Eunice 5 BIGELOW

16B31     Eunice 5 BIGELOW, daughter of Joshua 4 (Gershom 3 Joshua2, John1), and Elizabeth (STIMSON) BIGELOW, was born 07 July 1754 (bapt 17 June 1759) at Sutton, Worcester county, MA. Her parents dying when she was an infant, she was raised by her maternal grandmother. She is referred to in Sutton records as "poor child of Sutton." She married, on 08 September 1772 at Sutton, Samuel Woodward, his second wife. Samuel Woodward, was born 11 December 1745 at Sutton, MA. He had married (1) 08 February 1769 Submit Hager, who died 1770, leaving no issue. Samuel and Eunice removed to Vermont, date unknown, but presumably after the Revolution, in which he served. He died 07 March 1813 at Springfield, VT. In late years his widow Eunice claimed pension, and from this and town records we take her children's names and dates. She was living in 1832.

Children of Samuel and Eunice (Woodward) Bigelow:

16B31.1    Eunice, b 11 Jun 1773; d 19 May 1842 ; m 25 Nov 1806 Jonas Gilson.

16B31.2    Submit, b 13 Aug 1774; d 26 Feb 1866; m _____ Timothy Goodenow.

16B31.3    Polly, b 13 Sep 1776; d 9 Dec 1843; m _____ Eben Bartlett.

16B31.4    Samuel, b 1 Nov 1778; d 21 May 1860; m _____ Polly Brigham. 6 children.

16B31.5    Joshua Bigelow, b 15 Oct 1780; d _____ ; m _____ Patty Shedd.

16B31.6    Elizabeth, b 25 Oct 1782; d 2 Feb 1814; m 26 Mar 1800 Asa Holt.

16B31.7    Lydia,b 15 June 1784.

16B31.8    Rachel, b 26 Jun 1785; d _____ ; m _____ Sylvanus Blodgett.

16B31.9    Nehemiah. b 26 May 1787; died after 1840.

16B31.A    Joel, b 17 May 1789.

16B31.B    Lucinda, b 30 Mar 1791. d ____ ; m ____ James White.

16B31.C    Belinda, b 14 May 1794; d _____ ; m _____ Robert Campbell.(see below)( see Note 3)

16B31.D    Theodosia, b 20 Nov 1796.

16B31.E    Fanny, b 30 Sep 1798; d 15 Sep 1842.

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The following info came from:  Maureen Hueser Hannibal
Eunice and Samuel had a daughter, Belinda Woodward m. Robert Campbell (b. 1794 and still trying to trace him down!!)....they had a daughter, Submit Campbell (1830) who married Phillip Gannett...they had a daughter, Belinda Gannett (1872) who married Walter Smith. They had a daughter, Myrtle Smith (1902) who married George Hueser and they had a son, James Hueser (1925) who married my Mother, Shirlee Yeager. I was born in 1948 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Subject: Eunice Bigelow Woodward
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 12:18:33 -0600
From: Jake <  >
I've just started doing some research, primarily for my mother.  It seems our family is related thru Eunice Bigelow Woodward, daughter of Joshua -> Gershom -> Joshua ->John.  I want to thank you and the rest of the Society for a great and informative site, especially the fact that it includes so much more than the standard geneaological stuff.
I had a question about Samuel Woodward, 4th child of Samuel and Eunice.  On the web page, it says that he married Polly
Brigham and had 6 children.  I have information that he married Mary Newton and they had, at least, one child, Mary Newton Woodward.  I'd appreciate any help clearing this up, no info on Mary Newton..................ROD
Kevin Jacobson

Subject: Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell and Belinda Woodward
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 11:39:24 -0000
From: John & Diane Campbell <  >

Robert Campbell b Sept. 7 1796 in Chester Windsor Co Vermont, married to Belinda Woodward b Mar. 4 1794 in Springfield Windsor Co,VT.  Robert was my great great grandfather.
Following are the children of Belinda and Robert Campbell.

Robert Campbell b. abt 1826 (might be Mar 14 1836)
Nehemiah Campbell b abt 1828 (might be Apr 29 1823)
Catherine (Kate) Campbell b abt. 1830 (might be Sep 6 1825)
Submit G (Mitty) Campbell b abt 1832 (might be Aug 21 1830) married Phillip Gannett
Artisma (Arty Missy) Campbell b abt 1834 (might be May 25 1839)
Lucia Campbell b abt 1836 (might be Feb 1 1833)
Rodney Morris Campbell b July 30 1838  ----He is my great grandfather----
James B Campbell  b. Aug 4 1821
Anderson Campbell b. Aug 29 1828
        All of the above were born in Chester Windsor County Vermont

The first son, Robert Campbell married Isadore A. Lure
Rodney Morris married Olive Ann Calahan
Any additional information you might have would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much ,
John & Diane Campbell
More: Due to your bulboard we found Submit G. Campbell who married Phillip Gannett linage from her to present. If you would like her desendency report I would be happy to email it to you.
 Just a note to give you a little more info on Robert Campbell and Belinda Woodward daughter of Samuel Woodward and
Eunice Bigelow. Roberts father Robert Campbell was born 1761 and was with Capt. Hatch and Col. Bond 37th Regiment 1775-summer 1777 Rev. War. He also had the following childen in addition to Robert. Ira,Betsy,Martha,and Julia.I find it interesting that Roberts sister, Julia spouse was also a Woodward . Samuel Woodward. Brother of Belinda? Another project.
 Thanks again for your help.
 John Campbell

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