Arvilla Maria 7 BIGELOW

16117.63       Arvilla Maria 7 BIGELOW, dau of  Elisha 6 ( Asa 5 , Joshua 4, Joshua 3, Joshua 2, John1 and Mary Nony (BIGELOW) BIGELOW, was born in VT on 29 August 1804 and died at Augusta, GA on 02 March 1838. She married on 09 September 1824 Cheney Prouty the son of Eli and Rebecca (Bemis) Prouty. He was born at Spencer, Worchester co, MA on 0l November 1794 and also died at Augusta at unknown date??. He was a goldsmith.

Children of Cheney and Arvilla M. (Bigelow) Prouty:

16117.631     Augustus Bigelow PROUTY, b 10 April 1826 MA; d 22 Aug 1832 Augusta.

16117.632     Mary Jane PROUTY, b 12 Feb 1828; d 06 June 1872; m Dr. Henry Hamilton Cary.

16117.633     Caroline Amelia PROUTY, b 1830; m _ May 1851 William Odom Norrell.

16117.634     William Henry PROUTY, b 1833; d 14 Feb 1878 Augusta; m Mary Elizabeth (Whatley) Prouty, 1 son. Another record states wife to be Lona Walker.

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Subject: Looking for some genealogy
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 09:36:53 -0500
From: RobinMaria Nelson <  >

 Hello, I am the Great-Granddaughter of Cheney Russell PROUTY, born in Spencer, Worchester County, Mass.  His parents were William and Rebekkah PROUTY(she was a PROUTY too).  Cheney Russell PROUTY, b. 23 Jan 1839, Spencer, Worchester Co., Mass, his
parents are William and Rebekah (PROUTY) PROUTY.  William is the son of Jacob PROUTY and Rebekah is the daughter of Eli PROUTY.He was a 'Collector of Customs' at the U.S. Customshouse in Indianola, Texas till 1890 and was transfered to the Customshouse in Eagle Pass, Texas, where he met my Great-Grandmother Juanita Macias (pronouned Maa-cee-it).  She was full-blooded Comanche. According to our records he was 60 when they were married and she was 14. Because of this age difference, I believe Great-Grandpa Cheney had a previous Family, maybe back in Spencer, or elsewhere.  I have been working with Louisie PROUTY, my 4th cousin twice removed, in doing this work.  I have had great success on this line.  It all started with how a large clan of PROUTY's ended up in Atascosa County, Texas.  I am blood-related to all those PROUTY's thanks to G-Grdpa Cheney and G-Grdma Juanita.  Any info which you will share will be greatly appreciated.  Sincerely, (Ms.) Tyger Nelson of San Antonio, Texas
The Cheney Prouty who married Arvilla Bigelow was a brother to Rebekkah who married William Prouty..........ROD

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