Betsey 6 BIGELOW

16352.5   Betsey 6 BIGELOW, dau of Jonathan 5( Asa 4, Lieut. John 3, Joshua 2, John 1) , and Elizabeth (OTIS) BIGELOW, was born 14 June 1768 at Colchester, New London county, CT. She married, on 25 Dec 1787, Benjamin Greene, son of James and Ruth (Marshall) Greene. He was born 31 Aug 1762 at East Haddam, CT. They had:

16352.51      James, m Sarah Pierpoint of Lithchfleld, CT, and had:
                        a. James P.

16352.52      Ruth, m John W. Barber, the historian, of New Haven, CT, and had:
                        a. John.
                        b. James.
                        c. Elizabeth.
                        d. Caroline.
                        e. Harriet.

16352.53      Betsey, m Edmond Wooding of Woodbridge, CT, and had:
                        a. Edmund.
                        b. Julius.
                        c. James.
                        d. Anson.
                        e. Eliza.

16352,54      Harriet, m George N. Blakeslee of Plymouth, CT, and had:
                        a. George P.
                        b. Julius.
                        c. Anson.
                        d. Warren.
                        e. Louisa.
                        f. Caroline.
                        g. Sarah.

16352.55      Benjamin; unmarried.

16352.56      Hannah; m Daniel Tuttle of Patchogue, Long Island and had:
                         a. Daniel G.
                         b. Celestia.
16352.57      Sarah, m Sylvester Tuttle of Patchogue, Long Island, and had:
                         a. Sarah J.
                         b. Ezra B.

16352.58      Anson; m (1) Lydia F. Moore of Greenport, Long Island, and had:
                          a. Benjamin.
                          and after Lydia's death (2) Mary L. Farr of Commerce, MI, and had:
                          b. Minnie: res Hammonton, NJ.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.333-334;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America.

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