Xmas Tree-French Reef

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Graysby (gouper073c.jpg)

This is a popular dive within the Pennekamp Preserve. It is a large group of caves. When a diver enters the caves, his bubbles perculate through the reef structure above. The bubbles look like Christmas trees. Photos by Rod 22 March 2004 in about 30-35 feet water.

buddy85.jpg                                               cobia100a.jpg                                 chub116.jpg  chub116c.jpg

   soapf92c.jpg                                             ytail103.jpg

I reduced picture size so they would be visible on your screen. Just click on thumbnail for 6 x 4 picture, and name for 10 x 8 full size picture or more info. Graysby, buddy and cobia pictures are from Christmas Tree at French Reef

buddy85.jpg  was my dive buddy on this dive; I can't remember his name, but he was from Atlanta, GA
cobia100c.jpg  was first thought to be a reef shark, as it was quite large when it swam by. It is a Cobia, a member of the Jack family; very similar to the Amberjack (notice the paired anal and dorsal fins that distinguish the Jack Family)
chub116c.jpg etc is a Bermuda Chub with light filtering down from above see bchub312.htm
soapf92c.jpg  is a Greater Soapfish (sick or injured)
ytail103.jpg is a Yellowtail Snapper .......

see benwood22.htm for pictures of 22 Mar 04;
see benwood2.htm for pictures of 22 Feb 04;
see benwood3.htm for pictures of 08 Mar 04;
see benwood.htm for pictures in 2003

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