Elliot 7 BIGELOW

15594.AA      Elliot 7 BIGELOW, son of  Josiah ( Converse , Josiah 4, Thomas 3, Samuel 2, John 1 and Harriet M. (SAWIN) BIGELOW, was born at Boston, Suffolk, MA on 1846 and married Edwina H. Richards, daughter of William and  Maria  (Stringham) Richards and Maria was daughter of Admiral.____ Stringham. They resided 52 Sidney Place, Brooklyn, NY, where he died on 27 January 1913.

Children of Elliot and Edwina H. (Richards) Bigelow - we have scant information:
15594.AA1     Elliot, jr., b ca 1874 Brooklyn; d 11 Mar 1951 Brooklyn Hosp, Brooklyn; said to be married 23 Oct 1920 wife unknown.(see below)
15594.AA2     William Richards, b ca 1876; d 14 Apr 1915 276 Henry St., Brooklyn, NY; unm.

15594.AA3     Edwina A., b ca 1877; d ____ ; m William M. Cruikshank.

15594.AA4     Harriet Sawin Bigelow, b ca 1879 Brooklyn; d 15 Nov 1955; m 08 Nov 1899 Richard Irving Neithercutt, d 1950.

The following four children not in order:

15594.AA?     Edwin Hicks, b ____ ; d ____ ; had 1 son and 1 dgtr.

15594.AA?     Howard Bigelow, b ____ ; d __ 1902 Brooklyn; unmarried.

15594.AA?     Silas Stringham, b ____ ; d 22 Dec 1927 Brooklyn;  m Jane Muir; had 1 son.

15594.AA?     Agnes, b ____ ; d ____ ; m George Bennington; 2 children.

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Elliot Jr, "There were no known children.  He was best man at his cousin, Paul Bigelow's (15594.A71) (son of Albert (15594.A7)) Wedding.  He is buried at Greenwood Cem., Brooklyn (according to Clare Sheppard's letter 12 Jan 1999.

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