Green Moray Eel

Gymnothorax funebris  (moray103b.jpg)
This is a Green Moray Eel about 5 feet. Photo by Rod 25 Feb 04 in about 30 feet water.
Location was at Snapper Ledge; Key Largo.
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Family: Moray - Muraenidae

Features: Uniform green to brown
Description: Heavy body with no markings
Notes: Constantly open and close mouth for respiration- not a threat
Size: 3-5 feet; max 8 ft
Depth: 10-100 ft

(moray7c.jpg) (full size) (video)
This is a Green Moray Eel about 4 feet.  Photos by Rod 26 Jan 2008.
Location , Molasses Reef, Key Largo in about 25 feet water.

These are photos take 18 March 2006 at North-North Dry Rocks, Key Largo, FL:

          (moray51.jpg)                                          (moray52.jpg)                                (moray853.jpg)


These are underwater photographs I took in February 2004. These were taken while I was diving at various spots in Key Largo. I reduced their size so they would be visible on your screen. Just click on thumbnail below for 6 x 4 picture, and name for 10 x 8 full size picture or more info. The following are of a Moray Eel I found out in the open, then swimming, and then under a ledge.

Moray 103         Moray 107       Moray 122       Moray 118
 Moray 103a                                Moray 107                               Moray 122                               Moray 118          

Moray 101         Moray 104       Moray 105         Moray 106
    Moray 101                                   Moray 104                         Moray 105                                 Moray 106

Size: 3-5 feet; max 8 feet.
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