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Goliath Grouper 25 Feb 2013 Video

Common Octopus 25 Feb 2013 Video
The above photo was taken at Camile's Reef, Key Largo, FL on 02/19/2006.
The 2013 Video is a specimen that is missing some legs. They will grow back however.
(See note below)

Green Moray at Snappers Ledge 06 March 2013 Video

     Short video of Octopus with a couple short arms or even a few missing. This video was shot by Rod B. while diving with us this Monday, Feb 25, 2013. Rainbow Reef Divemaster Jesus is the other star of this video! Not to worry about the ...octopus - it regrows its arms!...
     Good thing because it uses its magnificent arms to crawl or swim around looking for food. Most of the nervous system of an octopus is in its arms. Each of its eight amazingly strong arms has two rows of suction cups which help grab and hold prey or objects white it discerns the shape, texture and taste of whatever it is touching. Along with this amazing sense of touch and taste, they also have very good eyesight. Always looking for food, they eat fish, clams, and crabs among other things.
     But what about the rest of the octopus? Did you know an octopus has three hearts? Yes, atop its swirly arms you will find its mantle or body shaped like a dome. This mantle contains all of its vital organs - including the three hearts! An adult octopus can fit into a hole the size of a dime. Hows' that? They do not have an internal bone structure or external shell of any kind... so shhhlllloooop - there they go into the tiniest crack to avoid confrontation or to get their next snack. Octopuses eat with the the only hard part of their bodies which is a parrot-like beak at the bottom of their mantle between their swirly eight arms. As you can see from this video, to avoid detection, octopuses can change their coloring to match their surroundings. This is done with specialized skin cells which also allow them to appear to change the texture. It is sometimes difficult to see an octopus right beside you - but Jesus has the knack for it! Great find Jesus! And again, a big RRDC thank you to Rod for sharing his video. (Rainbow Reef Dive Center note)

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