Lucy Bigelow Young

16167.33      Lucy 7 BIGELOW, dau of Nahum 6 ( Simeon 5 , John 4 , Joshua 3 , Joshua 2, John 1), and Mary (GIBBS) BIGELOW, was born at Charleston, Coles, IL on 03 October 1830. Her parents were earnest followers of the Mormon Church and were heavily persecuted in IL and by 1850 were established in Utah. Lucy and her sister, Mary Jane, became wives of Brigham Young. Mary Jane obtained a divorce and married again, but Lucy remained a devoted wife to Brigham. Lucy married Brigham Young, son of John and Abigail (Howe) Young, on 20 March 1847 - the same day as did her older sister. Brigham was born on 0l June 1801 at Whitingham, Windham, VT and died 29 August 1877 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT and is buried there. Brigham had been President of the Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Church and Governor of Utah Territory. Lucy died on 03 February 1905 at Salt Lake. (see below)

Children of Brigham and Lucy (Bigelow) Young, born at Salt Lake City, UT:

16167.331     Eudora Lovina "Dora" Young, b 12 May 1852; d 21 Nov 1922; m (1) Moreland Dunford, (2) Judge Albert Hagan; res. Spokane. WA.

16167.332     Susa Amelia Young, b 18 March 1856; d 27 May 1933; m (1) Dec 1872 Alma Bailey, (2) 05 Jan 1880 Jacob Forsberry Gates; res. Provo; 4 children.

16167.333t     Rhoda Mabel Young, b 22 Feb 1863; d 20 Sept 1950; m (1) 07 Sept 1879 Daniel Handley McAllister, m (2) 25 July 1887 Daniel Brigham DeWitt, m (3) 02 Aug 1897 Joseph Abbott Sanborn. (see below)

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 196;
Howe,Bigelow Family of America page 237 plate;
correspondence between family members and Bigelow Society genealogists.
More pics of Brigham Young and houses, etc. link below

BIOGRAPHY: Lucy Bigelow Young, daughter of Nahum and Mary Gibbs Bigelow, was born October 3 , 1830, near Charleston, Cook County, Illinois. Her parents joined the Church in April, 1838 , while she was but a child of 8 years. She was baptized and moved with her family to Hancoc k County, Illinois, where she passed through the mobbings, and hardships in common with the r est of the members of the Church. As a faithful member of the Church she attended the dedicat ion of the Nauvoo Temple. The family left Nauvoo at the time of the general exodus of the peo ple. When about seventeen years of age she was married to President Brigham Young 20 March 1847, and arrived in the Valley with members of the family in September, 1848.
BIOGRAPHY: Lucy moved into the Lion House in 1855, before it was finished and remained there until President Young moved her and her family to St. George in November, 1870, where she remained until 1892. She attended the dedication of the St. George Temple and worked faithfully and continuously during her residence there for the redemption of the living and the dead . Lucy also did considerable missionary work in the Sandwich Islands and other places.
BIOGRAPHY: She was of fair complexion with brown hair and blue eyes, a little above medium height and rather stout. She was of a lively disposition. She was the mother of three daughters named as follows: Dora M., born May 12, 1852; Susa, born March 18, 1856 and Rhoda Mabel, born February 22, 1863. Lucy Bigelow Young passed away February 3, 1905.
BIOGRAPHY: Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 1, Brigham Young, His Wives and Family

16167.333t     Rhoda Mabel Young, b 22 Feb 1863; d 20 Sept 1950; m (1) 07 Sept 1879 Daniel Handley McAllister (b 21 July 1857 Salt Lake City; d 28 Sept 1893 Salt Lake), m (2) 25 July 1887 Daniel Brigham Witt, m (3) 02 Aug 1897 Joseph Abbott Sanborn (see below).

Child of Daniel Handley and Rhoda Mabel (Young) McAllister:

1.  Daniel McAllister, b 02 Aug 1880 St. George, UT; d 17 June 1962 Los Angeles, CA; m 09 Sept 1908 Beulah May Keeler, at Salt Lake City, UT;

Subject: Unidentified Picture
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 17:38:03 -0700
From: "Christi Brown" <  >
     Dear Rod:
 I saw your Bigelow website and I am wondering if you can help me.
 A relative of mine sent me a picture of what she thought were family members.  But, after studying it I feel that it might be a picture of a group that my gg aunt belonged to.  Here is what our family history says:
 "Rose Mary Adams belonged to a class of special instructions for young women in culture, mentally, physically and religiously.  Conducted by Sister Lucy Bigelow Young, wife of President Brigham Young and mother of Mabel Young Sanborn."
 It further says regarding Rose's future husband:
 "Ted was a member of two groups of singers (male choruses), one under the direction of Professor Evan Stephens and the other was directed by Mabel Young Sanborn and known as the "Big 15".
 If I emailed you a copy of the picture would you be able to identify Lucy Bigelow Young?  Do you know anything further about either of these groups?
 Thank you for your response.
Christi Dyer Brown
Note 12/06/06:
Jacque Hagan wrote:
Hello.  My name is Harold (Hal) Hagan and am a great great grandson of Lucy Bigelow and Brigham Young.  I have been trying to locate her place of burial.  Do you know where she was buried?
Thank you for your help.
Hal Hagan  < >

From: Jean Bigelow < > Bigelow Society Historian/Genealogist
A cousin and I have done some checking and we find that Lucy is buried in
the Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah. This
was on the 6th day of Feb 1905. The burial site is: C_14_17_4_W

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