Omer Burr Curtis 8 BIGELOW

15198.18B      Omer Burr Curtis 8 BIGELOW, sometimes spelled Omar, son of  Levi Houghton 7 ( Abel 6 , Josiah 5 , Jotham 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Susan Mary (CAPEN) BIGELOW, was born at Conway township, Livingston co, MI on 13 January 1859. He was a farmer and married Jenette ("Nettie" or "Nettle") Parsons on 05 September 1882. She was the daughter of W.F. and Elizabeth (Munger) Parsons and born at Conway on 14 July 1863. He died on 30 April 1933 and she on 19 July 1959 - both at Conway. They had resided at Fowlerville, MI.

Children of Omer and Jenette (Parsons) Bigelow, all born at Conway:

15198.18B1      Rollin C., b 03 July 1883; d 31 Jan 1951; m 29 Nov 1905 Sara Klein b 03 Jan 1883, d 25 Dec 1970-daughter of Charles and Leah (Bogt) Klein.

15198.18B2      Howard, b 10 June 1885; d 12 Sept 1885 Conway.

15198.18B3t      Edith Landon, b 19 July 1886; d 27 Sept 1984 Lansing, MI, buried Howell, MI; m 28 July 1907 Roswell Gilbert Carr; 4 children;

15198.18B4t      Mary Ethel, b 05 Aug 1891; d 11 Nov 1974 Fowlerville,, MI; m 03 Nov 1909 Clayton R. Dunn; 1 child; (see below)

15198.18B5t      Clarice Lanette 9, (descendant calls her Clarice Lunnette), b 25 Nov 1893; d 16 July 1972 Camas, WA; m 20 July 1911 Ellery Gurdon Ireland; 5 children, including Ridgeley IRELAND 10. (see below)

15198.18B6t      Wilbur Curtis, b 25 Aug 1898; d 25 May 1970 Fowlerville; m 19 Oct 1920 Marian Lois Fenn; 5 children.

15198.18B7t      Wayne Houghton, b 09 July 1904; d 10 Aug 1938 Ann Arbor, MI; m (1) 28 May 1927 Arlene Clark, (2) 02 July 1929 Ethel Lobdell; res Howell, MI; 7 children. (see below)

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II , p 338;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
LaVerne Brown, The Abel Bigelow Line.
Family descendants;
Descendant Notes: 11/18/98:
I emailed you once before about Clarice Lunnette Bigelow and her husband Ellery Gurdon Ireland.  The spellings you have for both of their middle names are spelled different than what I have been told by family members.  I wrote back to MI for birth certificates and found that on Clarice's birth certificate it did not have her middle name on there is simply said "Clarice L. Bigelow".  And for Ellery it said "Ellery Gurdon Ireland".  middle name spelled GURDON not GORDON.  What do I need to do so that change is made in the main records of the Bigelow Society. Thank you Matthew Jardin
E-mail from descendant: Matthew Jardin
Thank you for publishing the link  for Abel Bigelow.  How much more information do you have about his decendants?  Do
you go back to Clarice Lunnette Bigelow, my great grandma.  Here is my family line: John 1, Samuel 2, John 3, Jotham 4, Josiah 5 , Abel 6, Levi Houghton 7, Omer Burr Curtis 8, Clarice L. 9, Ridgeley Ireland 10, Virgina Ireland 11, and Matthew 12 (me!). If you need any information from me about Clarice Lunnette Bigelow let me know.
Thanks         Matthew Shawn Jardin
This is Matthew's lineage:
Matthew Shawn Jardin. Born 8 Feb 1976 in Salinas, CA, Monterey County.
Matthew's parents:
Virginia Ruth Ireland. Born 24 Oct 1942 in Port Huron, MI, St. Claire County. She married Mariano Jardin, Jr., 21 Sept 1974 in Reno, NV; he born 19 Nov 1940 in Rural Waimea, Kaui, Hawaii
Matthew Shawn Jardin
Virginia's parents:
Ridgeley Parsons Ireland, Sr. Born 15 July 1913 in Fowlerville, Michigan, Livingston County.He married Opal Ruth Oliver 4 July 1936 in Jeddo, Michigan; St. Clair County; She born 21 Sept 1914 in Oakland City, Indiana, Gibson County.
Died 12 Mar 1992 in Tucson, AZ.  Ridgeley Paul Ireland has reciently passed away just before Christmas 2002.
Ridgeley Parsons Ireland, Jr.
Virginia Ruth Ireland
Parents of Ridgeley:
Clarice Lunnette Bigelow. Born 25 Nov 1893 in Conway, Livingston co., MI; died 16 July 1972 in Camas, WA. She married Ellery Gurdon Ireland, 20 July 1911 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada; he born 07 Mar 1891 in Plainsfield, Livingston co., MI; died 23 April 1966 in Sarasota, FL.
Ridgeley Parsons Ireland, Sr.
Marian Virginia Ireland
Dorothy Janet Ireland
Richard Duane Ireland
Betty Jean Ireland
Parents of Clarice:
Omer Curtis Bigelow. Born 13 Jan 1858 in Conway Twp., MI (see above)
Died 30 April 1933 in Conway, Livingston co., MI. He married Jenette Parsons, 5 Sept 1882.
Jenette Parsons. Born 14 July 1863 in Conway, Livingston co., MI.
Died 19 July 1959 in Conway, Livingston co., MI

25. WAYNE HOUGHTON 9 BIGELOW (Omer 8, Levi Houghton 7 , Abel 6 , Josiah 5 , Jotham 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1), was born 1904, and died 1938. He married (1) ARLENE CLARK, daughter of GERALD CLARK and MABEL LEWIS. He married (2) ETHEL LOBDELL.


 i. MARY JEAN 10 Bigelow, b. 1927. (Slaterline family name was used?) Maybe Arlene Clark remarried a Slaterline and adopted Mary Jean and Audrey June?

 ii. AUDREY JUNE BIGELOW 10 SLATERLINE, b. 03/13/1928, OWOSSO. (Slaterline family name was used?)
           29. AUDREY JUNE BIGELOW 10 SLATERLINE??  was born 03/13/1928 in OWOSSO. She married DONALD GREGORY CUMMINGS 06/02/1946 in OWOSSO, MICHIGAN, son of GLENN CUMMINGS and HELEN BURHANS.


 i. GLENN DOUGLAS 11 CUMMINGS, b. 06/28/1947.

ii. DAVID FORREST CUMMINGS, b. 11/08/1950.

iii.TERRY LYNN CUMMINGS, b. 06/16/1953.


v.CHERYL ELAINE CUMMINGS, b. 02/07/1960.

Subject: Hello from another Bigelow
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 16:15:53 -0400
From: Leslie & Randy Fayling <  > Not valid 2009
My name is Leslie C. Fayling. My mother's name at birth was Audrey June Bigelow and I have follow her family tree back to John 3 Bigelow and Jerusha Garfield.  (And before, thanks to your site.)  Our branch is from their son, Jotham 4 Bigelow.  And on with his son Josiah Bigelow and Sarah Clark.
I have my complete family tree, plus many pictures on my program Family Tree Maker.  I transferred the data to a web site, but have not yet downloaded all the pictures.  If you'd like to go look, here's the address.
Mrs. Leslie Fayling
5293 Martin Rd.
Corunna, MI  48817
(517) 743-6383 Not valid 2009

Subject: My Lineage
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 18:53:28 -0500
From: Tammy Lohr-Brown  >
My Great Great Grandmother was Nettie Parsons, wife of Omer Bigelow. I have her bedroom dresser in my bedroom.  I never knew much about
Grandma Bigelow other than she lived a long time and she died before I was born.  I would like to know more about my family.  I do have
information of the children and grandchildren, etc. of Omer Bigelow.  Where do I enter this information so that the line is updated?
I hope to hear from you soon.
Tammy Lohr-Brown
(Bigelow was my father's mother's grandmother)

15198.18B4t      Mary Ethel 9 Bigelow, b 05 Aug 1891; d 11 Nov 1974 Fowlerville,, MI; m 03 Nov 1909 Clayton R. Dunn; 1 child: Carl Omer Bigelow,
Subject: Bigelow family tree
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 23:17:50 -0800
From: "Chuck Pheil" <>
My name is Mardell Dunn Pheil.  I am 71 years old and grew up in East Lansing Michigan.  I am a great granddaughter of Omar and Nettle Bigelow, granddaughter of Ethel Dunn Bigelow and daughter of Carl Omer Dunn. I have many memories of the Bigelow farm.  Edith Bigelow Carr lived down the street from us in East Lansing. Ethel and Clarice always remained close. My Dad visited Burr and his wife Marion often.  I have Grandma Parsons large chest of drawers.  I was told many stories about the Parson's trip to Kansas and back in a covered wagon. Please contact me if I can be of any help in adding information
to the Bigelow family history.  Sincerely, Mardell Pheil

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