Bailey. both buried in Massena, NY(see below)

16C52.6      Cynthia, b 4 Mar 1799 Ryegate, VT; d 09 Apr 1883; m Robert G. Nelson.

16C52.7       Laura, b 13 Apr 1802; Ryegate, VT; d 13 Jan 1872; unm.

16C52.8       John, b 28 Dec 1803 Ryegate, VT; d 12 Apr 1891 Ryegate; m 26 Dec 1836 Mary C. Thompson; 5 children.

16C52.9       Knowlton, b 27 Mar 1806; d 07 May 1806 Ryegate.

16C52.A      Mary, b 20 Mar 1807, d 01 Apr 1811 Ryegate.

16C52.B      Anna, b 24 July 1809, d 01 Oct 1811 Ryegate.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.184-185;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
VT vital records;
letters of Jabez Bigelow family;
Forge: The Bigelow Society Quarterly, vol 4, pp. 59-61.
e-mail from Jeanette Golden Cameron....goldcam@bellsouth.net, 04 Sep 2000 to Rod;
Ed Easlick, edslick@bellatlantic.net sent file of family 02 Nov 2000.
Descendant note:
Just a note to give you a quick report about our trip to Vermont.  It was a wonderful trip.  The weather was wonderful and even though we live in the foothills of the Berkshires and in the shadow of the Catskills we felt like "flatlanders" in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  It has been 30 years since I have been there and I had forgotten how beautiful it was.
We started off in the Town Clerks office of Ryegate Corners.  The clerk was very helpful and I was able to find many of the Bigelow records, ie. birth, death and etc.
There were no surprises there but I bought the History of Ryegate, published in 1906 . It has the Bigelow genealogy as it pertains to that town.  I found that Jabez 6 died as a result of being kicked by a horse.  The town clerk told us where the cemeteries were and we went searching.  The first one was easy to find and we were able to find the graves of the John Bigelows. The next cemetery was more of a challenge to find. It was on a dirt road way up a mountain.  We found no Bigelows there. By now it was late and the offices in Newbury were closed so we found a motel, ate and settled in for the night. In reading the town history book that night I found that Jabez 5 was buried at Wells River( the town between Ryegate and Newbury)  In the morning we stopped at one of the little tourist info booths and asked where the cemetery was.
Well, this was a trip and a half.  The cemetery is up a mountain and behind a farm.  One must go into the farmers driveway and proceed through to the cemetery.  Fred and I went stone by stone looking for Jabez.  It is not an easy task as many of the stones are in poor condition and almost impossible to read.  At the very end of the cemetery were a group of stones that appeared to have no writing on them and were old.  We looked behind them and found that the writing on them was on the other side.  There, big as life were Jabez 5 and Jabez 6.  Very exciting for me!!!!  This was my first real find.  I must say
that it was almost spiritual and we are now rethinking our decision about cremation. I took pictures and hope they come out well enough to read.  The stones were in really good shape considering how some of the others around them looked.
We visited the Newbury clerk next and got no info. I will get all of this info together after I read the books,( I bought the Newbury History too).  I will create pages about the Jabez's along with the pictures and scan them in to send you.  If you want anything else let me know.  There is a lot of info re John 6 Bigelow  in this book.  That info may already be in circulation.
Next, I guess I have to work on Paschal 7.  Thanks...Grace Bigelow Conover   E-mail    B4Dstorm@aol.com

Subject: Looking for a Bigelow in my tree.
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 11:32:49 +0000
From: Jeanette Cameron <  goldcam@bellsouth.net  >
 I am trying to find the area, (NY?) family of, or just about anything for a women named Sevina (Sirena) Bigelow.
I have her husbands name, James T. Bayley (Bailey). I also have the name of her son James P. Bayley (who was said to have
been born in VT) and was married to Tryphena (Triphena) Catlin/ Cotlin born in NY.
The first mention of any dates I have for this group would be the birth of James and Tryphena's daughter, Ann Marie(or Maria) Bayley born 15 June 1849 in NY.
If this shot in the dark hits a target would you be so kind as to email me?  Thank you in advance for allowing my imposition.
Sincerely,   Jan     <Jeanette Golden Cameron>

Ebenezer Mackintosh, was born in Boston, MA in 1736, and became a tradesman. He married a Miss Maverick, whose brother Samuel was killed in the Boston Massacre on 05 March 1770.
1  Pascal, who settled in Montmorency, OH and reared a large family;
2  Betsey, m Jabez Bigelow.

Mackintosh was a ring leader in the riot of 26 Aug 1765, in which Liut. Gov. Hutchinson's house was destroyed. He was also the leader of the Boston Tea Party. For this he was compelled to leave Boston, and came on foot through the wilderness to Haverhill, NH, leading Pascal by the hand and carrying Betsey in his arms, their mother being dead. He lived in Haverhill and Newbury and later, with his daughter in Ryegate. He went to Ohio to visit his son, remaining several years, going and returning on foot. He died in Haverhill, 1816 and buried at North Haverhill. The Bigelow place was known as the Holman place. A man by the name of Melvin built the first house on it (now or lately used as a chicken house), Jabez Bigelow began the present house, but left it unfinished and it was completed by his brother John.

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