Hannah 6 BIGELOW

Hannah (Bigelow) Coburn

16136.2    Hannah 6 BIGELOW dau of Nathaniel 5 ( Nathaniel 4 , Joshua 3 ( Joshua 2, Johnl) and Susanna (JENNINGS) BIGELOW, was born 16 January 1779 in Framingham, Middlesex co, MA   She married Ephraim Colburn (photo), sr, on 17 August 1800 in Leominster, MA. He was the son of Jonathan and Sarah (Harvey) Colburn. He was born 01 January 1777 in Leominster, Worcester co, MA, and died 04 October 1860 in Ogle county, IL. Hannah died 04 January 1864 in Ogle county, IL.
Note: Census: 1860, Ogle county, IL, both Hannah and Ephraim were living with son, Harvey 

Children of Ephraim and Hannah (Bigelow) Colburn: 

16136.21     Monroe Colburn, b ______ ; d ______ ;

16136.22     Henry Colburn, b _ May 1801, Leominster, MA; d 05 Nov 1822.

16136.23     Ephraim Colburn jr, b _ Feb 1803, died a young man, probably ca. 1820; d. Abt. 1820;

16136.24t    Edward Colburn, b 02 Aug 1804, Waterford, Caledonia co, VT; d __ 1890, Woodhull, Henry co, IL. (see below)

16136.25     Harvey Colburn, b 15 May 1806, Waterford, VT; d. 22 Jan 1899, IL; m 04 Apr 1830 Susannah Reed, Essex co, NY

16136.26     Amy Colburn, b 12 Apr 1808, Chesterfield, Essex co, NY; m 06 May 1827 Arza Hanblin.

16136.27     Hannah Colburn, b 08 Mar 1811, Chesterfield, NY; m 09 July 1830 Henry Priest; b Plattsburgh, NY.

16136.28t    Dexter Colburn, b 23 Apr 1815, NY; d. Iowa. (see below)

16136.29     James M. Colburn, b 30 Aug 1818, Chesterfield, NY; m 1841 Charlotte Hammond;

16136.2At   Ephraim Colburn jr, b 20 May 1821, Chesterfield, NY; d. 05 Mar 1882, Kingston, NY (see below)

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I pg 149-150 child;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
vital records various towns, MA. 
Research by Ms. Edith Scott; Box 128; Emmett, ID 83617 (July 1992) provided pictures

Ephraim Colburn

Subject: Colburn/Bigelow
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 12:41:33 -0500
From: Lorraine Travers     calorra@netzero.net 
old?: lorraine_t@juno.com
 Hello!  I hope you can provide some data missing from my genealogy of the Colburn family.  My husband's great great grandfather, Ephraim Colburn,b.Jan. 1, 1777 in Leominster, Mass. married Hannah Bigelow, Daughter of Nathaniel Bigelow and Susannah Jennings.  She was born in 1780.  The marriage took place in Leominster on Aug. 17, 1800. Among the children born of this marriage, were 2 sons named Ephraim.  The first was born in Feb. 1803 and apparently died young.  The second, my husband's great grandfather was born May 20, 1821, but where?  The published genealogy of the Colburn family ends our line with the firstborn Ephraim. Would like to document the place of birth of our Ephraim since all we have at present are family Bible records.  Any information would be most appreciated.  Thank you! (see below)

New Note 03/29/06:
From:   Lorraine Travers     calorra@netzero.net
Dear Rod:   I wrote to you some years ago seeking some info on the marriage of Hannah Bigelow to Ephraim Colburn.  A recent query from another Colburn researcher sent me back to my old files.   There seems to be a difference of opinion regarding the mother of Hannah Bigelow.  My sources list her as Susannah Jennings, who died after giving birth to 4 children, after which Nathaniel Bigelow married Anne Rider in 1782. - that information is in the Framingham MA Vital records up to 1850.   My correspondent insists that Susannah died in 1773, thus, she could not have been the mother of Hannah.  I don't expect you to settle the dispute, but I HAVE completed the genealogy of Ephraim and Hannah Bigelow Colburn and will be happy to share it if you want to add it to your Bigelow Society Genealogy.
Best Wishes,
Lorraine Travers

More Colburns from Lorraine:

16136.24    Edward Colburn, b 02 August 1804, Waterford, Caledonia co, VT; d __ 1890, Woodhull, Henry co, IL. He married 03 March 1831 Huldah Hammond in Waterford, Caledonia, VT, daughter of Gideon and Sally (Barber) Hammond  She was born Abt. 1813 in NY.
Children of Edward and Huldah (Hammond) Colburn:

i.      HENRY EDWARD COLBURN., b. Abt. 1832, NY.
ii.     AUGUSTA E COLBURN., b. Bet. 1833 - 1834, NY.
iii.    CASEY COLBURN., b. Abt. 1837, NY.
iv.    CHARLOTTE AURELIA COLBURN, b 02 Dec 1838, Wadams Falls, Essex co, NY; d 13 Sep 1927, Fairbury, Jefferson co, NE.
v.     JANE COLBURN., b. Abt. 1841, NY; m. ? CLARK.
vi.    CLAY H. COLBURN., b. Abt. 1845, NY.
vii.    DAN K COLBURN., b. Abt. 1847, NY.
viii.   GEORGE COLBURN., b. Jan 1850, IL.
ix.     ELLEN COLBURN., b. Abt. 1855, IL; m. S. F. GREEN.

16136.28    Dexter Colburn, was born 23 April 1815 in New York, and died in Iowa.  He married Hannah Decker WestAbt. 1842 in Hillsdale, Columbia co, NY.  She was born 03 June 1810 in Hillsdale, Columbia co, NY, and died 04 April 1909 in Ridgeland, Madison co, MS..
Child of Dexter and Hannah (West) Colburn:
i.    Eva Louella Colburn, b. 24 July 1852, Hillsdale, Columbia co, NY; d 25 Jan 1946, Jackson, MS; m  08 Oct 1878 Judson David Miner, Kankakee, IL.

16136.2A   Ephraim Colburn jr, was born 20 May 1821 in Chesterfield, Essex co, NY,  He married HELEN ELIZABETH SPENCER 18 Dec 1853, daughter of LEWIS SPENCER and ELIZA HURD.  She was born 18 Nov 1830 in Windham, NY, and died 19 Apr 1908 in Rhinebeck, NY. Ephraim jr died 05 March 1882 in Kingston, NY. 
Census: 29 Aug 1860, Windham, Greene County, NY
Occupation: Dentist.  Office at 9 Wall St. Kingston, NY
Children of EPHRAIM JR. and HELEN SPENCER are:
7.    i.    GEORGE LEWIS6 COLBURN, b. 17 Oct 1854, Windham, Greene County, NY; d. 26 Sep 1927.
8.    ii.    EMMA COLBURN, b. 01 Jun 1856, Windham, Greene County, NY; d. 22 Nov 1929.
    iii.    EFFIE ELIZABETH COLBURN, b. 08 Feb 1858, Windham, Greene County, NY; d. 15 Feb 1866.
    iv.    EVERETT COLBURN, b. 25 Nov 1859, Windham, Greene County, NY; m. GRACE MAJOR.
9.    v.    WESLEY COLBURN, b. 30 Sep 1861.
    vi.    MARY ELIZABETH COLBURN, b. 29 Mar 1864; d. 25 Aug 1865.
10.    vii.    MARION COLBURN, b. 01 Apr 1866.
11.    viii.    HENRY DOWNING COLBURN, b. 05 Jun 1868, Kingston, Ulster County, NY; d. 30 Dec 1938.
12.    ix.    CAROLINE COLBURN, b. 14 May 1870, Kingston, Ulster County, NY; d. 12 Nov 1936, California.
13.    x.    WILLIAM H. COLBURN, b 04 Mar 1872, Kingston, Ulster County, NY; d. 25 Dec 1958. (see below)
    xi.    EDWARD TRACY COLBURN, b. 20 Sep 1873, Kingston, Ulster County, NY; d. 04 Sep 1929; m. MARY MURPHY.

Military service: Wounded at Achen during World War I

    xii.    BENJAMIN COLBURN, b. 13 May 1876, Kingston, Ulster County, NY; d. 06 Jun 1935; m. ESTELLE RYAN.

From: Victoria Kelly  < totes@hotmail.com >
Hi there. My name is Victoria Kelly and I happened on your Bigelow and Colburn genealogy page as I was looking up information about my mother's family: Colburn. You seem to have a lot of great information on the Colburn line and I enjoyed seeing the photo of Hannah! What is also quite coincidental is that I had been living in Plattsburgh for about the past 12 years. I no longer live in Plattburgh, but am here for a visit and was discussing genealogy with my mother, Deborah Colburn Kelly, who currently lives here; and I noticed your address is Dannemora! 

This is my Colburn/Bigelow connection:

Mother: Deborah Colburn Kelly
Maternal Grandfather: Arnold Myron Colburn, son of John Sullivan Colburn, son of William H. Colburn, son of Ephraim Colburn Jr, son of Ephraim Colburn & Hannah Bigelow. 
I love to learn more, hear more, see more about the Colburns, if you have any more information; and also Hannah Bigelow and her family.
Thank you so much for your page and the information you have provided! :)
Victoria Kelly

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