16B2A.      Gale 5 BIGELOW,  son of  Jabez 4 ( Gershom 3, Joshua2, John1) and Susanna (ELDERKIN) BIGELOW, was  born 29 November 1766, allegedly at Pittsfield, MA [but the family's ten children are all recorded at Hebron, CT]. From Pittsfield the family moved to New Lebanon (see below), Columbia co, NY. There Gale married, on 31 December 1798, Sarah Pratt, daughter of Obadiah and Jemima ( Tolls ) Pratt. She was born 03 September 1781. They were farmers at New Lebanon. Gale died there 10 October 1843, Sarah on ___ ? Sarah died November 16, 1858, in Nassau, New York, and a will was filed there in Vol. 51 pg 381, file 137, dated June 15, 1858. (see below)

Children of Gale and Sarah (Pratt) Bigelow, all born New Lebanon, Columbia county, NY:

l6B2A.1         Ralph Pratt, b 27 Aug 1800.

l6B2A.2t        Thomas Allen, b 18 Dec 1802; d 8 July 1879 Gridley, Butte co, CA; m 22 Jan 1826 Jane Wallace; res IL and CA. 7 children.

16B2A.3t       Rachel Hall, b 26 June 1805; d 13 Jun 1902 Columbia co, WI; m 27 Feb 1825 Jesse Van Ness; res WI. 5 children.

16B2A.4        Charlotte, b 18 June 1808; d 18 Sep 1876 Columbia co, WI; m William Sherman.

16B2A.5        Elizabeth Mary, b 05 June 1810; d ____ ; m Nathan Gardiner. (see below)

16B2A.6t       Obadiah Griswold, b 28 May 1812; d____; m (1) Sarah ___ ; (2) 1865 Clara Bell Couch; res Chatham, NY.

16B2A.7         Lovina, b 22 May 1814; d____ 1897; m ___ Briggs.

16B2A.8         Sarah, b 27 July 1816; d 16 Aug 1816; died in 1843, not 1819 and was buried in Bigelow Cemetery ( see below).

16B2A.9         Joseph Gale, b l4 Jan 1819; d 22 Nov 1822.

16B2A.A        Esther, b 28 Nov 1820.

16B2A.B         Joseph Gale, b 21 July 1822; d 22 July 1822; (1842?) unmarried. (see below)

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.179;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Melville M. Bigelow papers;
cemetery inscriptions, Columbia Co, WI;
American Ancestry (biography of Obadiah G. Bigelow);
Butte co, CA records;
correspondence with family descendants:
"A few extra pieces of info in regards to this family that you didn't have.  Sarah Pratt Bigelow's mothers maiden name was Tolls.  Sarah and Gale had another son, unnamed b. in August 1799 and died August 28, 1799, and buried in the Bigelow Cemetery, in New Lebanon.  Ralph's middle name was Pratt, Rachel's middle name was Hall, Elizabeth's middle name was Mary, Sarah (the daughter) died in 1843, not 1819 and was buried in Bigelow Cemetery. both Josephs had the middle name of Gale.  Gale's wife Sarah died November 16, 1858, in Nassau, New York, and a will was filed there in Vol. 51 pg 381, file 137, dated June 15, 1858.  I have not been able to find out where she was buried.  I have been to the Bigelow Cemetery myself back in 1995, and did not find a tombstone with her name. The index of the cemetery that I looked at at the Library at Pittsfield, Massachusetts, did not say that she was buried there either.  Maybe the index was made after her tombstone was gone." (Kent Holbrook) (invalid email 2002)

Subject: Gale Biglow page
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 18:27:26 -0900
From: Mike Biglow < >
 I just tried to contact the Kent Holbrook guy, whose address was He no longer has that email address.  Do
you by any chance have a current email address for him or a postal address.
From what he wrote, I suspect he is a relative of Gale's of some sort.  I have  things in which he might well be interested,  so I would like to get in contact with him.

Subject: 16B2A.5 Elizabeth Mary.,b 5 June 1810.
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 21:36:37 -0700
From: Linda Barnett      <     >
Dear Rod,
Thank you for your great information pages. I have been using your sites to verify a family list of names that runs back from my daughters to William the Conqueror through our common ancestor Jabez (4) Bigelow who married Susanna Elderkin. I could go as far as Gale (5) son of Jabez and came to a stop at his daughter Elizabeth Mary. I can add to your list that Elizabeth married Nathan Gardiner. Their daughter, Lottie was my great grandmother. She married Ruben Willard and they moved to Dillon, Montana in 1889. They homesteaded a ranch in the Big Hole Valley and raised 13 children. My grandmother, Lydia, married Lorain Spencer. Their daughter, Hazel, is my mother. My father was Howard Lowman, another name from the 1600's. If you are interested in any of my list back from Jabez and Susanna, (through the Elderkins and Drakes to England) I would be
happy to share it. With regards,
Linda Barnett

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Subject: Gale, Thomas A. Bigelow corrections.
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 23:07:49 -0800
From: "llcampbell23" < >

Rod, Thank you for all you do to provide and maintain the Bigelow Society Web Site.  I offer a correction.  Gale (16B2A) and Susanna Elderkin Bigelow moved to "NEW Lebanon, Columbia, NY.  The place is incorrectly recorded numerous times as "Lebanon" which is a town more east in current Madison County.  This has led to numerous place errors being used by all researchers who copy this information.  All references to "Lebanon" for Gale Bigelow, Thomas Allen Bigelow and all their children should be corrected to "New Lebanon, Columbia, NY.
Larry W. Campbell at
In Memory of
Son of
Gale & Sarah Bigelow
died July 22, 1842

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