Margaret 5 BIGELOW

 15928     Margaret 5 BIGELOW, eighth child and fifth daughter of Isaac 4 ( Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1), and Abigail (SKINNER) BIGELOW, was born 02 August 1747 at Colchester, New London county, CT. The family moved to Cornwallis, Nova Scotia circa 1762. There Margaret married 1765, Nathan Longfellow (see below), son of Jonathan and Mercy (Clark) Longfellow. He was born 30 December 1743. They lived in Cornwallis a few years. His father was engaged in mercantile business in Machias, ME, but his father dying, he came to Machias to continue  business, and in 1778 he sent for his wife and family to join him, they being at Cornwallis and the war prevented him from going after them. She stared with her six boys, the oldest being 12 and the youngest 1 year old, in an open beat from Cornwallis and went to St. John, New Brunswick, where they were taken prisoners and kept in the fort. She was allowed small rations which she refused, thinking she could sooner obtain her release,, and worked for the soldiers, earning all she could, and her oldest boy got a quart of milk every night and morning as pay for milking the cow for one of the officers; she used to say that they just saved themselves from starvation. After about five or six weeks an officer gave her to understand that if she was missing some morning, but little search would be made for her; she accordingly hired a man to take her and her six children to Machias in an open boat, starting from there in the night, and in due time arrived at Machias. She was a woman of great courage and firmness of mind, very strong in her religious views and puritanical in her ideas. She united with the First church in Machias in 1796, and continued a member until her death, 29 January 1842. He died 09 April 1796, at which time the four oldest sons were married, and she went to live with her oldest son, Jacob.

Children of Nathan and Margaret (Bigelow) Longfellow, the six oldest born Cornwallis, the rest at Machias, Washington co, ME:

15928.1      Jacob Longfellow, b 29 Jun 1766; d 15 Aug 1856 ; m 25 Dec 1788 Tahpenes Longfellow, dau of Nathan Longfellow of Machias, she died 15 Jan 1851, aged 80 years, 9 mos., 14 days.; 12 children:
      a. Nathan Longfellow, b 26 Sept 1789; d 20 Nov 1870; m 20 July 1817 Susan B. Haskell; mariner, collector of customs; she died 10 Nov 1886.
     b. Daniel Longfellow, b 09 May 1792;d 11 Nov 1857; m Rowena Haskell.
    c. Abigail Longfellow, b 25 Sep 1794; m Ben Getchell; 12 children.

    d.William Longfellow, b 24 Sep 1796.
    e. Mercy C. Longfellow, b 11 July 1798.
    f. David Longfellow, b 01 June l800.
   g. Stephen Longfellow, b 19 May 1802.
   h. Levi Longfellow, b 19 Aug 1804.
   i. Lydia Longfellow, b 01 May 1806.
   j. Samuel Longfellow, b 27 Apr 1808.
   k Deborah Longfellow, b 27 Dec 1800.
   l. Charles Longfellow, b 28 May 1812; m Mary Day; children: Bernice, Daniel, Lucy T., Jacob W., Augusta A., Nathan L., and Sarah E.

15928.2     Daniel Longfellow, b 14 Nov 1768; d 21 Nov 1787 Machias, ME; unmarried.

15928.3     Jonathan Longfellow, b 06 Sept 1770; d 08 Jan 1835; m 11 Dec 1796 Sally Boynton, b 22 Dec 1774; d 03 Oct 1845 dau of Amos Boynton. 7 Children:
a. Betsy Longfellow, b ____ ; d 13 Dec 1856;

      b. Sally C. Longfellow, b 19 Feb 1798; d 28 June 1884

      c. Martha C. Longfellow, b 08 Aug 1800; d ____ ;
      d. Amos Boynton Longfellow, b 20 Mar 1803; d ____ ;

      e. Amasa Bigelow Longfellow, b 02 Feb 1805; d 25 Apr 1843 (drowned); m Christina Munson; grand-child Mabel (Longfellow) Jade;
       This family traced in 1976 by grandau of Mabel: Viola Bidgood Arcadia, CA (see FTM)

      f. Lewis Smith Longfellow, b 04 July 1810; d ____ ;

      g. Susan Haskell Longfellow, b 03 Mar 1816; d ____ ;

15928.4     Isaac Longfellow, b 18 Sep 1772; d 1 May 1830; m Polly Boynton.
15928.5     Enoch Longfellow, b 15 June 1775 of Mathias; d 27 Aug 1829; m 15 Jan 1797 

15928.6     Ratchford Longfellow, b 09 Oct 1777; d 18 Aug 1793 Machias, ME.

15928.7     Peggy Longfellow, b 16 Aug 1780; d ______ ; m Jonathan Longfellow.

15928.8     Nathan Longfellow, b 14 July 1782; d 12 July 1785 Machias, MA.

15928.9     Lydia Longfellow, b 06 Aug 1784; d _____ ; m ______ Simpson.

15928.A    Sally Longfellow, b 02 July 1786; d 28 Apr 1789 Machias, ME.

15928.B    Betsy Longfellow, b 17 Oct 1788; d ______; m Roswell Hitchcock, and was mother of Roswell D. Hitchcock, president of Union Seminary, NY.

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see Longfellow family page.
Nathan 4 Longfellow, b 30 Dec 1743 Nottingham, NH; d 9 April 1796 aged 53 yrs; m  Margaret 5 Bigelow above in Cornwallis, NS; was the son of Jonathan 3 Longfellow of Machias

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