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The Bigelow Society is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Michigan
It is dedicated to the recording of historical and genealogical data concerning
John Biglo (1617 - 1703) & Mary Warren (1628 - 1691)
of Watertown, Massachusetts
and their Descendants of Watertown MA. and his descendants.
  1. Membership to the Bigelow Society (How to Join)
  2. Membership When will it expire?
  3. Where Did it All Start

  4. A. Information From The First Forge 1972

    B. Tribute to Patricia & Laurel Bigelow Founders of the Society.

  5. Forge Information Genealogical Articles & Queries
  6. Items available for Sale
  7. Bigelow Library
  8. List of Officers and Board Members
  9. Committees 1996 - 1997
  10. State & Province Representatives
  11. 1996 Reunion at Sault Ste. Marie Michigan (All Data)
  12. 1997 Reunion at South Bend Ind. (all Data)
  13. 1998 Reunion at Bend, Oregon (All Data)


Any person making an annual $20. contribution will become a member in good standing and receive the FORGE (a quarterly publication of the Bigelow Society) for one year.

Please make checks out to THE BIGELOW SOCIETY and send to:         

Alan Bigelow, Treasurer
The Bigelow Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 4238
Ormond Beach, FL 
BE SURE you indicate that your donation is for membership
and you are responding from Information on this HomePage.
Want additional information? Send for our Free Information Package.
 It contains:

1. Stories about the early family of John Bigelow and some of his sons.
2. The purpose and history of the Bigelow Society.
3. A genealogy package, with blank Family Groups Sheets, and some basic instructions.
4. Issues of the FORGE the quarterly publication of the Society.

All I need is your Full Name and US. Mail address
Just E-mail me -- Subject Membership
Please Note that each package costs $5.00 to send. For this reason I ask that you give serious thought to becoming a Member if you request the package.

Click here to send E-mail to me. ----> Rod Bigelow -President - Bigelow Society
Membership Expiration - How to tell?
This info is outdated.................................ROD 03/12/2015
It's easy -- Look on the mailing label you get on the FORGE. It will have your name and address, but up in the right top of the label is a code that tells when you last paid, and for how long.

Example: my label has 0297**
The code is I last sent money for dues on February of 1997, and paid for Two Years. The next dues are due February 1999. The number of *'s indicate the number of years paid, and yes lots of people pay for several years at a time. :-)

FORGE NEWS, GENEALOGICAL ARTICLES and QUERIES should be directed to the EDITOR of the Forge. GENEALOGICAL QUERIES for the Surname BIGELOW will be printed at no cost. No Limit to length, but Editor reserves the right to edit..
The Editor is:
Donald E. "Don" Bigelow
1130 Montezuma Drive
Bradenton, FL 34209-3301


The Bigelow Society has a collection of items for sale, ranging from Genealogy Books, Census Records, Jewelry , and much much more.To see a complete list CLICK HERE.
The Bigelow Society maintains a small LIBRARY of Books by and about BIGELOWS. They are available on loan for the cost of postage. For a list or for ordering contact the President.

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