Rainbow Parrotfish

This is a adult rainbow parrotfish. Photo Plate 197. (see note)
Scarus guacamaia

Features: 1. Orange brown head; 2. Bright green rear body; Scale centers shades of green, edges orangish; 3. Tail squared;
Size: 18-36 inches; max 66 inches
Description: Bright Green rear body; Green beak
Audubon Field Guide; page 575; plate 305;
Reef Fish ID 3rd ed; page 196-197; plate 197;  

This is an adult rainbow parrotfish about 26 inches. Video by Rod 23 Jan 2010 in about 30 feet water.
Location was Key Largo.
Note 2011:
From: Howard Choat; James Cook University
     I am completing a manuscript for publication in the scientific literature entitled the Evolution of Parrotfishes. We have data for 92% of the known species and have an analysis which shows their genetic relationships. I am seeking your permission to use the image of Scarus guacamaia at http://bigelowsociety.com/fish10a/parrot97.htm to illustrate the complexity of relationships in the tropical Atlantic species. The closest relative is Scarus coelestinus with a totally different colour pattern. We are developing an argument as to how this came about. Use of the image will be fully acknowledged and is for scientific and educational purposes only.
Howard Choat; James Cook University.
My reply; I did not take that picture. It was taken by Paul Humann and published in an earlier edition of “Reef Fish Identification”. He is very accessible through the “Reef” organization in Key Largo, FL < outreach@reef.org >; I think he would like to hear from you.................Rod

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